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It’s taken a long time, but Instagram has recently introduced a tool that allows people to customize their accounts with their chosen pronouns. If you use the app to improve your selfie game or reconnect with your friends, this is a necessary update if you want to continue sharing your true self on social media.

Instagram has tweeted the news regarding Instagram’s new feature on May 11 on its social media account. It has added a new update that allows you to customize your accounts with pronouns. You will be allowed to use up to four pronouns in your Instagram profile, which will run alongside your username. Instagram has confirmed that users will have to fill out a form to request the addition of this Instagram’s new feature if it is not currently available.

Instagram users can choose from a variety of different pronouns to use in their profiles. Though Instagram has not revealed when the latest functionality will get rolled out, the Social media platform revealed that Instagram’s new feature is already functional in “several initial countries.”

As previously said, It hasn’t been revealed which countries are among the initial countries to receive the expansion of the pronunciation option on Instagram. Still, we know the United States is one of them to get this Instagram’s new feature.

It is so that if you’ve still not noticed the ability to use pronouns in your profile, you could upgrade the app. If you’ve installed it, make sure to look for updates in the app store (or in the Google Play Store if you’re using Android).

When this new Instagram feature becomes available in your country, a new ‘Pronouns’ tab will appear underneath the ‘Edit Profile’ section.

How to Update Your Profile with Instagram’s new feature – Pronouns?

The best feature of this redesign is that it is incredibly user-friendly, which is incredibly simple to use. Continue reading to learn how to update your profile with your favorite pronouns and make the best use of Instagram’s new feature.

  • To make changes to your profile, scroll to it and click “Update profile.”
  • You’ll be led to the fillable forms that provide the details for your profile. Select “Pronouns” and enter up to four pronouns with which you agree.

That is it! Your pronouns should appear in grey alongside your show name.

Users would be able to apply pronouns directly to their accounts rather than use them in their bios. Some social media sites have introduced a similar feature as Instagram’s new feature, allowing people to customize their accounts with pronouns.

Was this Instagram’s new feature update necessary?

Social Media Experts say, “This is a positive addition for Instagram, as it contributes to the company’s wider effort to increase accessibility and ensure that all users have the ability to express themselves on the website however they want.”

The trend is gaining momentum in the broader social media landscape. LinkedIn recently added pronoun lists to user accounts and Instagram’s parent company Facebook, including pronoun alternatives in its user display tools since 2014, though they have changed dramatically since then.

Although for many, the inclusion would have little impact on how they use the app, for those who are affected, it is a critical change that will aid significantly towards validating their identity and enhancing their connections based on their Instagram profile.

Instagram’s new feature
Instagram’s new feature

Why Are Pronouns Important?

While many have lauded Instagram‘s new update as a move toward a more welcoming world, some are left questioning whether it matters at all.

People communicate their identities in a variety of ways through the use of pronouns. When anyone addresses you with their pronouns, they are requesting that you honor their gender. This is particularly true for transgender and nonbinary individuals who do not identify as gender binary.

As more people, including those who are cisgender, use pronouns in their social media accounts, email signatures, and in-person introductions, pronouns become less stigmatized. Additionally, it normalizes the fact that someone’s presence is not synonymous with their identity. For instance, someone may dress traditionally feminine but use they/them pronouns.

As per the Union of Colorado’s Center for Equality and Cultural Change, intentionally using incorrect pronouns to refer to others will result in not only that person feeling disrespected but also in “dysphoria, isolation, and alienation.” The upgrade to Instagram is a much-needed feature that promotes inclusivity.


Though not everyone feels compelled to share or define their gender, the trend has grown in popularity to the point that Instagram has to make it an integral part of the profile. It saves space and reaffirms the importance of gender identity on a par with links and other bio information.

Go check out this Instagram’s new feature and give your profile a new makeover!

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