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Dreamscape Immersive – An Absolute Virtual Reality experience of 2020



Dreamscape Immersive - An Absolute Virtual Reality experience

Ever wondered of experiencing the lost temple or deep-sea experience or seeing the alien creatures, first hand? Dreamscape is the answer to your thoughts of exploring the worlds with their immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Dreamscape, an American Virtual Reality Technology company, has given birth to a new platform for storytelling. It gives people the opportunity to enter a story and enjoy watching it unfold around them as they explore the cinematic world, creatures, and never before thought locations. Dreamscape offers an immersive experience like never before in the virtual world. They offer a shared experience, which in itself is an adventure, embracing the human desire to explore, learn, and enjoy together.

Dreamscape Immersive now at NorthPark Center, Dallas.

The 2nd Dreamscape theatre has been the much-talked location. The famous mall in Dallas “NorthPark Center” became the 2nd location for Dreamscapes virtual immersive theatre. The Best mall for such an experience to be available.

Dreamscape Immersive - An Absolute Virtual Reality experience

Dreamscape Immersive – An Absolute Virtual Reality experience

NorthPark is quite famous for its collection of artefacts, beautiful restaurants, and always swanky atmosphere. As much as it is about the stores, it has always been about the experience at NorthPark–something that’s become increasingly important in the era of online shopping. It is one of the key reasons why NorthPark Center, Dallas, became the choice of Dreamscape Immersive as their second experiential venue in the world. Their 3rd location opened in February this year at Colombus, Ohio.

Virtual Reality, what is it all about?

Virtual Reality or as it is widely known as VR is a computer technology to create an artificial environment. It offers an experience for the users to believe that they are in a real environment and not a computer-generated world. VR basically impacts the 2 primary human senses, seeing & listening.

Virtual Reality is an immersive experience that is felt using the VR gear which is generally a headset which covers the eyes and some section of ears. This technology has grown multifold, helping various industries prosper rapidly like Medical, Automobile, Gaming & Entertainment.

Diving into the Dreamscape virtual reality entertainment arena

Let’s explore the NorthPark Virtual reality venue. The location hosts three storylines to experience, which goes down to aliens, whales, and adventure. The charges are about $20 per ticket for anybody who is ten years and above & above 4 ft height. Once you enter the arena, you’re suited up with the proprietary gear which includes a lot of wearables like body-mapping sensors for hands and feet, VR gear for the visual and audio experience. 

The best part about the arena is the dedicated staff who are available to assist you with the equipment and are available throughout the show if anybody needs help. This arena can accommodate six people for every show. The duration of every show is 15 minutes. It looks less but is worth the experience.

4 Virtual Reality Tours You must experience at Dreamscape immersive

Let me take you through the three virtual reality tour options. Tour option number one is “Curse of the Lost Pearl,” which is more like the Indiana Jones experience. The intention is not to kill your experience. It is a thrilling experience in the tour of “Curse of the Lost Pearl”. Your exploration journey will comprise of walking into an ancient temple, searching for the hidden clues, and even get a taste of some roller-coaster action. It is visually amazing. The story lets you forget about the real world stress and enjoy the adventure.

The 2nd option in the virtual reality tour at Dreamscape is “The Blu: Deep Rescue.” This story is soothing, a little less action-packed than the previous story, but it is just spectacular. It is a deep dive into the sea life, exploring the beautiful underwater creatures. In this storyline, you will dive in to save a baby whale. It feels disappointing when the show ends as you’d want to be there for a little more time.

The third story option is “Alien Zoo.” The story sounds creepy with aliens, and to top it, and it’s an alien zoo which humans can visit. It surely would be an adventurous experience to visit an alien land and watch the creatures in the zoo. This story is sure to give you a chill in the spine during the ride watching the different lifeforms from the farthest corners of the universe to save them from extinction. The zoo hosts endangered species from across the galaxy. Some are friendly. Some are wild. This ride is worth every penny!!!

The fourth and new addition to the immersive Virtual tours is the first Dragon flight academy. It takes you to the land of Vikings, the village of Berk in the North Sea island. As soon as you enter, You’ll get into your virtual avatar of Viking armour and begin your training with famous Vikings of Berk, Astrid and Hiccup. Learn faster along with seven other rookies in your class and save the day for Berk. Just make sure you don’t set ablaze your virtual world!!!

As per the government regulations, it is now mandatory for all the fans who visit Dreamscape immersive arenas to wear a mask and all employees need to wear the safety gear of face masks and hand gloves. The complete arena is thoroughly cleaned and all equipment and gears sanitized well to ensure the safety of all guests who visit.

The experience at Dreamscape immersive is undoubtedly going to be a memorable one for you because of these three reasons. First is the storylines, Second is the technology & the third is founders. The founders of this splendid VR world Walter Parkes, the producer of “Men In Black” & Bruce Vaughn, previously managed the Walt Disney Imagineering division, which designs & builds Disney’s theme parks. Visiting NorthPark Center in Dallas is undoubtedly going to take its place in your bucket list soon.

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