Are you using Yahoo Finance in 2021? – Read everything you need to know!




Owing to uncertainties in the stock market, both at the global and national scale, a fear regarding investment gets established in our minds. This fear of investing affects our finance management process adversely.

In the current scenario where inflation is expected to skyrocket over the next decade, investing becomes an essential process. Simultaneously, one should carefully analyze the related stocks and commodities before investing in them.

Several platforms have boomed in the last few years that help to manage financial affairs and stocks efficiently. Yahoo Finance ranks at a high position in the list of those platforms.

This blog would address all your queries about Yahoo Finance. Ranging from its origination, relevance to its alternatives, we would discuss everything. Also, we would tell you the importance of investing in a nutshell.

What is Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance was introduced to the users on 19 January 1997. Available for both web and mobile phones, the platform is the one-stop solution for managing your finances. It helps you to manage and track all your investments.

Furthermore, Yahoo Finance Nifty’s option provides you with the list of top fifty stocks in your National Stock Exchange, which is essential for long-term investment in stocks.

5 Reasons to use Yahoo Finance

1.An outline of the leading stocks is displayed on the homepage itself. The outline or display gets updated daily. It helps the users to get an idea of the consistency and trend of the stock market.
And that is essential for getting good dividends.

2.An individual can easily manage his portfolio after clicking on My Portfolio on the homepage. A Portfolio consists of the records of your investments.

3. The feature of Equity Screener helps an investor to sort stocks and analyze them accurately. Under Equity Screener, stocks get displayed according to the investor’s selection.

4.A list of the best and worst-performing stocks gets displayed under Stock Gainers and Stock Losers, respectively. This list helps the users to monitor a particular stock.

5.Several blogs and news reports about the financial world get featured on the homepage of Yahoo Finance. The presence of such financial inclined content increases the financial intelligence of an individual.

Furthermore, you can get information about a particular stock by typing its name in the search engine, followed by Yahoo finance. Like for instance, if you enter Tesla Yahoo Finance in the text box of your search engine, you would get information about the stocks of Tesla.

How to Use Yahoo Finance.

● Head to Yahoo Finance homepage. Sign in with your credentials. You can also create a yahoo account.

● Select the My Portfolio section.

● Now input the name and currency of your yahoo finance portfolio, after selecting the Create Portfolio option.

● After that, head over to My Holdings. Select the Add Symbols option to add stocks to your portfolio.

Now enter your stock details to get an estimate of percentage gain and total market value.
Generally, the details include the number of shares bought and the cost per share.

Note: It is advised by financial experts to avoid linking your brokerage account to any Finance application. Thus try not to link your brokerage account to Yahoo.

2 important reasons to start investing at an early stage.

1.Future Goals: As homo-sapiens, we all agree that all of us have some whims that need solid financial ground.
Thus to accomplish those goals, we should dedicate time to learn about investing.

2. Post Retirement Life: The majority of people neglect the process of saving during their earning age. In such a scenario, the process of investing comes to the rescue and compels you to save.
Therefore, your post-retirement expenses are taken care of, and you need not get dependent on others.

What is Yahoo Finance Historical Data, and How to download it?

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance

Historical Data in Yahoo Finance consists of a summary of an IPO’s performance from the very beginning. The data plays a vital role in the process of investing and analysis of stocks. The analysis of such data is a crucial step before investing.

The procedure of Downloading the Data

1. Go to Yahoo Finance’s homepage. Sign in with your account details.

2. Search for a particular stock name.

3. Now, you may select your stock from the list of stocks.
4. After that, Click on Historical Data, present in the menu bar.

5. Now choose the time-span for which historical data is needed.
6. Click on the Apply option.
7. And now tap on Download Data to save. CSV file of the data.

That’s it! Your historical data would get downloaded.

Points to keep in mind while investing in the stock market.

✔ Patience: It is one of the most undermined character traits, especially in an individual’s financial journey. It is so because several penny stocks offer high returns in a short period that may captivate an impatient individual’s attention. It leads to horrendous incidents of bankruptcy because such stocks are bound to crash.

✔ Analyzation: The process of analyzing stock details before investing should get done to avoid regrets in the future.Proper analysis and research help to get long-term benefits.

✔ Fraud applications: With advancements in technology, the rate of financial cyber-crimes has skyrocketed over the last decade. An individual should not use an unrecognized application for investing and management of portfolios.