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Work from Home : Self-preneur of 21st century is a Key to Digital Success



Work From Home

Well before the worldwide catastrophe of coronavirus for millions temporarily made commuting from home normal, rising numbers of people had said goodbye to their restrictive journey to work. It is no longer important to be an active member of the team in a workplace full time, kudos to ever-evolving technology such as Skype, Facetime, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, authenticator software, and cloud storage, not to mention text and email.

In fact, work from home culture has bought same and in fact better results than working at the office, also one can become a Self-preneur.

You would have the privilege of doing what you liked or were good at in an ideal working environment and would get rewarded for it without getting out of the door.
According to a report, freelancers who work from home, as per the World Survey 2018, almost 15 million individuals in urban India are included in the list of freelancers.

They are self-preneurs, also referred to as self-employed persons running one-person firms. They are a part of the rising community that empowers the digital economy of India and gains huge success in the 21st century through working at home digitally.

In a pandemic, people have adopted work from home culture and tasted success. Working from home needs no experience, passion is the foremost requirement for any business. For instance, a home maker can also start his/her business with less investment.

Here are two examples that have changed the perspective of society during this pandemic by just adopting work from home culture and gained remarkable success:

Jyoti Vora: Serving meals

One of the self-preneurs that we would be discussing is Mumbai-based Jyoti Vora. She takes pride and monetizes her love for cooking by entertaining unfamiliar individuals at home for exquisite Gujarati meals. This idea of social dining often referred to as home pop-ups,  made it possible for the housekeeper to earn well, through launching a small catering company.
She makes a profit from the catering sector of about Rs 12,000 per case, says the self-preneur.

According to Jyoti, a work from home, self-preneur, catering startups can generate revenue up to 15,000 to 22,000 per month.

A luncheon at home means inviting 5-8 guests to eat authentic, multi-course food to give them a taste of your area or specialty. Popular  platforms such as ‘Authenticook’ and ‘Eat With India’, manage marketing and payments, on their websites to ensure a smooth organization of a luncheon.

These platforms will help arrive at a number as the price decision lies with you. According to Ameya Deshpande, Co-Founder, Authenticook, we help the host decide the best price based on prior demand and reviews obtained from guests for similar meal experiences.

Vora has been organizing foods for four years now with Authenticook.

Work from Home: Revenue Possibilities

Generally, a traditional meal is priced above Rs 1,500 with 5-6 items, whereas a lightweight meal with snacks is priced above Rs 600-800. On the other hand non-vegetarian choices could cost Rs 500 or more. One can organize cooking courses at home, which could get priced at Rs 2,000-4,000 per head, aside from providing meals.

The normal, main expenses could be maintenance and grocery, costing Rs 400-500 per head. Earning possibilities can are limitless if one has a unique idea and a different concept comes into the play.

The one-time charge will also come out of all your expenses for kitchenware and decor of around Rs 6,000. Instead of the operator, various sites charge a service fee. for providing such services of decor and kitchenware. As per 2021, 15-25% of the server price is priced up, which one can see on the websites as the final price.

As per Sonal Saxena, co-founder of Eat With India, an individual can raise over Rs 20,000 a month plus after subtracting taxes and fees, says by venue, food and costing.

ZYIA Active: Online Event

The coronavirus pandemic has left no organization or enterprise unaffected, prompting corporate executives around the world to rapidly shift their marketing plans to ensure and maintain the economic sustainability. Although we learn about the problems of the hospitality and travel industries on a regular basis, those who run a home business face exceptional situations that do not get addressed in the news.

Zyia Active

Zyia Active

For instance, ZYIA Active depends heavily on all sorts of social interactions to pull together individuals, excited about the brand of the Activewear.

Owing to which advisors all over the country suggested to focus on in-person events to network and market goods to these members who work from home. After which, the company immediately updated its in-person party organizing guide to comply with the present state of affairs as it became obvious that the pandemic would alter the way ZYIA works.

To help individuals plan for effective performance, ZYIA Active updated and evaluated these guidelines.

  • Prerequisites of the Event

One must set a date and start planning for approximately five days. Doing this helps to plan and construct the list of participants, long ahead of the gathering, if necessary.

After that one must start encouraging his/her followers to the gathering. Promotional strategies can get included, but it should not get limited to, posting posts and stories on Instagram, making a Facebook event page, and email marketing.

Also consider having a secondary aim to help draw more individuals to the event: teaching a talent instead of just marketing a commodity, collecting funds for a local cause, or marking a career anniversary or related accomplishment. Getting a second intention gives the crowd more opportunities to join you and after the experience finishes, it leaves a lasting impact.

  • During the Event

One must identify a substitute activity for the viewers. Through answering specific questions and communicating with the participants  during the gathering, the representative will make those who are streaming, but not participating, feel more relaxed.

By posting event information on their accounts, posting friends with product reviews, or addressing popular questions from a user viewpoint, a person may also act as a spokesperson. One might consider providing special incentives to the substitutes and spokespersons.

Through giving exclusive deals, drawings, and specials to the participants after one finishes capturing, these rewards help in generating  suspense, develops interest, and keep the audience engaged. When you hold a multi-day celebration, generate urgency by providing “last chance” rewards for early bird specials, such as exclusive discounts or free delivery.

  • Post- event requisites

When an event concludes, one must not disappear into the sunlight. Alternatively, continue to connect with participants and create brand awareness by communicating new product launches and future offers with them first. Or, by providing discounts for references with exclusive promo codes, transform former attendants into future potential global brands.

Wrapping up

Other Self-preneurs are expanding at a rapid rate, just as Jyoti Vora. They find tons of job openings online, from catering services to online event management. With 41 percent exponential fast growth in the pandemic years, with 80 percent operations with foreign and domestic consumers, the Self-preneur world continues to flourish. Thus its no harm adopting work from home culture to starting your business.

We at the Robust Story hope that our readers would have liked our article and will surely inculcate some of the traits discussed above.
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