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Virtual Reality – A Breakthrough Technology in these 5 Industries



Virtual Reality in Events

What Virtual Reality is all about?

Like a sci-fi movie, the term Virtual Reality or VR sounds really fascinating. It actually is because this technology is very interesting and offers an immersive experience to the users. This Technology has abundant potential to change human life. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world right now.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulation of the environment created by computer technology. Unlike the traditional mediums of visual content which were watched on screens, VR gives the users an opportunity to be inside the environment and interact in the 3D world. It is a sensory experience where the technology targets the human senses of sight and sound. So when you are in the VR environment, you could actually see that you are inside that world and can hear the different sounds that are developed using the computers.

How do I experience Virtual Reality technology?

To experience the virtual reality tech, you need to have the VR gear that is called a Head-Mounted Display (HMD). It is a device worn by the user who wants to enter the virtual world. Most of the low-cost HMDs have a slot to fix the phone to view VR content. To find VR content, you can visit the various website which offers VR content online. Just select the content of your choice and mount your cellphone inside the HMD to experience it.

There are various other Optical Head-Mounted Displays available in the market. There most popular ones are HTC Vive & Oculus Rift. There are other players as well like Sony, HP & Microsoft that offer a range of HMDs.

The content for Virtual reality is developed using the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML). It was first developed in 1994 to create virtual worlds with zero dependencies on wearables. The developments in this technology made the experience smoother with HMDs and hand gears coming into the picture.

This technology has gone beyond our imagination in today’s time. These are the top 5 industries that have grown multifold with Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality application in the Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry is one of the largest beneficiaries of virtual reality technology. The advent of this tech has given exponential growth to the gaming business worldwide. The technology has not only helped game developers prosper but also the hardware manufacturing industry which provides gears for video games. The usage of VR in gaming has begun in the 1990s and is ever-evolving since then.

VR in Entertainment

The entertainment business is one of the biggest industries the world over. Technology has been fueling the entertainment industry for ages now. From radio to television to large-screen projections, mobiles to even more personalized entertainment on VR gears. The interactive content development has made it possible for the entertainment business to adapt to this technology to offer a brilliant experience to its customers.

Virtual Reality in combat training

Virtual Reality in combat training

Virtual Reality in combat training

National defence departments in many countries have been using VR as a technology for battle simulation. The training programs for the soldiers in the United States has helped them in preparing for the on-ground battle more efficient. This tech has even helped the United States Air Force with a working model of virtual flight simulator. This simulator helps air force pilots to identify and tackle real-life scenario in the VR environment. This tech is even used by commercial pilots to be trained in handling dangerous situations.

Virtual Reality in Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions is one of the fastest-growing business in the world. Technology has been an integral part of events. Since the business is very creative, there has been a great level of innovation in event equipment technologies. The inclusion of tech like Augmented Reality & Virtual reality has completely changed the way attendees experience exhibitions and events.

Virtual Reality in Events

Virtual Reality in Events

VR has been used in different ways during the events, from engagement activities like a walk the plank game to a roller coaster ride, from a virtual tour of the facility or an apartment to the in-depth product demo where the customer can check all the details. Virtual reality is helping exhibition booths with a higher conversion rate through the immersive sales pitch that VR offers.

Virtual Reality a boon to Medicine / Healthcare

The advancement in medical science has helped human lives to a greater extent. With the inclusion of VR in healthcare, the training has got simpler and efficient with a drastic reduction in risks involved as compared to the traditional training.

Air Force offers virtual reality therapy

Air Force offers virtual reality therapy

The doctors can train themselves using the virtual tools & patient prior to performing it on a live patient in the operation theatre. The study on critical health issues can be performed with ease without too many tools and within less space. The biggest benefit of this technology is that it has helped in reducing the chances of error and faster performance of surgeries.

Virtual Reality is an incredible technology that has fuelled the growth of these industries and many others.

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