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Every team has a Tech wizard, well we have one too!!! Harsh Srivastava is a young lad who loves doing multiple things. While he is pursuing his Btech in Computer Science, he is also devoted to Robust Story's mission of sharing Daily potion of Inspiration with the world. His love for writing began as an academic writer for underprivileged school kids, which was followed by technical writing. Though Technology is what he understands well, his interest lies in daily news & Motivational stories. Check out his articles, they're really interesting!!!
AI Drone

AI Based Drones 2021- Good or Harmful

Drones firstly being controlled by humans for Military purposes. There were many issues regarding it. A couple of years ago Artificial Intelligence technology came...
Yahoo - Jerry and David

Yahoo (1994) – Jerry And David: Your Old Best School Friend

The name Yahoo brings a feeling of nostalgia because it is probably one of the oldest mailing messengers. Jerry and David Filo founded the...
Virtual Reality Trends

Machine Intelligence: Authentic Tool For Enhancing Human Intelligence 2021

With the advancement of technology now machines  can really function as humans, which is both, exciting and dangerous for umpteen reasons. Nevertheless it has...
Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports (Since 1997): Never Miss Any Amazing Updates On Your Favorite Game!

What Is Yahoo Sports? Since 1997 Yahoo has built trust and become popular among its users. People all over the world use its mail assistant...
China Resisting COVID-19

China Resisting COVID-19: Effective Technological Masterstroke

China resisting COVID-19 to a large degree and surveilled people at risk by mobilizing resources and implementing cutting-edge technologies. The striking similarities between reality...