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9 Promising Women Entrepreneurs in Tech with Smart Solutions



Women Entrepreneurs

Working women entrepreneurs in tech have always been a big question for society. Women have to face any obstacle and especially in the field of Technology.

The government has encouraged educational policy and reform for the training of women in various fields like management, and science, and technology. The government has given a huge platform for Women entrepreneurs to grow in the world of male dominance. The government is looking forward to putting women in the tech field to grow AI, Virtual reality, and other technologies.

In India, tech is the force driving the development of most startups in all disciplines.

Furthermore, with emerging trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science, it is critical for entrepreneurs to stay on top of them.

Indian Women entrepreneurs in Tech are growing and reshaping the AI space on another level. Women in tech as an entrepreneur are leading the AI space with extraordinary knowledge. Indian women are the real changemakers for the increase in productivity of science and technology. Women are imparting their hundred per cent to the work of tech and growing to become computer scientists, digital sociologists, and utopian entrepreneurs.  Companies are hiring more women to handle their customer base, as most women are the main customer base for the technologies.

Women, in particular, are seizing the advantage and using technology to solve issues in fields such as healthcare, education, and corporates.

Women Entrepreneurs in Tech developing Innovative Solutions:

1. Barkha Sharma

Don’t let anyone underestimate you. You are powerful and you can do it

Barkha Sharma

Barkha Sharma

Barkha Sharma has made first to get listed in 9 promising Women entrepreneurs in tech with smart solutions. is a very unique startup by Barkha Sharma that is artificial intelligence induced by HR automation tools. Mainly this technology works on AI and machine learning to enhance the operation of HR with employee’s experience.

Barkha Sharma is a graduate in Computer application and has a Master’s degree in MBA in HR. Barkha, a women entrepreneur is having 7 years of corporate experience and vast knowledge in terms of computer technology.

The passion of this woman entrepreneur was unidentified and after working for years, her expertise in Human resources and affection for technology provided her with an idea to start a business and created Offers Artificial intelligence and machine learning for HR operations and deals with features like smart Attendance, hiring reports, directories, virtual assistants, automated conversations with employees within the company’s Intranet.

Barkha Sharma, as a women entrepreneur feels that employees should be free to feel the environment friendly so brought technology to the HR processes as work became smooth and automated. Barkha started her startup on Women’s day 2017, with the cast of BashBot, an AI-powered virtual assistant. Barkha has been shaping the company to upgrade the technology in every aspect i.e in Human resources.

2. Anu Acharya

It’s a roller coaster ride, enjoy it. Keep your balance even on one leg. You won’t tip, but if you do, get up.

Anu Acharya

Anu Acharya

Anu Acharya has come on a long journey thanks to her passion for coding and technology. She co-founded the software firm Ocimum in 2000, which specialized in genome-related software and equipment. The women entrepreneur went on to procure other genomics-related startups in 2015.

Despite India’s population of over a billion people, moreover, Anu pointed out that research on the Indian genome is minimal. This prompted her to launch MapMyGenome in 2013, a consumer genomics company.

Anu began by experimenting with learning varies and developing algorithms for clinical outcomes of traits, circumstances, genetic variables, and genome forecasts.

Genomepatri is a program that maps a person’s genomic build to determine the probability of multiple diseases and disorders. The startup founder by Indian women entrepreneur has undertaken genomic evaluations of nearly 200 situations so far, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

3. Niyati Agarwal

Nurturing and encouraging inclusion: Women in stem

Niyati Agarwal

Niyati Agarwal

Another Indian Women entrepreneur started to gear up in 2015 where’s main motto is for the B2B SaaS platform. is the most powerful AI-based marketing automation to help the business to grow on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, website, and many others. Niyati is an NIT graduate from Allahabad with more than 6 years of experience in the field of social media marketing. was started by an idea of Niyati but there are other three co-founders of are Abhishek Gupta, Pratik Jain, and Vipul Garg.

Niyati Agarwal, a women entrepreneur has developed this startup for customers’ wellbeing. got success in 2016 when the company introduced the cartoon character, Pokemon Go. The developer added a bot to answer the doubt raising on how to use augmented reality for fun purposes, and the same posted it on their social platform. The bot was aggressively energetic and quickly other companies connected to to other queries.

Niyati was recommended as the top 10 Ai startup of India where Tends to focus on customized marketing needs and make busy on chat to boost transformation for online businesses. These AI conversions have boosted up to 20% for more than 150 clients and across 5 countries- UK, USA, India, Australia, and the Middle East.

4. Pooja Rao

Patients in India struggle to get correct and timely diagnoses, according to Pooja Rao, due to a low doctor-to-patient ratio. In 2016, she and Prashant Warier co-founded AI startup

Pooja Rao

Pooja Rao

In 2016, was established. The company’s objective is to render healthcare more visible and cost-effective by using artificial intelligence. Deep learning insight is combined with clinical, technical, and regulatory skills by the team leaders. Radiologists, other physicians, and public health experts make up the advisory council. They collaborate with these experts to identify clinically relevant issues and devise solutions.

From product conception and development to effective clinical trials and US FDA clearance, Pooja, a women entrepreneur has remained at the forefront of R&D at since its launch. She has constructed an evidence base for effectiveness and clinical benefit by designing and executing clinical studies. These endeavours resulted in 35 publications and discussions at academic conferences, as well as five patents.

The company, located in Mumbai, has two products: QXR reads chest X-rays and diagnoses chest anomalies, tuberculosis, or lung infections, while QER reads CT scans, brain trauma, and intracerebral haemorrhage, amongst many other issues. Pooja with her development in the clinical and healthcare world has made her name in the list of women entrepreneurs.

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