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Amazon Autonomous Zoox Robotaxi – 2021


Zoox Robotaxi – Future of self – Driving vehicle

Zoox Inc. has revealed its first image, a self-driving subsidiary of Amazon (Zoox Robotaxi) which works on automatic systems without steering wheels. The Taxi is called Robotaxi which is the first autonomous electric wheel that was in development for 6 years and now the technology has been unveiled recently. This electric taxi can bring competition to the taxis that are running on roads like Uber, Ola, and DiDi.

Introduction of Zoox Robotaxi

The company’s vision was clear to build its own network of Zero-emission vehicles for autonomous ride-hailing in every urban city with only the use of mobile applications. Zoox was acquired by Amazon six Months earlier in 2020 in June, operating an independent subsidiary.

Driverless Robotaxi can be an evolution powered by artificial intelligence technology that can build an unconventional vehicle for passengers in need. Robotaxi is built from the ground up, it’s a cube size vehicle with a sensor attached and can do movement or action in compact spaces. It is featured like bidirectional, so does not need to make a u-turn from any narrow or Busy place. Robotaxi can be driven Forward and backward so it can work in narrow passages.

Innovative Features of Zoox Robotaxi

This self-driven taxi is 3.63 meters long and speeds up to 75 miles per hour like 120 km per hour. It can run for 16 hours without failing in battery once recharged. It is equipped with 133 KWH batteries which model S vehicles have 85 kWh batteries.

Driverless Zoox Robotaxi
Driverless Zoox Robotaxi

The car looks like a Mini Cooper but Zoox is a little smaller than the Mini Cooper. It is a four-passenger seat, sitting face to face like sitting in a train, a symmetrical seating which is equipped with an Airbag system cocoon around the passenger to protect them when an emergency occurs. Also, it is equipped with a wireless mobile charger and a cup holder. Amazingly, there is a new feature that all 4 seats are provided with a touch screen from where every rider can control the music, check their arrival time, route, or handle air conditioning. Zoox company can also handle vehicles manually with remote sensors and also can talk to the passenger in real-time. Strangers are worried about their privacy so zoox has an option to blur the image which the camera has clicked while driving. The ceiling indicated with starlight headliners which gives the Zoox a premium look.

In different levels of driverless vehicle and automation, Robotaxi to become the first company to make research and development in the field for operation, driving, and making a robotic taxi with L5 capabilities that gains fully automatic devices. Zoox is a mixture of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors, Automotive design, and feasible to change personal transportation for safety and a cleaner future for all.

Safety features of Zoox Robotaxi

Safety features of Zoox Robotaxi
Safety features of Zoox Robotaxi

Robotaxi is featured with more than 100 secured innovations like camera, sensors pods, laser sensor are lined-up on four corners which can observe 150 meters from any angle, eradicating “typical blind spots” and providing 270-degree field view on compact roads. Also track the object beside or behind it including pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users. Zoox is also best for safety feature that is not only newfangled but also equally focused on the security of the passenger so that passenger is tension-free while traveling. Zoox has been centralized on a Proactive approach with its customized Artificial Intelligence that concentrates on removing potential danger points and ensuring the safety of the inside passenger and outsider.

Exclusive Interview

Zoox is known for a Robotaxi which is for public transport for passengers traveling from one end to another. Zoox will not be available or will not be put for sale for personal use. According to the interview given to Bloomberg “ Zoox giving possible competition to the other companies like Uber, Didi, Ola, Tesla.

Zoox Robotaxi
Zoox Robotaxi

The Co-founder of Zoox in his interview said “ Making a vehicle from the initial stage that grabs the opportunity to look for safety for the passenger sitting in the Robotaxi”. Also, Zoox has stood up in the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) crash test and made its first trial at San Francisco, Las vegas in an urban environment. Zoox CEO, Aicha Evans said “It feels proud to unveil the functionalities of the driverless vehicle creating a landmark in the history for future innovation and stepping towards the journey of autonomous ride-hailing vehicle”

Zoox and Amazon have revealed their first image and made an interview, but Company has not declared its official date of launching Robotaxi on the urban streets. The zoox, robotaxi is on the streets of San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Foster City, California. For upcoming dates of Zoox, stay tuned.



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