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Breaking Myths about Work Smart or Work Hard?



Work Smart Or Work Hard

The answer is simple, Work Smart But As Hard As You Can… This is most asked question on Google. Hence we thought we would answer this for you. But the question still remains .i.e. HOW?

Welcome to Robust Story. We do share articles daily. Let’s us read, Unfolding How you can work smart but as hard as you can.

Imagine a big pile of rocks and you need to move it you can carry the rocks one by one. but that’ll quickly lead to exhaustion and will probably take a toll on your body especially if the rocks are too big and there are too many. a smart solution would be to get a wheelbarrow and transport the rocks. that way you can even pay someone to do it for you that’s even smarter or you could build a convoluted mechanism based on mathematical equations to move the rocks without you having to lift a finger. Well, you get the point? When the term hard work comes to mind most people think of someone giving their blood sweat and tears for their paycheck and coming home at the end of the day completely exhausted hard work leads to riches and that jives with their primitive instinct from the way.

Work is uncorrelated with net worth think of all the really hard-working coal miners and manual labourers. most of them should already be millionaires, judging by how hard they work but they’re not that’s the conventional thinking that everyone put in your head when you are barely old enough to know what hard work really is…

This is the way people get severely angry and disappointed when after decades of working hard they realize that they’re still broke everyone around them seems to be doing better and their body is failing them. Thankfully we’re not going to be in that situation and if you think of going the other way of working smart that’s not the solution either this can quickly lead to laziness or to adopting some shady practices that can lead you to somewhere you don’t want to be.

Remember! When cryptocurrencies kept popping up out of nowhere and people were investing in them and then the people behind them suddenly closed up shop and disappeared.

Well just don’t money comfort respect, recognition and appreciation these are all the things that most people want. the trouble is they go about it the wrong way. the best way to do it is a combination of both of these…

Abraham Lincoln once said: GIVE me 6 hours to CUT down a tree and I WILL spend the first 4 HOURS sharpening the axe.

Work Smart Or Work Hard

Work Smart Or Work Hard

Almost every successful person combined smart work with hard work to get to the place he or she wanted to go even though. it may seem like they’re just chilling out and getting paid for what seems like nothing they did crazy amounts of work at the beginning without a doubt. They’ve just hit the point where they’re able to scale down and do things differently these days. even the 4-hour workweek man Tim Ferriss worked like crazy for years and even now he keeps a tight and quite long daily schedule. Sure there are one-in-a-million exceptions but don’t necessarily think of yourself as being one .just in the off chance you’re not you can think of yourself as amazing, phenomenal the greatest and any other superlatives but not special. keep a clear head and an optimistic attitude and just to leave you with some tips that will help you to work efficiently.

To Work Smart tip number 1 – Plan your day in advance:

A ship without coordinates will be lost at sea. You don’t want to be lost instead you want to plan and achieve your target every day. The future goals are always achieved by everyday effort so try to plan your day to achieve your future goals every day. Not just for your day but have a plan or a strategy on how you’re going to tackle your week and your month

To Work Smart tip number 2 – Set boundaries:

Set boundaries with your family friends and others tell them when you can and can’t be reached don’t be available for anyone at any time. At cost of your improvement or work Don’t be available for everyone. People don’t value Things they get Free!

To Work Smart tip number 3 – Time yourself:

You’d be surprised by how much more efficient. you’ll be when doing this using the Pomodoro Technique works really well 25 minutes of work and five minutes of break or you can use the Pomodoro Technique on steroids ninety minutes of work and then a little break. This is a very good technique and works for everyone to try this today and you will see the difference.

To Work Smart tip number 4 – Use tools to help you with your work:

Apps, widgets, gadgets, anything that can bring your effectiveness up and enjoy the process if you’re looking to get the most out of the work.

With this, I hope you understand How you can work smart but as hard as you can…

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