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Women who inspire, who believed to: “Never give up”



Happy women's Day

Today is 8th March – an important day. Do you know its significance? No, it is not a famous personality’s birth date nor it is a festival or an important event. It’s a day when we celebrate WOMEN! We celebrate you ladies – your achievements, your struggles, your sacrifices, your love, and much much more. Women today have made their mark in society. Be it education, corporates, rural areas they are running businesses and raising family side-by-side.

Apart from all the problems and difficulties faced in life, a woman never gives up and fights her battle. Today I would like to dedicate my blog to some of the stories of women who have inspired me in my life with their dedication and determination to make things work.

Chandni Khan



Chandni Khan is only 24 years old. She was a homeless child. At a very young age, when she was 5 years old, she started performing and staging street shows with her father. Her mother sold flowers at crossroads. She lost her father when she was only 11 years old. When she was 12, she was fortunate to meet some volunteers of Chetna, an NGO. Through this NGO she enrolled in a school program. This was a turning point for Chandni because this was when it was clear in her mind and her decision was made to make the education of street children her mission in life.

In the year 2010, Chandni worked as a trainee reporter at Balaknama, a newspaper which was started by the NGO Chetna. Simultaneously she worked for Badhte Kadam, which was Chetna’s sister NGO. Here she worked for the welfare and rights, well-being, and progress of homeless children. Through Balaknama, she started documenting stories of slum children, their hardships and issues of sexual abuse, child labor, and stories of hope. Later Chandni started her own venture “Voice of Slum” aimed at providing street children the basic amenities such as health, education, and shelter.

This is an inspiring story of a young girl who was homeless but managed to face all hardships and come out stronger, and she continues to fight and stand for the underprivileged children. She hopes that through her work she can drive a change in society and empower children for a better tomorrow.

I feel we, women are the same, we fight and fight but we don’t Give up!

Dhanya Ravi



Is it possible to live in pain all your life? I don’t think there is anyone who could give a better answer to this question than Dhanya Ravi. Her bones break every day, every moment. On the 56th day after her birth, she was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a rare genetic disorder, commonly known as brittle bone disease. Her childhood days were spent with doctors and specialists in hospitals all across the country trying to cure her, but her condition worsened as she entered her teens. Even a simple sneeze or a loud noise would cause a fracture causing tremendous pain.

Despite all this, she courageously fought her battle. Truly an inspiration for all the women who feel a step back at times from their struggles! She did home-schooling continued reading and writing and was adamant to stand on her own legs. She truly believed in herself as her own role model. Despite all pain, she was positive and energetic, and happy. She was active on social media and was able to connect and inspire a lot of people with similar diseases.

Today, Dhanya’s mission is to create awareness amongst people with rare diseases and differently-abled people_ not to shy away from society but to stand with dignity and courage. She truly is a woman of inspiration and her undying spirit and enthusiasm motivates me and all the women out there.

Sindhutai Sakpal

Sindhutai Sakpal

Sindhutai Sakpal

Sindhutai Sakpal (Maai) affectionately known as “Mother of Orphans”, a village woman, an Indian social worker, and activist is known for her work in raising orphaned children in India. Maai was born on 14th November 1948 in a village in the Wardha district of Maharashtra. At the young age of 12, she was married to a man 20 years senior to her. Maai fought against exploitation and injustice against women from the beginning itself.

At the age of 20, she was beaten up and left to die by her husband. She had her struggling days of begging to survive with no shelter to stay. These days, she realized many children faced similar situations abandoned by their parents and she started adopting them as their own.

Only a woman who has a motherly heart can care for all the orphaned children even when her own condition was equally bad. A simple woman, a mother to all, when we have a Maai like Sindhutai Sakpal, no child can feel like an Orphan. Truly an inspiring story to share.

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Deepika Mhatre

Deepika Mhatre

Deepika Mhatre

Can our domestic help do something extraordinary? Perhaps they can if we can help them out? Deepika Mhatre is one such story! Domestic help in 5 houses, she also uses to sell imitation jewelry on local trains. Life, as usual, was very difficult but the humor was something that was a part of her life and she lived with. And one moment came by when her life changed! Her employer hosted a talent show where she got a chance to perform and it was a huge success. This gave her the confidence to work on her talent all the time.

Slowly and steadily, she started doing comic sketches and took up mic events in cafes and restaurants. A simple inspiring story of a woman who never gave up but had the zeal to do much more even at the age of 43. Life can be difficult for a long time, but never know what lies ahead, where the path will lead to.

All we need is that one opportunity and never give up attitude. Deepika Mhatre is the story that inspires in a way that life can truly give surprises and take a turn and things can get better if one has the will to do it.

For everyone, moms are their first superheroes, isn’t it?

Lata Samel

Lata Samel

Lata Samel

Every mother is a special, first friend, best friend, and forever friend. Every mom has had her struggles in life but when it comes to her family and children they are always of utmost priority. I am sure each one of you would have a story to share of your mother and here is my short story.
My mom, Lata Samel, was born in a middle-class family in Mumbai. Conservative in nature with Indian traditions, she kept up to the family expectations. Apart from this she also had the modern values of a working woman.

She could perfectly do her role of taking care of the family and at the same time concentrate on her career without affecting her homely duties. Her day started at 5 in the morning with all the household chores and end with her office work at 10 in the night. I always saw her as a simple smiling woman; not very bold a little afraid to be able to fight a situation until one day she proved me wrong. In the year 2010, she suffered the deadly disease of breast cancer.

That’s when I saw the real side of her. She fought the life-threatening disease like a tigress. With back-to-back Chemotherapy and radiation, there was not a single day where I saw a tear or a feeling of surrender within her. There was always a pleasant satisfying smile on her that kept all of us going. As soon as she finished her chemotherapy sessions, she didn’t want to sit idle at home. At the age of 56, she still decided to start working again. Unfortunately, cancer hit back again but not her spirit.

It’s been 10 years since she isn’t with us anymore. But I remember her as the strong yet gentle, bold yet humble woman who inspires me to keep fighting and moving on with the same dignity and respect that she had till the last breath of her life.

I am sure everyone,  has something to share about moms, these amazing women who work tirelessly to make our lives better and happier.

On Women’s day

I take this opportunity to write this Article on few stories that inspire me, not only on Women’s Day but every moment of my life. And there are many more. A true Motivation for Every day!

I meet many ordinary women with extraordinary stories_, women’s stories of struggle,  women’s courage, and  Women’s willpower that motivate me to fight my battles and win them. As rightly quoted and inspired by these stories from encouraging women,

“Never Stop trying, Never stop Believing, Never give up. Your Day will Come”.