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This Article is a mixture of a concise guide and a manual on Yahoo Answers. The exponential boom in the tech industry in the last few decades has transformed the world’s ecosystem. For instance, if in the 1990’s you had a query regarding any topic, the only option would have been either to consult a person in that field or go through books.

But in the current scenario, such processes have a more efficient and digital approach. Now several platforms provide quick and reliable answers to almost all your queries on your mobile phone. Yahoo Answers is a similar tool that quenches the curiosity of learners after getting their queries answered.

What are Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo! Answer is a platform that operates on the principle of combined efforts of its users.
The website is a social link of questions and answers that allows users to ask questions and find solutions. Yahoo Answers got introduced to the users in 2005. And it is considered one of the most significant shifts in the educational ecosystem.

Are Yahoo Answers turning obsolete?

After Verizon Media’s acquisition in 2017, it was predicted that all other services of Yahoo, including Yahoo answers, would cease. But even after the acquisition, a large number of people still use Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers continues to give tough competition to its competitors like Quora and because of the loyal user base.

Why should you use Yahoo Answers?

The benefits of the Yahoo Answers forum are commendable and praiseworthy. Here are some of the common benefits of Yahoo answers:

1.It is an excellent platform for harvesting knowledge and growing intellect.2.A plethora of topics is covered on this website. Hence it is a one-stop station for all queries and questions.
3.It lets you express and test your knowledge, owing to the huge user database.
4.One of the best platforms to get a different perspective on a single topic from the four corners of the world.

How to Open an account in Yahoo Answers?

Opening an account on Yahoo! Answers is super easy. These are the steps you should follow –
Head over to Yahoo Answer’s homepage. Now log in with your credentials. You may also choose to create a new account though, Yahoo avatars got discontinued in the year 2012.
There are still some features through which you can set yourself unique.
The user’s representation is done using any random avatar on the internal sites or the default avatars.

How to use Yahoo! Answers?

Once you have successfully logged into your account, the process of using Yahoo Answers becomes a cakewalk.

Asking Questions

Head to Yahoo! Answers homepage. In case you are browsing from the United Kingdom, go to Yahoo answers the UK.

Click on the Ask button, present near the search bar.

Enter your query in the What’s your question textbox.You may also provide any additional details and images to describe your query more clearly.

After inputting the details, click on Submit.

Answering questions on Yahoo! Answers

Head to Yahoo! Answers homepage.

In case you are browsing from the United Kingdom, go to Yahoo answers the UK
Now choose the category in which you want to answer questions.Once the category is selected, move to the Answer section.

And that’s it!

Concept of Top contributor in Yahoo! Answers A top contributor is the one who has actively participated on this website by providing top-notch answers to several queries.
Yahoo creates the list of the top contributors, and the list gets updated every Monday.

There are some standard stakes upon which the contribution of a participant is judged.
Some of its conditions are-
● Keeping up with a minimum quota of answering the questions in a particular category.
● Users from level-2 have a higher probability of getting a top contributor badge.
● For a user to be a top contributor, it gets necessary that they focus on answering the questions of one particular category.


One can find the Answer to any query that does not violate Yahoo policies.Yahoo features the hyperactive users on the website and provides answers to the questions the other users have posted. Chatting is wholly forbidden on the website, but several debatable topics are also covered on this website. So the user can also provide their Yahoo messenger details on their profile page.
The multi-lingual system allows people to ask and answer in the language in which they are comfortable.

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers

Points to keep in mind while answering or asking questions:

#Any content on Yahoo! Answers cannot be derogatory to any section of society.
#Your question or Answer should not violate the security and privacy policies of Yahoo.
#While answering questions, any references or guides should be cited appropriately by the users. #Individuals below the age of 13 cannot ask and answer questions on the platform

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