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WhatsApp Privacy Policy – Feb 2021 >> Signal and Telegram App




Overview of WhatsApp App

WhatsApp is a very popular App that is a powerful service that provides messaging features, video calls with conference calling, voice calls across the web. WhatsApp offers an overflow of features with a simple interface and interactive design. Over 5 billion users are online on WhatsApp and on regular basis, it is in use. Later Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014. Facebook purchase WhatsApp for $ 16 billion where $ 4 billion was given in cash and the other $ 12 billion in Facebook shares.

WhatsApp in a big controversy

WhatsApp brought a new update for privacy policy where users are coerced to stake their private data with Facebook. This news can be the concern point for the users who are loyal to WhatsApp. Thanks to other app developers who are the alternative solution for a privacy policy. WhatsApp makers are forcing users to give approval for private data or else their accounts can freeze after February 8.

This feature has become a nightmare for the users using WhatsApp for a long period. By this deal, Facebook can encrypt the private data of the WhatsApp users and can sell to other third parties. There are some critics who have commented for the users of WhatsApp to jump to another alternative app like Signal and Telegram.

Rise of Telegram and Signal App

The new policy of WhatsApp became a blessing for Telegram and Signal app. Where, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla SpaceX, tweeted and requested the users of WhatsApp to jump their interest to another app like Signal and Telegram which are not in the race of stealing the private data of users. By this tweet, most of the users of WhatsApp shifted their gear to Telegram and Signal App. Here are some good features of Telegram and Signal App:

  • Telegram



Telegram is offering good features, unlike WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a limit to add the member in the group that are 256 members, in contrast, the telegram has a limit to add 200,000 members per group. Also, the telegram has a good capacity to share the file with other i.e. 1.5 GB. Telegram has a different feature that is self-destruction message, where it enables the sender to delete the message of the recipient’s history permanently.

  • Signal



The signal is newer than a telegram. The app is not so developed but has all the requirements like voice calls, chats, video calls, and recently they have introduced a group calling feature. Signal’s remarkable feature is ‘Note to self’, where the user can note down the thoughts going on while messaging to the friends or relative natively. Signal offers voice calls to its server only so that information of the user is hidden from your contacts.

Statistic of Signal and Telegram App

Telegram and signal apps are seeking higher downloads by the users after the announcement of the terms policy of WhatsApp. Users have changed their minds and diverted their minds to another app and now the signal is accelerating its speed of downloads to 100,000 users in the last two days on android and apple iOS. Meanwhile, the telegram has reached nearly 2.2 million downloads corresponded by data analytics firm Sensor Tower. Whereas, downloads of WhatsApp drop down by 11 percent in the first 7 days of 2021, but then WhatsApp still has approx. 10.5 million users globally who are still attached to it, said by Sensor Tower.

Top Boss Of WhatsApp Thoughts

WhatsApp has received many trolls all over the world for its new policy, but on Saturday, the top boss of WhatsApp has shared its policy clearly by making a tweet to all. According to the report, WhatsApp has announced its privacy policy with the help of Facebook. Where new update refers to, Company will not maintain the message forwarded by other users, instead, it will be stored to our device and not on the server of WhatsApp or Facebook. Messages will be deleted to their server, once they are delivered from our side. This data will be end-to-end encryption from both sides. WhatsApp has also added that “ if any of our contacts don’t use the latest updated service of WhatsApp, they will manage this information and will secure that contacts by making unidentified to WhatsApp and Facebook.

There is only a requirement that when WhatsApp updates, users have to agree to the terms and conditions. If they don’t agree, they have to lose their WhatsApp account on February 8, 2021.

Wrapping Up

According to the report of Financial express, the government will be involved in the study of the new privacy terms and policy of WhatsApp in there and after that, they will come to some conclusion regarding their change in their intermediate guidelines which WhatsApp have announced.

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