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7 Amazing Wedding Trends: To be observed Prior and Post Pandemic 2021



Wedding Trend - Destination Wedding

While the year 2021 approaches, everyone is looking forward to a new beginning that will enable them to focus on the wedding trends for marriages that they postponed due to pandemics. Fortunately, even more, than we wish this hope to come true, COVID-19 tends to thrive and would not go anywhere at the edge of midnight, indicating that micro-weddings will occur in the autumn with some amazing wedding trends.

Here pandemic has impacted across the globe. The wedding market has gone from being worth $100 billion to just scraping around in 2020. The wedding market will drop $47 billion in the next two years, as per the Wedding Report.

Here is one of the example prior to pandemic and beginning of pandemic effect on the wedding 2020:

It all started in the month of November 2019 when both Damodaran Subramanian and Uthara Murugamanikkam met each other and after 2 months their families rang their wedding bells. Engagement would take place in early March followed by marriage in June. The South Indian couple from Tamil Nadu will tie their knot in Coimbatore, Madras Patnam, also known as Chennai. 250+ family members, friends would be witnessing their marriage followed by 500 other guests for the reception and lastly, a fancy party celebration is on the cards in Chennai.

Everything was going through the plan and enjoyed their engagement ceremony until WHO (World Health Organization), a week later announced COVID-19, a pandemic. As lockdown was declared across India, Murugamanikkam realized that pandemic would affect their personal and professional life. Everything was unclear at the moment.

Later the South Indian couple tied the knot in a small temple in Chennai with close family members witnessing the conventional Indian wedding during a pandemic. Even though their wedding didn’t go as previously planned, now they had a better story to tell their children about their wedding. Now as the pandemic has halted everything in our day to life, Indian weddings have too not escaped from it. But what couples can make out from this amid restriction is to try new things and enjoy small moments and make them memorable.

Due to the pandemic, weddings in 2020 had to be rescheduled or drastically altered. Couples had to eschew their dream vacation spots, cut down on their invite list, and modify their festivities. The wedding preparations started again in earnest at the beginning of 2021. Pandemic effect worldwide:

Brain Whitely on upcoming wedding trends in 2021

Brian Whitely unveiled the freshly restored Victorian in Youngsville as a wedding venue about a year ago, totally oblivious that the pandemic will derail his hopes.  The venue’s arena has the capacity to accommodate 200 guests but has yet to do so in recent months.

Whitely changed its theme from big-fat wedding to micro-wedding as a destination wedding as of the latest wedding trends.

The influential wedding site The Knot, Esther Lee, a senior editor explained that 58% of wedding couples are putting a pause on their wedding for the next two to three months and where vendors are trying to find a safer alternative to get micro-wedding.

Lee concerns about the future of wedding by giving some tips that how 2021 wedding be like:

The 2020 wedding was postponed to 2021, so the year will be the year full of weddings. So if you are engaged, try to communicate with good vendors for micro-wedding before they get fully booked.

Compact-sized Wedding OR Grand Wedding?

Arranging weddings include finding some kind of harmony between the cravings of couples, family dreams, and desires for visitors. A wedding is an occasion where people often showcase their power socially. Today people are judged by their hospitality service, interiors, food, etc during weddings. Apart from family members and close friends, other people invited are acquaintances and not so close relatives. When it comes to weddings, on average, Indians spend a large amount to make the wedding day more special that ranges from INR 5 lakh to INR 50 lakh.

As India is a vast country with many castes, religious sentiments, and class lines under the eye, wedding trends and wedding desires differ from person to person. Humanist Patricia Uberoi once called Indian weddings “the most noticeable site of prominent utilization and obvious waste” as parents often save and spend their earnings of a lifetime to make their child’s marriage huge and also sometimes parents go into debt.

Before the pandemic, wedding trends in India were grand and were about to get grander especially by the economically very strong families. But all of a sudden powerful wedding industry went from bullish to bearish overnight. However, this has changed many peoples fortunes too as pandemic was a real boon else some people have to spend too much on unnecessary things on their weddings.

In India, 10 million marriages happen, and the wedding industry makes INR 40 billion to INR 50 billion annually, in a year. As everyone is spending more on lavish weddings, parties, celebrations, etc many well-known personalities have made wedding tradition a national sport and even Indian media is in no way far to make famous personalities wedding grand.

So in 2021, there are some Wedding Trends to be kept in mind while preparing for the wedding due to pandemic effect:

With these wedding trends in mind, the wedding market has seen some unusual patterns to conform to either the new normal.

Here are some of the amazing wedding trends that were observed in 2020 and are expected to continue in 2021:

Digital Wedding preparation

DIgital Weddings are the latest wedding trends that have caught the eye of many. From starting to select the venue and a vendor that advises family for wedding themes is all gone online, all thanks to the technology that has helped families to find venues and vendors.

From interactive location visits to vendor consultations, the overall wedding planning phase was moved online. Digital bridal consultations, on the other hand, are one of the most comfortable ways of getting in contact with the designer or designer’s staff and learning about the new collections or sharing what the bride and groom have in vision whether they want a modified wedding gown.

Partners have also chosen to conduct their weddings in smaller groups, with friends and family members from far away from meeting online. Most couples wanted to go for digital wedding invitations.

Couples chose virtual experiences over shortlisting dresses after bridal wear creators unveiled their websites during the lockdown. As a selection, the couple can go to the shop for stitching and measurement purposes or finalizing the dress.

Making a huge show out of the Finer details

Constraints may have made weddings relatively compact, but they have also encouraged ingenuity. If you’re planning a small or large wedding, this year is the time to refocus on the finer details through customized events and detailed decor options to create unforgettable memories. Small compact weddings are the upcoming wedding trends added to the list.

Destination Wedding: Upcoming Wedding Trends

For the entirety of 2020, everybody’s primary concern was safety, and it seems that this will continue in 2021.


Choosing a location can be difficult. Couples also shifted to throwing lavish parties in forts such as those in Rajasthan. Many people choose hill stations because they feel the visitors would be more relaxed on a car ride. According to research, outdoor wedding trends are becoming increasingly common.

Most couples choose an exclusive ‘Roka,’ then a pre-wedding ritual of their selection, and finally the wedding. Those who had organized a “big fat wedding” had to modify their arrangements to fit a wider invite list. Conversely, others have been involved in engagement ceremonies, also known as Roka, for 40-60 individuals.”

Couples are now following the idea of ‘Minimonies.’ Instead of waiting, they’re getting married alone or with a few nearby friends and family watching from a discreet social distance as other guests attend remotely. When they are permitted, they intend to reschedule bigger gatherings.

Sustainability in Wedding Decor: A new Wedding Trend

The pandemic further ushered in a recreation and relaxation culture, encouraging people to be more innovative. Couples have changed their priorities for a more sustainable lifestyle and have started pursuing newer, DIY ventures for the very first step.

Due to the pandemic, there was no income hence the dependence was on the sustainability aspects. They’re starting to appreciate the quality and information of what’s actually available. Stylist antique ornaments or full set matching them are presented in a list of designers. It is also known as making new from the old piece like handcrafted with natural threads.

Weddings that are environmentally conscious, with some wastage, are on a moderate budget and provide an amount of expertise with industry specialists providing value-added services and out-of-the-box concepts.

Sustainable decor pieces such as cane buckets, cane fairy lights, plants and roses, and earthen pots are being used by major wedding planning companies to achieve their perfect wedding chic.

Combine your venue’s decor with stunning and freshly fresh flowers locally produced are the latest wedding trends to watch for.

Use recycled materials for venue decor – for example, for a small and casual wedding, use floral and materials just to enhance the venue’s atmosphere. (Making it an outdoor midday ceremony with the most enjoyable experience)

Classic Artisans should be supported

Classic weaves will reappear in bridal wardrobes, not only to make a point but also to show respect for the good-hearted local workers during these challenging times.

Ethnic weaves such as bananas and kanjivaram, as well as a variety of other regional embroideries such as phulkari, are expected to make again, allowing brides to confidently display their culture while also stimulating the economy.

The hashtags #golocal and #buylocal are currently circulating around the world to help small businesses, and this trend is predicted to continue in the post-pandemic period. According to the website, everything from the furniture to the photography will be locally produced and consumers are likely to continue to promote small companies and aid them to cope with the effects of the lockdown. Pandemic has hit many big markets and the wedding industry has to face the heat too. But nonetheless, wedding trends are adopting locally made products so it’s good for the local vendors to survive this pandemic.

Vintage-look Lighting

With the popularity of outdoor weddings across the country, mood lighting has piqued the attention of both couples and vendors. Mood lighting in all types will certainly be pursued in the upcoming year, whether it’s vintage-looking Edison lamps, sparkling chandeliers hanging from trees, or an elegant canopy of string lights. The wedding of a couple only happens once and they want to capture this moment for a lifetime and hence wedding trends are trending towards newly capturing these beautiful moments with Vintage looking lights.

Seating Areas that are Carefully Placed: New Wedding Trends

Best wedding artists are aiming for socially distanced seating areas including personalized cabana seating areas, small cages seating areas, Jaipuri camps with food courts, and also to provide a sanitized and secure seating room for guests.

Pandemic – Bane for many, a Boon for some

There was another couple naming Rasika Kshirsagar and Ajinkya Meher in Mumbai. They were both yoga teachers by profession. This couple was getting married in the month of March and all wedding things were planned with a booking of venue, 700+ guests, food was booked. But the inner voice of both the couple didn’t want to splash out on making the wedding big and COVID-19 lockdown forced them to cancel the bookings and the marriage was halted.

Wedding Trend - Bane for many, a Boon for some

Wedding Trend – Bane for many, a Boon for some

After 3 months they got married, with 25 people witnessing their wedding which was what they actually wanted. Now with 80% of total earnings they were to spend on a big wedding, they can start something of their own, travel around the world, or try something new.

As smaller weddings are proving to be more economical, it’s unclear that in upcoming days that people may opt for smaller weddings as a new Wedding Trends. However, WeddingSutra’s Thyagrajan doesn’t believe in a smaller wedding. He believes Indians are very much into making their wedding day huge. Pandemic is a hurdle a few times and the wedding industry will once bloom in the upcoming years. As we must also be aware that the government has also allowed banquet venue bookings for a wedding occasion but to a certain limit. Time is no less when things will turn normal and people will celebrate the day largely.

Another wedding trend that is blooming is a destination wedding people are not worried about the COVID-19 but want to travel places at different venues with limited people to make their wedding huge. Recently Pramod Lunawat, a wedding planner, planned a destination in Bahrain for their clients. His client had to say that they are happy to spend money to book charter planes and enjoy a one-time destination wedding.

Sometimes we have to think out of the box to make the wedding day huge gone shall not forget the cultural roots as some rituals, traditions are much bigger than making the day huge with celebrations or a pandemic.

Wedding Trends 2021: Bottom lines

When humans are confronted with life-or-death circumstances and their everyday lives are jeopardized, they want to live a full life. The epoch is shifting. And it’s shifting at a breakneck pace. The upcoming Wedding Trends will be radically different all over the globe.

Besides that, it’s crucial to keep aware, make better choices, and consider safer skills to approach happy and healthy holidays after the pandemic. A huge thank you to the viewers who are reading recreation in the wedding trends blog.  We’re all in this together, and we’ll come back better than ever.

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