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Tory Burch was born on 17th June 1966 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.At her early age, she was raised by her parents with three brothers.

She comes from an upper-middle-class family. During her childhood, they travelled to several fashion streets present around the four corners of the world.
Her mother used to shop from different places around the world. Hence we can also infer that their dressing style could have been an inspiration for Tory Burch’s masstige brand.

At present, Tory Burch is known widely for her hard work, dedication, and gratitude. She deserves to be on top as she makes out the most of every opportunity to pave her career path. She owns a fashion style named ‘Tory Burch LLC.’

Tory Burch LLC is a perfect balance of a brand that draws inspiration from styles such as Bohemian, Equestrian, and Hermes.Since childhood, she was taught to add values to life and apply those throughout her business decisions, which helped her become a prestigious brand. Since her adolescent days, she has developed the spirit of liberality.

Tory often expresses gratitude to her stylish parents for instilling and influencing her fashion sense. She accepts their distinctive sense of style, striking detailing, and other attributes to be extreme inspirations in life.

Starting Point and the Journey

Tory completed her high school at Agnes Irwin School, Pennsylvania. She made friends with Kara Ross, a world-famous jewellery designer, and still works with her on some joint fashion projects.Then she went for Higher Studies in arts at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tory started her career as a fashion writer, and she never complained about her past jobs.
She once said that she learned many things from her past job experience and helped grow her as a person.

Tory’s journey didn’t start according to her plans, and she still chose to commence her professional journey with Benetton. The showroom was located at King of Prussia in Pennsylvania.
Although her creativity didn’t see a surge during Benetton’s job, she learned some invaluable experiences that stayed with her.

After graduating from her college, she worked with various designers and magazines. Some of them include Zoran, a Yugoslavian designer, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Apart from that, Tory also held posts such as public relations and advertising at various firms such as Vera Wang and Loewe. During her term at Vera Wang, she met Chris Burch, her second husband with whom she later got married in 1996 and divorced in 2006.

Tory firmly believes that one should learn from every experience one undergoes and then use what you’ve learned in a growth-oriented manner.
Her focus broadened a little to include public relations, as discussed above, which came in handy as she built her own company in the future.

Then in 2004, she launched her Flagship Boutique in New York. During its first official day of business, the store literally sold out of everything. Before that, her former husband, Chris Burch, gave her $2 million, and Tory decided to design clothes in her studio. Initially, she came up with the “TRB by Tory Burch ” clothing line and then changed it to Tory Burch.

In 2005, she launched her website with a fashion line Preppy Boho and got recognized for making soft t-shirts trendy all over again.
Although the Tory Burch brand initially became relevant as a lifestyle brand, she gradually accumulated some leading celebrity endorsements and increased sales figures.

In 2005, Tory tasted the first bite of success as she gifted Oprah Winfrey a Smart Tunic from her collection, and in return, she was invited to Oprah Winfrey Show.
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This decision helped her get skyrocketing sales over a fortnight, and her website got 8 million hits after that interview. That transformed Tory Burch into an empowering name in the fashion industry.
Being present on Oprah Talk Show was a wise decision, and there she directly made contracts with her potential customers and thus helped her get a boost in sales. It was termed as ‘Overnight Success of the Brand’ by some media panels.

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But Tory put her team in front for their hard work, determination, and extensive industry knowledge and acknowledged them as the pillars behind the monumental success.
In 2006, Tory came up with her signature style, Reva Ballet Flats, which transformed the casual and workwear of women around the world. In 2008, she got the accessory designer of the year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Tory is the epitome of a multitasking woman. Mother, CEO, designer, and Philanthropist are just a few of her many titles into which this Wonder Woman can get categorized.
She established the Tory Burch Foundation in 2009, which gives small business financing, mentoring, and entrepreneurship education to women entrepreneurs intended for financial development.

The evolution of the brand Tory Burch

As discussed above, Tory was influenced by her parents. Her double-T branded bags, flip-flops, and Reva ballet flats were enduring favourites for her audience.
The designs are often encouraged by her travels throughout the world. It can get inspired from Asian rugs to European paintings, along with the vibes to make it unique.

Now Tory Burch is a name of a female entrepreneur succeeding in a male-dominated industry like fashion. Over time, she has also gained confidence in empowering other women to follow her entrepreneurial footprint. At present, the brand has over 250 standalone stores and over 3000 departmental stores worldwide.

So next time, when you look for examples of intelligent decision-makers, just read the success story of Tory Burch and feel the spirit of remaining true to your career throughout to sustain in such a competitive domain.

She never let personal life chaos take part in her business, and there she has always been a competent professional. Tory shows loyalty to her career, relationship, and her journey since childhood. Her partnership with her childhood friend Kara Ross fashioned the famous ‘Evil Eye’ line.

Her loyalty does not end here. Tory has presented Kara with some exclusive fashion pieces as a gesture of humbleness that she possesses.

That shows her humbleness even after holding the 88th position amongst the list of top 100 powerful women in the world.
Tory always puts her customers first. She regularly reaches out to her followers on Instagram by posting personal photos and professional photos of her latest design. This nature of Tory has made her a household name among her followers worldwide.

Surprisingly, her style still gets influenced by her Sporty, Bohemian Undergraduate flair. That shows that Tory never forgot her roots from where she began her journey.

The brand often gets referred to as Bohemian and Sporty Coalescing Classic fashion with various prints and colours and accessories.
Tie-neck blouses, collars, and flowing-yet-constructed chinos and dresses are all signature items offered by her company.


Tory Burch
Tory Burch- (Image Source) The Business Fashion

Purchasing from Tory Burch LLC

Apart from browsing through their offline stores, one can purchase Tory Burch outlet products online from
They do offer exclusive discounts and season sales on their website, especially during the end of seasons.

Furthermore, the official website also offers Private Sales where one has to fill in the email address to get notifications for an exclusive deal on products.
While shopping from Tory Burch’s outlets, one can be stress-free regarding the quality of the products.

All the customers get pure and real leather products from Tory Burch.However, the type of leather may vary with the design and the product chosen.

Tory Burch shoes are made in Brazil, and bags and clothes are made in China. Tory Burch Bags are very popular, and they last longer because of the strict supervision that every manufactured product gets.

Although one can be relaxed while shopping from the Tory Burch outlets, be it offline or online, one should also be careful while purchasing products from third-party websites. You can spot a fake Tory Burch product by noticing lining, stitching, logo, and stamp.

You will get to see a lining of Nylon and Canvas on the borders of the products.The products are made of pure leather, so you can easily spot fake Tory Burch products if the product appears to be made from cheap quality materials.

Awards in the cabinets of Tory

Owing to Tory’s dedication to her brand, she has been awarded several Fashion awards over the years. Tory received her first award in 2005 for the category of Best New Retail Concept. It was Fashion Group Retail who presented her first award.

In 2007, she was also nominated for the Accessory Brand Launch of the year award by The Accessories Council Excellence award.

After that, she was crowned with America’s 2008 Accessories Designer of the Year award. It was the Council of Fashion Designers who presented her with the prestigious award in 2008.
The achievements of Tory Burch are not limited to her fashion brand. She has established herself on Forbes’ list for several years, including 2020, for being an influential business entrepreneur.

Her work-life balance and exemplary journey helped her create a space in the list of the top 50 most powerful mothers.

Although most entrepreneurs will never reach this inexplicable objective, Tory’s success story is a shining image of the value of determination and taking up one’s expertise.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch

Philanthropist Tory

Tory believed in helping people, especially women, throughout her journey to become successful. Since her childhood, she was a die-hard contributor to the society she lived in.
Tory Burch ran a campaign for the Breast Campaign through her contribution as a board member of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Tory also runs a ‘Shop for Cure‘ campaign on the official website to raise funds from selected items and contribute them to several organizations.
In 2014 in collaboration with Bank of America, she promoted a program entitled “Elizabeth Street Funding” , with an opening investment of $10 million in the capital, to provide low-cost loans, mentoring, and networking opportunities to women businesspersons.

Along with Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, and theatre producer Quincy Jones, Tory Burch became a member of the Obama Administration’s Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) in the year 2014. This group works to assist budding entrepreneurs of America and worldwide.

Burch and her foundation presented the first Embrace Ambition Summit in April 2018 at Lincoln Center in New York, an all-day event rejoicing women’s spirit and evaluating notions about women and motivation in the workplace that can be viewed on the Tory Burch Foundation website.

Tory is well aware of how difficult it may be to start a business as a woman, and she constantly gives a hand to women approaching her.
Her foundation that started operating in 2009 provides small company loans, mentoring, and educational opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Tory also sets an excellent example for would-be entrepreneurs by coming forward and giving back to the community. She always tries to stay connected with her Pennsylvania roots using her work with the Barnes Foundation.


Tory’s journey throughout is an inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs to pave their paths towards the zenith of success.

Tory Burch embodies a steady work principle, a passion for profound learning, and a clear visualization. It also entails staying true to your main principles. Tory has demarcated this as a grouping of trustworthiness, big-heartedness, and approachability, all of which have backed her achievement.

Today, when you look through the popular fashion magazines, you will notice the brand Tory Burch everywhere.
One can see the celebrities wearing either ballet or patterned tunics or any stylish accessories with the Logo of Tory Burch paired up with their apparel.

Tory has not just made accessories and fashion trendy, but she has become a billionaire(2013) in less than ten years by her sparkling determination to go beyond dreams.

Equal rights will transform the economy and society – Tory Burch.

 We at Robust Story hope that our readers who aspire to be self-made entrepreneurs must have learned something from Tory’s life story.











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