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Surveillance Drones – The Ultimate Cop Watching You in 2021



Surveillance Drones

For understanding and investigating the use of Surveillance Drones for the Police department, Elbit Systems, an Israel-based global defense electronics company has collaborated with the UK governing administration.

Already, in association with Elbit Systems, the NPAS (National Police Air Service) has successfully finished the Remotely guided aerial innovation assessment. Through the research, NPAS are looking for more information on how remotely unpiloted aerial innovation can help them to safeguard their people with Wales and England cops in near future.

Sometimes it is unrealistic for cops to send air backing support via plane or helicopter in certain circumstances, and therefore UK police are doing trial and testing on how they can use maximum use of Surveillance Drones if such situations arise.

Also, the NPAS are analyzing and researching how the drone concept can be a game-changer in unrealistic circumstances and with help of new innovation. Also, drone technology can unite with helicopters and planes of the Wales and England cop department to boost their security.

Initial Trial for Surveillance Drones

The first trial and testing for remotely unpiloted aerial innovation took place in Aberporth located near West Wales Airport. Initial trials conducted on separate runs, the way NPA’s carry out their operations in look-a-like confrontations. Sometimes during certain missions, the cops and NPA’s combine together to accomplish the task. Usually, it happens during countering the terrorist attack, search operations, on public demand, etc

During trials, the drone used was called Hermes 900 which could reach limited height, standard-sized with the speed of 140 miles per hour. This drone was developed by Elbit Systems, an Israeli electronics organization. For more clarity, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the United Kingdom also conducted trials to study and research how Surveillance Drones can be carried out in operations.

Utilization of Drones during the pandemic

To combat COVID-19, the cops used to send their arsenal including anti-crime weapons to combat the situation. During the Corona pandemic, the lockdown was declared by the nation. Cops utilized drone technology to the fullest by Surveillance Drones flying over lockdown areas to check whether people were following the law and order or not. People violating the lockdown were easily held thereby saving the time, money, and effort of the cops.

The flying drone () proved to be very beneficial in certain situations where direct contact was a constraint.

Martin Hewitt saying on Drone technology

Martin Hewitt, Chairperson of National Police Chiefs’ Council had a meeting with government officials and quoted, “I am sure most people starting now grasp the power of the circumstance we face. There will be an unobtrusive number who don’t and we will attract them, disclose to them, and urge them to get back. On the off chance that they won’t settle on the most ideal decision, we are totally set up to use these new powers.”

Such innovations have given 10,000-foot viewpoints during lockdown were locations in which PCR vehicles can’t reach. Although in a pandemic, there were many engagements carried with the local public to reside home however there were few opposing the lockdown.

Supplying medicines through flying drones proved to be a masterstroke as it helped to reach the medicines in quick time with zero risks.

With the future in perspective, the concern here is that, how will public-police relationships have an effect on this surveillance drones technology as some people will think that police is lenient and need to be stricter in handling the lockdown while some people will be afraid as the drone can anytime knock the door and put them behind the bars if found resisting the lockdown.

Ollie Dismore saying on Drone Technology

Captain Ollie Dismore, Director of Flight Operations at the National Police Air Service quoted,  “Meeting the various needs of the police units of England and Wales requires both Meeting the various needs of the police units of England and Wales requires both adaptability and flexibility. Presently overhauled by our national mixed fleet of helicopters and planes, police units expect us to embrace new technologies and utilize advancing innovation, including taking advantage of chances to decrease our carbon impression. This will permit us to keep on utilizing resources into the future and best guarantee public security.”

Recently, Derbyshire cops arranged a celebration party for the successful completion of one year for deploying a newly drone cop team into their arsenal. Since the deployment of the drone technology into the cop department, they have approximately saved £750,000 that NPAS would have charged if they were called for help in nearly 1250 different situations.

Drone Technology - Surveillance Drones

Drone Technology – Surveillance Drones

More advancement in drone technology can play a crucial role to fight any infectious pandemic, etc. In contrast, this use of technology can also breach public privacy. The developers combining with cops should work on both the aspect and bring some middle way out to form a secured framework that offers public privacy too with proper welfare of the community.

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