7 Psychological Tricks that will Allow you to Make More Sales

7 Psychological Tricks that will Allow you to Make More Sales

The psychological tricks are the drills in sales. you can use psychological tricks to push your e-commerce or Store business. These psychological tricks for sales which I’m going to share with you are I have learned from the book a “psychology of persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. some of the notes I have prepare which everyone should know while doing the business to increase your sales.

I understand in our fast-paced life we don’t get time to Read Books. This particular book is amazing to understand the psychological aspects involved in sales. I have marked 7 Important points for you to read here from the book. These are also known as principles of persuasion. Read this article to understand these principles.

I recommend you if really want to read a good book beneficial for your business. You must give a try reading

Psychology of persuasion


Psychological Tricks - Make More Sales

Psychological Tricks – Make More Sales

This article will help you to get the perspective on how to get people to say “yes” whether you’re selling online or if you have the sales process where you talk to people directly. There are seven
main principles of persuasion:

1. Reciprocity – Psychological Tricks

What does it mean?

we as humans, if someone gives us something we feel more obligated to kind. We want to give them something back. For example, if someone does you favor then you feel more inclined to do them a
favor. This attitude is a sense of personal satisfaction and definitely strengthens the bond between two-party. Similarly, we can implement it in your online store, or in your store business is just by giving the free gift with purchase.

For instance- if someone purchases from you. let’s say for like $30 or $100 then you can consider giving them a gift or a discount according to their purchase. Give them a gift with personalized notes.

Now with the technical advancements, during the online purchase, the gift items can be easily given to them.so as soon as someone puts one item in the cart then that second item free will be
automatically added to it.

Psychological Tricks - Shopify Gift On Order

Psychological Tricks – Shopify Gift On Order (Source – Shopify)

Check out the link for installation

This way you can utilize the Reciprocity principle to increase your average for the value you can use this to increase your conversion rate.

2. Commitment and Consistency – Psychological Tricks

With this trick here, you basically provide people the opportunity to try something before they buy or you give them to use. if they get used to the product then they’re more likely to buy. It directly affects buying decisions. you might be familiar, oftentimes these new companies that are selling mattresses they have a 100-day trial so you can use a mattress for 100 days, and then if you don’t like it then you can just return it.

Now this how they psychologically trick us When the product is the item of daily use people get habitual of it. So basically one of those things like the mattress when everything is consistent they get used to using the mattress and because of the habit of using it for 100 days a very small percentage of people will actually return their product.

Psychological Tricks - Flo Mattress (Source - Flomattress.com)

Psychological Tricks – Flo Mattress (Source – Flomattress.com)

Flo Mattress | 100 Night Trial & 10 Year Warranty | Free Shipping

Another Example; Warbay Parker

This is a huge company. They have grown very massively and acquired a lot of customers. Mainly because of their Customers’ trust they have been humongous. They allow people to try frames, glasses products for four or five days. They ship products to you. You can try them out and if you don’t like them you can simply ship them back and get your money back.

So yes it’s pretty much like you have no risk, as a customer’s psychology you get inclined thinking “We can return if we didn’t like it “ automatically you can trust to select expensive items also with zero risk Factor.

This is nothing but a way towards making sales, with the power of understanding the psychology for shopping.


Psychological Tricks – Warbay Parker (Source- Warbay Parker)

Home Try-On | Warby Parker

3. Liking – Psychological Tricks

The principle of liking is simple, Display your product as per your customers. You need to understand the right direction to gain benefits from your customer. It’s the psychological fact and works in every profession. People Spend time and only be interested in buying what they like. You can easily convert the prospective Customer into a customer if they like the product. Understanding the likings of your customers is very crucial.

The fundamental principle of liking as it pertains to the psychology of buying says we are more likely to say yes to a request or products if we feel the connection to the person making it.

Well, this is the main reason why brands hire celebrities to endorses their products or services.so that all the people can transfer their love for celebrities to the products or services they are endorsing. Almost every brand follows this strategy of consumer psychological behavior.

Here understand the liking of customers simply means use relevance! Display relatable products.

For example; you sell products for 60 plus women and using a 24-year model to make your advertisement look glamorous. It will surely look glam but your brand will fail to connect with your right customers.

4. Authority – Psychological Tricks

This very strong

When your brand induces something familiar to your customers it builds an image of your brands, such as a celebrity, industry experts, or even memory can create that effect. people will believe that your brand possesses the same qualities to said familiar entity.

They have established expertise in the space, and you can reap the benefits by an associate in your brand with authoritative figures, thus inheriting your own sense of authority.

People appear hard-wired to respond to authority(or appearance of the authority). How can you use this to sell?

Expert endorsement

You don’t need to have an expert on staff to establish authority for your business, products, services. A stamp of approval from an expert in your industry could provide just the authority you need to install customer confidence and persuade browsers to buy.

Do you remember? when Oprah endorsed weight? she was the one who had the first-hand experience with the products and the result.


Psychological Tricks – Weight Watchers (Source- Daily Mail)

Weight watchers as a Brand to grow its sales created a dedicated page on its website. Showcasing her success story with the brand. It helped Weight watchers to establish their authority on the topic.

In this way, you utilized those kinds of like big celebrities to create an audience’s trust for your business. It all might not deliver results like upfront on the first day. This is not a direct return on the investment but over time as you utilize those creatives it pays for itself over the time and also the devaluation of the brand grows significantly so if you are in a position to invest into something like this into the influencer that would be relatable for your audience and would add a lot of perceived value to your products then definitely go for it.

5. Social Proof – Psychological Tricks

Social proof is connected to the principle of liking: Because we are social creatures, we tend to be biased toward things other people already like, whether we know them or not.

Anything that shows the popularity of your site, page, business, or products can be psychological triggers.

One approach to using social proof is to provide a “best Sellers” or “Most Popular” page or tag for your products.

For example: whenever we order food using apps. we check the restaurants and see what they have in best-selling. As soon as it matches our likings we click to order. This is Direct social-psychological proof to increase sales.

6. Scarcity – Psychological Tricks

Now this one, you must have experienced this! personally I experience this all the time.

The principle of scarcity is the fear of missing out on the opportunity. This principle states that people are motivated by the thought that they might miss out on an opportunity.

Psychological Tricks - Give It To Me

Psychological Tricks – Give It To Me

Publicizing scarcity is not a full proof plan to do however, you need to give your audience adequate information how to act on the opportunity so that they don’t miss the chance.

You need to be very smart and precise while using this psychological trick. but no wonders this trick works like magic and we often get influence by this No? You don’t Trust me recall your first thought when you see “ Sale Ending Soon”

7. Unity or Community – Psychological Tricks

This is the seventh principle behind the psychology of selling from Robert Cialdini’s Pre-suasion.

The principle of unity is based on the idea of shared identities .your business and your customers may have shared ideas or values, but unity takes it a step further to identities or groups. identities are based upon those commonalities.

When you pertain the unity principle, you are identifying with the groups. Patagonia is a prime example of a brand that has done this. They not only identify themselves as lovers of the outdoors but activists who are fighting to preserve the outdoor. It gives the brand this kind of perception that this brands actually stands for something. There are other people who are also standing for something same so it connects you with other people and gives you that sense of community of unity.

Psychological Tricks - Patagonia

Psychological Tricks – Patagonia (Source – Forbes)

After 44 Years Patagonia Released Its First Commercial & It’s Not About Clothing

This is very powerful! because if community influence something is good for the community. Then it persuades it is good for you as well. Customers are most likely to stick to certain things.

Building a community of unity about the brand or your business gives psychological triggers to people in the same community to use or try the same products. This has encouraged groups of customers who share that identity to have a fierce loyalty to the brand.

Psychological Triggers - Psychological Tricks

Psychological Triggers – Psychological Tricks

I hope these psychological triggers will definitely help to grow your sales, to increase your conversion rates and your average of the values.

“The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value.”
― Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

A Peek in History About Event Management upto 2020

A Peek in History About Event Management upto 2020

Events, the fancy word and we hear this word more often than we ever thought, In the early 90s the term “Event Management” was a Greek word for all us but we can’t say this anymore. Event Management, Events are now the word we all are familiar with. The literal meaning of the word Events is “Happenings”, and if we dig into it this is what it is! all our important ceremonies, parties, etc is nothing but the events of our life or we becoming the part of such events. Managing the “happenings” is nothing but Event management. What do events do? Be it a party, a meeting, or a promotional event, connect us with each other. It’s the gatherings of people who associate us with each other. Now with the technical enhancements, the Mode of these gatherings has changed drastically. We can trace the origin of Events since long ago! and it was always a part of our society. Which is still developing its ways and means of hosting or planning these events.

When some gathering involves large Numbers of people, specifications to host that events are challenging and not an easy cup of tea. We need other helping hands to do it for us. Then the “Experts” & “ Expertise” come in the Picture who know everything to pull those specifications and can manage a large number of people.

Let’s us see how it all actually started,

This brief history of event management Comparing then & Now.

The Progression of Event Management

The ancient events and gatherings we conducted to encourage peace and friendship between different tribes and races. The first ever event planner was Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Event Management

Cleopatra’s Event Management

She hosted elaborated over the top assemblies or reunions in pursuit of lovers. Cleopatra planned her entry in one of the assemblies by coasting down the Nile River on a decorative boat filled with candles, perfume and flower only to impress Mark Anthony(all our hassle to make an entry in weddings starts from here). Cleopatra’s events wouldn’t have had been manageable without her servants and free labor. Mode of Communication were very few back then. Messages and invitations were hand-delivered and it would take weeks or months to deliver them.

Extravagant Events and parties were experienced by the Medieval French Royalty. Rich aristocratic women were given the charge of event management to throw Parties and plan assemblies. The most renowned was Madame Pompadour, the mistress to King Louis XV of France and Marie Antoine. The gatherings were generally with lavish costumes and popular upscale musicians of the day.

With the Industrial Revolution, the demand for meetings and events developed and it magnified beyond assemblies for the rich and royal. The industrialization has given a strong and boasted economy which increased manufacturing and businesses on a large scale. Gathering people to launch products, discuss or create awareness became a necessity. It became compulsory for Individuals to set up meetings and events in a way to collaborate and develop their businesses. People made more money and reputation, which meant that they could lay out more on hosting events. This expansion also created the need for individuals to maintain their brand reputation. The enlargement of transportation and public facilities provided choices to upsurge the number of events and meetings. The modern day modes of transport like trains and buses helped people travel to and from events This development opened the doors for everyone to be part of gatherings and events on large scale. No longer assemblies, events, or gatherings were only for wealthy & Royal people.

The launch of mobile phones and the internet brought a massive change in event planning. It totally eases the process of communication, earlier what it used to take months or weeks to convey the invitation or message now can happen at any point of the day from anywhere in the world. Anybody can create, find, register, and can document an event by using these devices.

Then vs Now


Then: Prior to the 1990s and 2000s, event organizers were forced to manage registration processes in writing and all the important documents or invitations were physically mailed. It used to take days to reach the proper place and the chances were very high for the documents or invitations to be lost during transit.

Now: Documents or invitation can be emailed by just a few clicks instantly and registration forms, feedbacks can be filled out online.

Location Search

Then: When we had no internet, attendees had to go searching the exact location of the event venue on a physical map. It was a very tedious task and sometimes painful as there were no real time updates or travel time tracker.

Now: We simply need to type an address or the name of the venue where we are supposed to go into Google Maps to easily receive turn by turn directions. Reaching the venue is much easier. We can even obtain a new route if we get mislaid or made a wrong turn. Reaching to events is much simpler and easy. No wonder why and how events attract a large number of audiences.


Then: Earlier, If you wished to see who all would be attending the event. You’d have to place a telephone call to check with your friends or ask them in person. Also there were times we had no clue about the Number attendees going to be until unless they acutely come and meet. Imagine you send invitations to 10,000 people and Attendees turned only 1000. What a waste!

Now: Via social media and event organization websites or etc, we can estimate Expected attendees virtually; who is interested in or attending an event. This has made it much easy and effective to plan accordingly.

Advertising and Finding Events

Then: Life without the internet, we used to only come to know about an Event Via flyers, posters, and word-of-mouth. The awareness generated about an event was Limited and Reach was restricted.

Now: People can quest for events as per their interest utilizing websites, different digital platforms, and listing of events on Goggle. We can simply type in our location and a list of events appear in seconds and honestly we may not have even know if these events existed!

The most significant shift technology has presented is the accessibility for an individual or arrangement to have more control over event management. Digital tools and websites allow people to build online advertisements for events with user-friendly formats that are polished and look professional, these are very easy to Understand. Ticket sales and registration can manage in one spot. In the fast-paced world of the internet, we all struggle with limitation of time Wherein we all want easy reach and maximum Output.

It is interesting to know we think event management is a product of the Modern world but history shows a completely different story. Do you know all the meetings during World Wars was well planned and was managed by a group of experts! Even the Olympics and other classic Events had the Group of experts doing their jobs.

Event Management Now

Event Management Now

Event Manager is a Real Job since forever.

How to Deal with Office Politics Right Way in 2020

How to Deal with Office Politics Right Way in 2020

We all Face Office Politics at some point in our career. We agree, or we don’t, but it does exist in the system. Office politics is something that comes our way invariably; no matter which position you hold. Every problem has a solution; I bring you the solutions to deal with it. Why it is important to deal with office politics? the answer is simple; it shouldn’t hamper your growth, work-life balance, or peace of mind.

Well, is there away? How do you think? There is some magic mantra to deal with Office politics. Let’s go ahead and discover if there is any magic key to solve office politics.

Okay, what is the first thing you think you should know when you get into an organization?

How Political your Workplace is ?

There is hardly a way to know about politics at your workplace before joining the organization. It would help if you stepped into your office first and with the time you spend, you’ll experience/encounter the office politics. It is difficult to claim existing politics when the environment is very new, or you’ve just joined. It would help if you observed all around right, so spend your time observing the office environment.

Sometimes with the pressure of being a new joinee, it is possible that the existing colleagues may not gel immediately with you, and you may make wrong judgments. There are high chances for the failure of your first impression of others on day one. Give yourself and others time! Before coming to any conclusion. Gradually with time, you will understand how much your work is affected by office politics. Analyze the work ethics, the criteria on your workplace functions.

Analyze the Organization Chart

Analyze your organization’s chart to know which person is up in the hierarchy and what kind of people are they or what is their relationship with their seniors? What is the relationship with their juniors? How your colleagues or your co-mates gel with your seniors or other associates? What is it that is going on around? Answers to all of this can come only through observation and analyzing the organizational chart.

Analyse the Hierarchy Organization Chart

Analyse the Hierarchy Organization Chart

Everything won’t be overtly visible to you at first but with time try to find your place in the organization. Most importantly focus on your work, everything else is secondary.

Understand the Informal Network

If you must survive the office politics, word of caution!!! There is no way out. You will have to understand the existing informal Network. Make sure any informal network doesn’t hamper your work or your performance. Use your interpersonal skills to bond with your teammates. Keep a positive approach. While doing so, you directly eliminate the chances of being part in any office politics. Always say what you mean and reflect the same with your actions.

Understand the Informal Network

Understand the Informal Network

We can’t deny the fact that your relationship with your colleagues also plays a particularly important role in your growth in your organization. For example, your colleague is aware of the efforts you put in to achieve your goals, the amount of hard work you put into pulling that assignment will always pick you up in his/her team.

Always reflect your passion in your work; this is the only way to avoid being part of any politics and grow positively. Understanding the informal Network will make you aware of what you need to talk to which person so that whatever you speak is not kind of manipulated and carried forward in the wrong spirit.

Build Connections

Building connections works a lot. This real kind describes the corporate sector the best. They say “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” well that is true. This works like your success mantra in office politics. Being prepared with upcoming questions or responsibility make you feel less pressured.

Always a better way to deal with office politics is having appropriate connections with your teammates so the work atmosphere is a lot more positive and you can focus on your work easily. Do not forget to look for warning signs. Well, all of this makes it sound as if you’ve not entered the office to work or only to observe but being mindful of your environment helps you mentally.


Stop Playing Start Working

Stop Playing Start Working

I am sure there must be some reason for you to read this article. I understand office politics is not healthy and affects the work environment. It affects your productivity and damages you mentally. The game-changer for this Politics is nothing but your work Performance. Prove yourself time and again with your performance. Gradually office politics, underestimating colleagues lose their space with the confidence you bring on the table. Be conscious about the environment but don’t let it affect you. Increase your productivity focus to grow rest all is secondary.

Check out our article. Increase Your Productivity with these easy tips in 2020.

Positive Attitude at Workplace – Must Read

Positive Attitude at Workplace – Must Read

We all struggle to keep the Positive Attitude at work? Conjecturing how to be positive at work? It can be very challenging to keep a positive mindset at the workplace, managing events, or at meetings. It can even be challenging to have a positive attitude towards work that you are finishing individually.

No matter how much you love your job, or you are fond of it, sometimes work merely gets frustrating and irritating. That’s why I deliberately thought it would be helpful to impart how to be positive at work, how we can keep a positive mindset at work, and a positive attitude in the workplace. Being positive at work doesn’t always come inherently. I get it. But it is indeed possible to have the right work attitude even when you’re irritated or frustrated.

Speaking about positivity at work may feel like an oxymoron. Positivity at work? That’s the place we all feel pressured, tense, and terrible at times. Can we do anything about it? The answer to it is yes, of course, we can. We can feel positive at difficult times at work.

Right at the moment, we all are going through tough times, business not doing great. It’s natural to feel frustrated and cynical. Hence it creates more room for us to maintain our calm and practice.

The attitude of gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

We all have heard this before; perhaps you will be thinking, does it helps? And how does it help us to keep a consistent positive attitude at the workplace? But the answer is, it brings a lot of difference. Spare a few minutes of your time to read this article; I assure you, this will benefit you. Your attitude makes a big difference in your outlook.

If you begin to think more gratefully, you start understanding the importance of things you are surrounded with and overcome the “lack” consciously.

Start Writing a Journal with Positive Attitude.

You can either do it at the start of the day as to what you are looking forward to or by the end of the day when you do a mental rewind of the day spent. Write things that you are grateful for. I am sure you must be thinking about how this is going to help you at your workplace?

Well, Being grateful and writing about the clients you have, the briefs continuously coming in, all the opportunities you’ve been cultivating will instantly give the sense that a lot of things are working in your favor already. And you are grateful for everything around. This completely shifts your frustration, lack of beliefs, and existence towards positivity.

Another thing is an instant tactic; if you are in a negative situation. Let’s say you just had a heated argument with someone. You may not have space to think about anything positive. Well, see this situation in a way that did you learn anything from it? Did you learn how that person was? Something or the other is always there in every condition that you can take out of it? Find anything, think of that situation, and develop one gratitude out of it. You’ll be astonished how all of a sudden, you change the thinking. You let go, and it will make a huge difference. Go for that attitude of gratitude.

When things are demanding or not that optimistic, we can get sucked into that hole of negativity and quickly feel pressured. Don’t you think that a simple reward can lift your spirits and take you out of that?

I am sure this may have happened to you before; imagine you have an introductory presentation, and it’s your birthday today! You automatically feel more confident and optimistic at the exhibition as compared to other days. Well, to feel equally high, we can’t celebrate our birthday every day, But we can Practice REWARDING.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

You have this tight deadline; decide your end goal to get those pairs of shoes, or perhaps you buy yourself some flowers if you accomplish it.

But, there should somewhat reward for yourself to get something done. It does work. Give it a Try!….

It is essential to feel good at the workplace for real. Not for the heck of it. Spare sometime for yourself to do the things that are outside of work. It is important to connect inwardly to your deep desires. There is a workplace saying, “Keep your friends close, and your colleagues even closer.” What do we mean by this?

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Well, think about it. We all spend almost over 60% of your time at work. Make friends at your workplace so that every day you can look forward to going to work everyday. If you don’t positively bond with your colleagues, you may find yourself out of place and bored.

However, it is good to bond and connects with your colleagues; you may learn new things. Just don’t be in there to get things done and get it out of your way, but connect with people. It’s across that connection that we see the correlation with positivity. Start making some friends at work, get to know some people. Develop a positive environment. Connect to those around you.

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have power over at my workplace where the whole thing is negative.”

I will challenge you and say, I want you to look at this otherwise, Again cliché? But you influence your environment. how?

In your workstation, your desk, your office, even an area that you and your team are in, you can put on some inspirational quotes. You may want to keep some flowers. Whatever it takes to create that positive environment, do it at the first opportunity. I agree you don’t have complete control over everything, but you do have control over yourself. It is your choice about what you want to do, so empower yourself.


  • Writing a Journal
  • Writing what you are grateful for
  • Reward Yourself
  • Appreciate your colleagues
  • Create a positive environment
Internet of things (IoT) – In our daily Life

Internet of things (IoT) – In our daily Life

The Internet of things or IoT is influencing our lifestyle to the way we react to the way we behave.

From an air conditioner that you can control from your smartphone to the smart car providing us with the shortest route or your smartwatch, which is tracking your daily activities. Yes, we do use IOT a lot more than we think!

Internet of things (IoT) is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. It’s all done using sensors. Sensors are embedded in every physical device. It can be your mobile phone, electrical appliances, opcodes, barcode sensors, traffic light, and almost everything that you have come across in day to day life. These sensors endlessly release data about the working state of the devices. But the essential questions are, how do they share this massive amount of data? How do we put this data to our benefit?

IoT provides a shared platform for all these devices to landfill their data and a general language for all the devices to communicate with each other. Data is emitted from various sensors and sent to IoT platform security. Internet of things (IoT) platform integrates the collected data from multiple sources; other analytics is performed on the data, and valuable information is extracted as per the requirement. Finally, the result is distributed with other devices for improved user encounter automation and advancing efficiencies.

Let us look at the scenario where Internet of things (IoT) is doing wonders.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

In the AC Manufacturing industry in co-operation with manufacturing machines and the belt have sensors enclosed they uninterruptedly send data about the machine health and the production specifics to the manufacturer to identify issues beforehand. A barcode supports every product before leaving the belt. It encompasses the product code, manufacturer details special instructions, etc.

The manufacturer uses this data to detect where the product was meted out and track the retailers’ inventory; hence, the manufacturer can identify if the product was running out of stock available. Next to this product is packed and dispatched to various retailers. Each retailer has a barcode reader to track the product arriving from different manufacturers, manage inventory, check special instruction, etc.

The compressors of air conditioners have an embedded sensor that emits the data regarding its health and temperature. This data allows the customer care services to contact you for the repair work in time—this just one of the examples of the million’s scenarios.

We have smartphones, smart appliances, smart home smart cities where Internet of things (IoT) is redefining our lifestyle and transforming our lives for the better. It has changed the way we interact with technology. The future of the IoT industry is enormous. Business insider intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2020 and it predicts IoT revenue will reach about around Three hundred and fifty-seven billion dollars; resulting in a lot of job opportunities in the IT industry.

As we know, Internet of things (IoT) is one of our family members, if we read how IoT has transferred our simple homes into smart homes.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

We are one of those people who complain out loud to their computer or phone when they are slow. With the rise of intelligent personal assistance, didn’t we become best friends with technology?

We can turn on the ac before even reaching home. Everything is taken care of with touch we have an internet-connected fridge that reminds to cook the chicken before it expires and even orders groceries for you might not think of it as such, but you’re living in the smart home right now.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

Smart devices are here to stay there will be 28 billion connected devices in the world by 2021 and half of them will talk to each other for you that means you’ll be able to automate and assign domestic tasks with a simple tap on your smartphone this will make your Life easier, but it comes luxury and some dangers.

Connecting your devices to the Internet creates a gateway into your home and family like a real door it can be used by people who want to force their way in and many of the smart devices available aren’t even protected by security software and thus are vulnerable to hackers simply put your new fridge makes your Life better. Still, it might also turn into a weak spot you may be thinking really who’s going to hack my fridge your family life being intertwined with the data you share across your connected home makes you vulnerable when a device is left unprotected.

Sliver criminals aren’t interested in your food by accessing your network they can take control of your devices to steal your money using your identity and by on you on a bigger scale they could use the processing power of your fancy smart appliance to take down web targets.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

This had happened already when such an attack rendered popular Internet services unreachable for customers in the US, so while your devices are getting smarter, it is still your job to make sure they are safe.

To choose devices with built-in security, always change the default login, and password check for security software updates keep an eye out for sudden spikes in Internet traffic or tools running slower than usual.

These may be signs of trouble and ideally get a security solution for your entire home network to safeguard all the smart devices that share your Wi-Fi connection.

Be smart about your smart home security; that way, you’ll enjoy putting technology [Internet of things (IoT)] to work on domestic chores and still don’t need to get used up if someone tries anything.

Eskom Load Shedding 2020 | Terrifying Impact on Business

Eskom Load Shedding 2020 | Terrifying Impact on Business

Once again, Load shedding is the most heard and most used word in South Africa. SA is currently facing stage 4 load shedding. The situation at the moment is no relief. It has impacted the economy big time. The current situation in South Africa with an outbreak of coronavirus makes it more difficult with Eskom load shedding. We all share the same sky; hence living in any part of the world doesn’t make us different from South Africa.

“The primary reason for load shedding is due to a failure in the system. Inadequate maintenance that got neglected for 12 years”, stated by Eskom chief operating officer, Jan Oberholzer. Hence load shedding is a measure initiated to prevent the total collapse of power systems countrywide. Eskom experts predict increasing supply and reducing the demand will benefit the current situation.

Eskom load shedding 2020 has a terrible impact on Business. Let’s go over some significantly affected business due to Eskom load shedding 2020.

Eskom load shedding impact on mines production:

Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom Load Shedding

According to the Minerals councils of South Africa, Mining production has been dreadfully affected due to load shedding. To meet high production demands, the sector undergoes high tariffs, which creates a burden on the economy. There are about 1000 mining production industries affected. About 40 % of mining industries are shut due to a 15% hike in tariff by Eskom – Chief economist: Mining council of SA, Henk Langenhoven clarifies the same. The gold sector was mainly affected. Over 53,500 jobs have been lost in the mining sector due to the hike. They suffered more loss of 18,000 jobs at the beginning of the electricity crisis and adverse load-shedding in the industry.

Impact on Advertising in media:

Advertising budgets have been reduced due to the overall economic fall because of the Eskom load shedding, and they are striving to survive somehow. Like any other part of the world, television is the most extensive media consumption channel in South Africa. Particularly the most effective way to reach out to the masses. However, there’s no rocket science to understand how bad the advertising and media industry is impacted by Eskom load shedding.

Whenever a client hires an advertising agency to sell their products or services, they aim at A. delivery of viewership and B. Reach to the masses. During the blackout, the client’s aim and concerns fail anyway as the medium “Television” is of no use with no power supply. In undergoing stage 2 and stage 4 load shedding, there is no power supply for hours that directly decreases the viewership. Reaching to masses seems impossible, Eskom also shared on its official twitter handle to be prepared for an unplanned breakdown that creates a more severe impact on the industry. Targeting an audience during the limited hours of viewership is difficult. The competition grows when the resources are limited.

Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom Load Shedding

This is a grave concern for advertisers and broadcasters. According to media consultant Britta, there is a huge number of audiences lost during stages 2 and 4, and the situation will get worse, not any better. Adding to this, she mentions the ways to deal with crises is challenging and tiresome. In the second place, clients’ concern with reaching an audience creates havoc on the schedule. Yes, clients are very much aware that the performance will be affected due to load shedding, but they aren’t pleased. It is a tough time for them as well after investing money, and they gain no quantity output. Nothing can we do about it.

Some may think digital platforms will come over to the rescue, but our beloved smartphones don’t have that amazing battery life. As a human outlook during such a crisis, we tend to save our smartphone’s battery for an emergency. Now that every day looks like a crisis, we naturally develop the habit of cutting down our digital presence and screen time. This also affects the brands who are trying to reach us! It seems like our Old school days of “RADIO” are back. I am sure this crisis for people from other parts of the world will feel Unreal living in 2020. 

Impact on tourism:

Many tourist attractions are doubling their efforts to stay operational due to Eskom load shedding. “Closed due to Load shedding” is a board we see on top rather than “open.” Somehow these situations are narrowed down by using industry-sized generators, but is this a temporary solution or permanent? To build power plants, it takes years and years!

Hence the challenge is to survive on temporary solutions for how long? We all seek answers and try to discover ways to cut down the enormous money spending on such quick solutions. 

Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom Load Shedding


With stage 4 of Eskom load shedding, the unplanned breakdown of power will cause difficulty in running the attractions seamlessly. In 2019 at the western cape, a sudden power cut caused 500 people disappointment, and they were stuck at table mountain for hours.

Know your area load shedding and plan accordingly. Eskom officially publishes links. To know the other schedule, please click here