All About PUBG : New State, PUBG PC & Korean Version 2021




PUBG PC: New State – It all started on 30th June 2020 when the Indian Government banned 59 applications, including TikTok, because of the disruption in Border relations with China. According to the Ministry of Information & Technology, the ban was imposed after reviewing data breaches by the application as mentioned above.

Subsequently, on 2nd September the Ministry of I&B once again released a list of 118 applications and games banned for the same reason. The inclusion of PUBG Mobile and its LITE version in the list came as a shock to the users. Various vague hypotheses and rumours are circulated daily on Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook about the game’s status in the Indian Subcontinent.

In this article, we would be covering various aspects of PUBG, such as the upcoming variant, PUBG PC, and the method to run PUBG Mobile in India.


After making its users make various assumptions and theories for nearly two months, Krafton Inc has finally released the trailer of PUBG: NEW STATE.

Also called the sequel of PUBG Mobile, the game appears as if Cyberpunk 2077 and Krafton Inc specially collaborated to provide users with an experience of futuristic gaming. The game developers and people in the ESports community are confident that the game would take the gaming industry by storm.

The in-game world of PUBG:  NEW STATE is entirely different from PUBG Mobile.
With the game set up in 2051, the concrete jungle with a semi-urban touch and buildings all over the map, TROI, would attract the gamers who admire Sci-fi. Unlike PUBGM, there are advanced weapons, drones, vehicles, and attacking modes in the new variant expected to pose a significant threat to games like Free-Fire and Call of Duty.

PUBG - New State - PUBG PC
PUBG – New State – PUBG PC

The trailer released along with the developer details has left the Indian fans of PUBG in a dilemma.
According to the game description, it is clear that the latest variant of PUBG has no connection with Tencent. The main reason for banning PUBGM and PUBGM Lite in India was the association of the game with Tencent, a Chinese firm accused of data breaching by the Government of India.

Though the pre-registration is still not available in India, people are hopeful for the reincarnation of PUBG in India.


After the ban on PUBG Mobile, netizens came up with some of the other theories on social networking sites every day. The rumour that PUBG PC & PUBG PC LITE is not operational after the ban still trends on the top and confuses the users.

GOI banned only PUBGM AND PUBGM LITE because of its developers, Tencent.
One needs to understand that PUBG PC was developed by PUBG Corporation, a child company of South Korea-based Bluehole.

Hence Yes!! You can still play PUBG AND PUBG PC LITE on your desktop or laptop.

To run PUBG on your PC or Laptop smoothly, your system must fulfil some minimum requirements.

Requirements For PUBG PC AND PUBG PC LITE.

● The Operating System should be 64-bit.
● Any processor above i5 5th generation is suitable for running the game without any lags.
● Your system should have at least 8GB of RAM.
● At least 35GB of space on your HDD OR SSD should be available for the game.
● A graphics card of at least 2GB is required for playing the game.
● The Operating System should be 64-bit.
● Any processor above i3 4th generation is sufficient for running the game.
● At least 4GB RAM is required.
● 4 GB space on your hard disk must be available.
● A Graphics card of 2GB is recommended.

How Can You Play PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite in India?

Battle-Royale games are known for their dominating the gaming industry and enticing a considerable user base.
Over the years, several Battle-Royale games have captivated the masses’ attention and continue to do so.
But the fandom of PUBG overhauls almost all its competitors in the gaming industry.

Though the game is banned in the Indian Subcontinent, the craze of PUBG drives its users to figure out ways to play the game.

In this section of the blog, you’ll get the step-by-step procedure to install and play PUBG once again.

Follow the steps-
1. Download and Install Solo Vpn.

2. Open the application and Switch location to South Korea.

3. Click on Connect.

4. Now install the TapTap application from its official website.
Click on Android to download the. APK file.

5. Open the TapTap application.
Go to the search bar and type PUBG KR.

6. Tap on the Download option.

7. Open PUBG KR once it gets installed.

8. Choose Your Sign-in method.

That’s it!
You can now play PUBG on your mobile phone.

Points to keep in mind while installing PUBG
● Ensure that the SOLO VPN is connected throughout the whole process.
You may choose to uninstall the application once you are logged in.
It is so because using any other VPN may cause server issues during installation.

● The method mentioned above is for installing the Korean version of PUBG.