The Drone – revolutionizing the future of the commercial market.

In past years, drones were only used for military purposes. But now as time is passing, technology is upgrading the way of living. Technology has also been increased also due to this pandemic. Drones taking flights for delivery of products as an e-commerce business working on these unmanned aerial vehicles. Companies like Amazon Primeair, Walmart, Easyjet, Courier provider DHL have started working on the drone services.

Flying drones and providing product delivery is not too simple. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants companies to register for certificates to fly drones for the use of real estate and construction, Journalism, and Agriculture. Nowadays all companies stick to delivering the package in 30 minutes.

Delivery Drone: ready to fly

In recent times, the use of drones has been increased. Due to the pandemic, the supply of drones increased as people were self-isolated at their home. Online service like e-commerce, parcel service was the only way to supply necessity household requirements. COVID-19 has given a huge platform to online delivery systems. Essential products delivered on time like medicines can be a lifesaver.

Due to this small shop, local grocery stores that sell services to customers face to face may get some drawbacks from this flying drone. Notion purchasing will multiply the momentum of drone delivery.

Amazon has recently got approval from the FAA, and they are promising to deliver its product in 30 minutes. The more the speed of the delivery drone, the more chance of customers to get attracted to your service. Nowadays, people are impatient for everything, they want everything to be on one click. So, Amazon and other companies promise to deliver products the same day or in just 30 minutes. The drone is not only limited to your home, it can drive the product wherever you are situated like home, office, and travelling.

Drone – A GameChanger for future Robot

Every product has its Pros and Cons. Not everyone is comfortable with the use of drones. The 1st drone (UAV) was in motion for military purposes which was controlled by a human pilot who handled the path by sitting far miles away. What if any problem knocks at our doorstep meaning what if something goes wrong?

Despite the cons, delivering goods in an interior part of the area, product delivering via drone, would be more accessible than face to face delivery. Instance drones can save much time for transportation. The drone can be a better option against the vehicles waiting in traffic.

Drone: Survivors for the companies

Companies are diversifying in various sectors taking a high jump on the use of the drone delivery business. The market for drones has been widely spread across the world. According to a research report, it is expected to grow to $42.8 by 2025 at 13.8% CAGR. China & Japan is at the top of bringing technology so India is expected to be the 3rd largest drone market in the world. Indian UAV (drone) industry drew around the US $ 888.7 million, whereas globally it can grow around the US $ 21.47 billion in 2021. In a view of Global research report indicated that the delivery drone market will increase from the US $ 14 billion in 2018 to the US $ 43 billion in 2024, at a CAGR of 20.5%.

The Drone - Your Delivery Partner
The Drone – Your Delivery Partner

Here are some companies which are dedicated to delivering their product with the help of drones.

  1. Amazon Prime Air

Amazon applied to the FAA for delivery drones and in August 2020, FAA permitted Amazon air delivery drones. Amazon prime air’s main focus is on safety. The package will be delivered to the customer within 30 minutes or less. Prime Air drone will provide rapid service than the previous amazon was providing and the package will be delivered with caution and reliability. The drone can deliver parcels up to 5 pounds.

  1. FedEx

It is a well-recognized package delivery company which delivers package domestic as well as internationally including logistics. Recently FedEx has completed the 1st stage of delivering package commercial as well as residential.

FedEx has designed the drone in a way that it will be placed on the rooftop of the delivery truck. Thus, drones will not be part of the whole journey. In the area where delivery trucks can’t go through, small drones can easily pass by the interior area.

  1. Domino’s

In November 2016, pizza was 1st ever delivered by drone in New Zealand. Domino’s Pizza is famous in the UK. They have named their drone as ‘Domicopter’ giving parcel services. Drones are in force in foreign countries.

  1. Matternet

The idea of Matternet is to provide medicines and medical necessity in the area where it is difficult to reach. Medicine and medical necessity is one thing that needs emergency service. The drone can provide medicine and other requirements as soon as possible. This drone is still in the development phase and in near future, the drone will be fully developed and deployed for delivering medicines to the patients.

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