Virtual Reality Trends

Machine Intelligence: Authentic tool for enhancing Human Intelligence 2021

Machines that can really function as humans made for an exciting plot. Nevertheless, it has recently gone from fantasy to fact, and we are now residing in...

UAV Drone Innovation – 100% Effective technology for Future Smart cities

In early times, UAV Drone Innovation was considered a destructive weapon in their arsenal and was used by the military personals for mass destruction.  Such armed drones...
Virtual Reality Trends

8 Remarkable Virtual Reality trends expected in 2021 post pandemic

The Virtual Reality trends are applicable across a number of sectors like Healthcare, Education, Media, travel and tourism, and business enterprises. VR has evolved from its gaming...
Virtual Reality in Events

Virtual Reality is the latest Robust Tech Trending in 2021

Players are happy to have technology like Virtual Reality (VR) as they are having some great experiences. VR has remarkably grown the market in many sectors like...
Yahoo Finance

Are you using Yahoo Finance in 2021? – Read everything you need to know!

Owing to uncertainties in the stock market, both at the global and national scale, a fear regarding investment gets established in our minds. This fear of investing...
Yahoo Answers

Master The Art Of Yahoo Answers With These 5 Tips

This Article is a mixture of a concise guide and a manual on Yahoo Answers. The exponential boom in the tech industry in the last few decades...
PUBG - New State - PUBG PC

All About PUBG : New State, PUBG PC & Korean Version 2021

PUBG PC: New State - It all started on 30th June 2020 when the Indian Government banned 59 applications, including TikTok, because of the disruption in Border...
Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather: Easiest guide to explain how does it works!

Yahoo Weather: How does it work? We all have been in situations where a sunny day prediction on the news channels turned out to be the complete opposite. And...
Yahoo - Jerry and David

Yahoo (1994) – Jerry and David: Your old Best school friend

The name Yahoo brings a feeling of nostalgia because it is probably one of the oldest mailing messengers. Jerry and David Filo founded the platform in 1994....
Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports (Since 1997): Never Miss Any Amazing Updates On Your Favorite Game!

What Is Yahoo Sports? Since 1997 Yahoo has built trust and become popular among its users. People all over the world use its mail assistant and other services...
Indoor Drones

Indoor Drones : Secure 100% Constructive Growth in Warehouse and Logistics Industry

Why security only for outdoor operation? Indoor operation is very critical as in the warehouse there are many user, unused, damaged goods so to inspect these goods,...
Surveillance Drones

Surveillance Drones – The Ultimate Cop Watching You in 2021

For understanding and investigating the use of Surveillance Drones for the Police department, Elbit Systems, an Israel-based global defense electronics company has collaborated with the UK governing...
AI Drone

AI Based Drones 2021- Good or Harmful

Drones firstly being controlled by humans for Military purposes. There were many issues regarding it. A couple of years ago Artificial Intelligence technology came into the picture....
IT Infrastructure

Top leading IT infrastructure – Cloud and Edge Companies 2021

What is an edge in layman's terms? Edge Computing runs fewer processes in the cloud and this process can be moved to local places like the user's computer,...
Quantum Computer Mixing Chamber

Quantum Computing: Triggering 7 Sectors Booming in the world

Quantum computing is still a new scientific method but its impact is already noticed in a variety of fields. We look at the markets that quantum computers...
China Resisting COVID-19

China Resisting COVID-19: Effective Technological Masterstroke

China resisting COVID-19 to a large degree and surveilled people at risk by mobilizing resources and implementing cutting-edge technologies. The striking similarities between reality and fantasy aren't...