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Yahoo Sports (Since 1997): Never Miss Any Amazing Updates On Your Favorite Game!



Yahoo Sports

What Is Yahoo Sports?

Since 1997 Yahoo has built trust and become popular among its users. People all over the world use its mail assistant and other services extensively. Yahoo Sports, a website launched in 1997, provides sports-related information like news and blogs. Additionally, the yahoo cricket application updates its users with live scores and streaming of the game.

In this section of the article, we would tell you everything about Yahoo Sports.

Information and News Provided On Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports provides a lot of information related to sports on its website and application.
You also get to listen to some fantastic podcasts on their website. Excerpts from yahoo fantasy football, yahoo fantasy basketball, and yahoo fantasy golf podcasts increase the users’ awareness in the domain of Sports.

Mobile Phone Application

You need not necessarily browse through their website to watch sports news. You may download the mobile application from Google Play Store. It is also available on Apple App Store.

After signing in, you can customize all options according to your choice. For instance, you can select your favourite teams to get the schedule and highlights of the matches. Also, you may set alerts to get the notification before the match starts, and each time, your preferred team scores a point.

Streaming of Games On Yahoo Sports App.

Yahoo Sports App offers the feature of streaming games like NFL and IPL on the application.
It allows you to watch live matches from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, you may also add any three of your friends to the live stream and watch the matches virtually.

Written Content and News.

Yahoo Sports has a great team of sports journalists and writers that leave no stone unturned to produce content. Sports journalists like Dan Wetzel, Adrian Wojnarowski, and Jason Cole and David Epstein gravitate to their thought-provoking blogs. The application has the best blogs and opinion pieces on incidents related to Sports.

The content pieces on the website and the application get updated daily, irrespective of a game’s off-season. Also, the relevant information-laden articles help to broaden the horizon of the consumers in a particular sport. Besides producing rich content for the website, sports journalists and writers also analyze statistics of different games.

Fantasy Sports

The concept of Fantasy Sports was introduced in the early 1980s in England. Fantasy Sports could be described as a virtual world in the current scenario, where ordinary people serve Sports Administrators’ roles.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports provides a platform for Fantasy Sports on its website and application. The user base of such a genre of sports continues to grow exponentially. And because of this reason, Yahoo launched an application to cater to Fantasy Sports users’ whims. The application encapsulates various games like yahoo fantasy golf and yahoo fantasy hockey.

Relevance in 2021

There is no doubt that the viewership of Yahoo Sports has declined over the past few years.
Several experts and analysts consider the acquisition by Verizon the primary reason behind the declination. But despite that fact, it manages to fetch a considerable amount of users.
It is majorly because of the broad spectrum of the sports that get covered in the application.
Also, fantasy sports on the platforms attract users from every corner of the world.


Initially, in the early 2000s, Yahoo Sports managed to attract a large number of users. It was solely due to the low-quality User Interface that applications offered to the users. Platforms like CBS and NBC Sports posed a threat to Yahoo Sports in late 2010 when they started enhancing and focusing on their audio services. But Yahoo Sports managed to tackle it after the introduction of podcasts programs on the application.

The podcasts featured an analysis of the games, tips for emerging players, and enlightening conversations with players.

In the current scenario, two online application platforms that pose a grave threat to Yahoo Sports are discussed below-

Cricbuzz: Launched in 2004, the application aims is majorly known for providing scores and commentaries for various sports. With over 50 million global users, Cricbuzz has a multilingual function that enables users to check scores and analysis in their native language. Currently owned by the Times Internet group, the usage graph of the application is increasing exponentially.

ESPN: Started in 1979, ESPN is by far the biggest competitor of Yahoo Sports. The most distinguishing feature of the platform is ESPN NOW that lists the headlines about current events like IPL, NBA, ISL, etc.

Unlike Yahoo Sports, ESPN lets you access the video highlights on the homepage.


There is no doubt that Yahoo was one of the best services that started in the ’90s. It paved a roadmap for the current tech giants like YouTube and Instagram through and Flickr.

Several privacy breaches from 2013 to 2015, Strong competition by Google, and weak leadership led to its declination. Even after Verizon Media’s acquisition, many people still prefer using services offered on the platform.

As of October 2020, it had more than 200 million active users on the email assistance every month in 2020.

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