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VLCC Miss India 1st Runner-Up Manya Singh- Her Simplicity made her dreams come true



Manya Singh

Manya’s inspiring childhood battle story and becoming the daughter of an autorickshaw driver to win the prestigious crown, took the social media by the flood.

On February 10, 2021, the Femina Miss India 2020 beauty pageant was evaluated by a prominent panel composed of Falguni Shane Peacock, Neha Dhupia, Chitrangada Singh, and Pulkit Samrat, all of whom agreed collectively to crown Manasa Varanasi as Miss India World 2020. Manya Singh moved and is now Miss India 2020 runner-up while Manika Sheokand is named Miss Grand India 2020.

Manasa received all coverage from the media, while the runner-up Manya Singh with her simplicity took the internet on fire. The problem that she faced in her childhood and now after so much struggle: her simplicity made her dreams come true.

Manya Singh: Her childhood upbringing

Manya Singh was raised in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, in the year 2001. In her youth, Manya faced a lot of challenges, enduring poverty, domestic violence, and social fabric in her childhood. She was taken out of her early education because of all this. Due to various hardships and financial concerns, she had to abandon her education after class 3 to class 8.

Manya Singh: In “City of dreams”

She got on the train from the village at 14 years of age and headed for Mumbai to fulfill her dreams, all alone. She had no idea where it was going to take her, but she just understood she was supposed to do wonderful things. Pizza Hut was the first spot she saw as she came out of the station. She somehow managed to get a part-time job there and temporary lodging.

But it was not too easy for her to pay the rent as well as for further studies. She eventually finished her studies in the day anyway, became a dishwasher in the evening, and employed at night at a call center. She had walked miles to reach points, so the Rickshaw Fare could be spared.

Manya Singh: Parents as the support System

Manya’s parents were only able to afford examination fees at Lohia Inter College, Sahwa in Uttar Pradesh from the 4th standard until the 10th, and at some point, her mother decided to sell her anklet to get her enrollment.

She was told, coming from a conservative society, that women are lower than men. ‘Ladkiyon ko padhai karke bhi shaadi hi karni padti hai,’ Tauji will say. But when She said to Papa, “I want to prepare for a beauty pageant,” he said, “Keep working hard and you’re going to get the beauty pageant.”


Manya Singh Source(WikiandBio)

Her parents were, according to Manya, always supportive of her aspirations. They accompanied her there a few days after she arrived in Mumbai and took up a job and helped her. Two days later, he started crying when she called Papa. Yet she convinced him that this was where she belonged. So both of her parents came to Mumbai the next day. Dad said, “We’re going to support you”. He drove an auto-rickshaw to make a good living. Her mother turned from housewife to beautician.

Manya Singh: Rejection gives you more power to push forward

She disclosed that she had to deal with rejection at the onset because of her appearance and her English. Once, she was told she didn’t have a good face. For more than ten pageants, she auditioned, but they would say, ‘Shakal achi nahi hai’ or ‘You don’t know English’.

Her Dad had mortgaged their jewelry to cover her expenses. Things were not easy at home either. So if she wanted the money to purchase clothing, she would sweep the floor at the pizza venue. There, She observed how people carried themselves and would notice at college how her peers spoke English.

She didn’t give up, watched the female YouTube models, and from there started to practice the catwalk. She registered to many runway shows, and at fashion shows at Times Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week, she walked on the runway. After this, she partnered via her Instagram profile with Sephora and Staunch India to market her beauty products. After that, in some commercial advertisements, Manya was starred as a model and even acted for Ahilya Fine Silver Jewels.

Manya Singh: VLCC Femina Miss India 2020

Speaking about her inspiration to participate in Miss India 2020, she said she was grateful on the stage of the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 because of her Dad, Mother, and Brother who supported her till the endpoint. She is the perfect example to prove to the world that if you are dedicated to your goal you can achieve the impossible. The path which Manya took was full of thrones and inspirational too.

Manya Singh: In papa’s auto-rickshaw at Thakur college

Manya Singh’s father Omprakash led the 18-vehicle efficient auto rickshaw ride for the one-kilometer-long stretch, from the end of Thakur village area to her college, the Thakur College of Science and Commerce, the humble three-wheeler taking pride of place in celebrating her triumph.

Students, professors, and the administration burst into enthusiastic cheering as they headed into the campus, from where she graduated in Banking and Insurance. And the lane, where Omprakash would wait for his next rider, transformed into a passage of celebration, with passers-by stopping to see the cacophony of auto-rickshaws with banners and cheering as soon as they realized what was going on.

Manya Singh: Uncontrollable happiness of Parents

There was this uncontrollable happiness today when he was driving his auto rickshaw. He tried hard not to sob. He still remembered how he’d drop her off at her college sometimes. Today, seeing the crown on her head made him emotional.  Manya kissed the foot of her mother for blessings and brushed away the joyful tears that tumbled down from the cheeks of her proud father as she shared with them a precious moment.

Words by her dad that he is very grateful to have an amazing daughter like Manya. She was so dedicated to her dreams that she worked hard. It seemed impossible at some point but the abilities of many took her to the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020. He also stated that give your daughter the wings to fly high in the sky and motivate them to dream big. Right Motivation always pays off!

Manya Singh: To Buy Home for her Parents

Manya’s parents had sacrificed a lot to now Manya has the capability of giving her parents a token of gratitude. Her parents have consistently helped her in every up and down of her life. Her parents’ trust took her to the stage of miss India and won her the crown. So the first thing that Manya decided is to give the desire home to her parents.

Manya Singh: Favorite Quote

“Make your own destiny”