The art of tattooing is no longer just for revolutionaries; its demand is increasing rapidly among people from all generations, primarily after getting inspired by a particular celebrity. That is solely the reason behind the exponential increase in the tattooing businesses in the 21st century.

According to a market research report conducted in 2018, the worldwide tattoo industry is expected to generate $3 billion in revenue per year. That implies that any tattoo artist has a huge opportunity to expand and expand the industry.

Nothing in this world is permanent; that’s why we, as humans, attempt to be content with our fleeting joys.
Tattooing is one of these pleasures. But, as observed, people literally want to take their tattoo with them to their grave.

Tattooing as a form of entertainment has existed since dawn of time, but it has only been a big business since the 1990s.
The Indian tattooing businesses remains robust and flourishing, with everything from seaside shops in Goa to professional studios in malls. It is expected to bring in a revenue of 20,000 crores per year.

In this article, we would be discussing three Indian tattooing businesses that have skyrocketed over the years.
Furthermore, we would discuss the top four learnings from these businesses to help the upcoming tattooing businesses.

Also, if you are interested in travelling down the historical lane to trace down the roots of tattoos, check our article on the same.

Impact of COVID-19 on Tattooing businesses

During the country’s Covid-19 crisis, the industries have begun to return to normal, and the tattoo sector has jumped on its bandwagon. However, because of the consequence of the lockdown and pandemic nature, tattoo artists and studios are still fighting to make a living.

As having a tattoo cannot be a contact-free practice, many customers are hesitant to get tattooed.
Several artists and tattoo parlours have depleted their funds as a result of the downturn in business.

Although the unlocking process and vaccination drive is in its full swing, the fear of hesitancy from getting inked and the third wave continues to haunt the tattooing businesses across the globe.

Kamaldeep Singh Sethi’s KDz Tattoos

KDz Tattoos started its operations in India and is already stirring things up in the international tattoo community.
KDz Tattoos is one of India’s major tattoo studios that has been in business for a long time and is continuously developing and experimenting.

tattooing business
KDZ tattoos(Photo Courtesy:

KDz Tattoos, founded in 2003 by Kamaldeep Singh Sethi, is widely considered one of the top tattoo shops in Delhi NCR. The tattooing business offers a plethora of stunning tattoo designs in addition to customized designs. 

One of the things that sets KDz Tattooing business apart from the rest competition is their attention to detail and their safety and sanitary regulations.

The safety and sanitary regulations, though they were looked upon by several tattooing businesses in the pre-pandemic era, the demand for the same has exponentially risen during 2020-21. 

Therefore while creating a tattoo, the KDz tattooing business pays close attention to sanitation.
Hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance to KDz Tattoos. They employ an autoclave to sanitize all of their equipment regularly, that is an equipment used by hospitals, doctors, and dentists to assure bacterium, germ, and disease-free instruments.

Given their unwavering support to Ripley Guinness Rishi for tattooing most flags on his body, KDz Tattoos were also included in the Guinness Book of World Records and the India Book of Records.

Apart from being one of the most well-known tattoo artists, Kamaldeep Singh Sethi also has taught over 100 pupils from all across the country and overseas the fundamentals of tattooing, business fundamentals and piercing. 

These students are now self-sufficient and have launched their tattooing businesses. Furthermore, students from rural areas who previously worked for minimum wages have suddenly become their bosses.
As of 2021, KDz tattooing business serves clients from all around India and aims to expand its tattooing business to Canada by the end year 2022. 


Vikas Malani’s Body Canvas, a tattoo parlour that first debuted in Mumbai’s Andheri neighbourhood in 2003, now has locations in Delhi and London. 

tattooing business
Vikas Malani(Photo Courtesy: peaklife,in)

Vikas Malani’s tattooing career began in 1998 when he was discovered by an AIDS charity organization while attending a college fest. He had no idea what tattooing was at the moment, but he chose to join them nonetheless.
Since he was a young boy, Malani has been an artist, drawing, sketching, and competing in face and body painting competitions.
He tried tattooing briefly in college but could not continue the art form properly, so he opted to study economics as an undergraduate.

Vikas specializes in cosmetic and realistic tattoos and facial piercings, and over 18 years, he has produced hundreds of tattoos.  

Body Canvas offers training to prospective artists; the courses span from essential to expert levels. The goal is to educate students on various topics, including everything from operating a tattoo shop to designing them.

According to Vikas, many tattoo artists do not follow any laws, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Therefore, he feels that a regulating organization that can set down a list of ethical norms for the tattoo business is needed.
Body Canvas’ training program gets provided at a 50% discount for women to encourage them to participate in this art form. For acid-attack victims, these sessions are free. 

Vikas works with the Chhanv Foundation to offer seminars for survivors to encourage them to pursue tattooing as a career. The survivors can also practice tattooing at the Body Canvas studios if they desire.

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Photo Courtesy :

Piyush Gupta’s Aliens Tattoo

When children are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they are more likely to acquire a laid-back attitude and take advantage of their wealth and privilege. They believe that if all are readily available, why should anyone put in additional time and energy?

Piyush’s parents are both well-known physicians. His family has never been concerned about money. Piyush was fortunate in that as he was permitted to craft his unique tale and construct his path.

Piyush had been bitten by the tattoo bug since he was 15 years old. There was no turning back after that. On his body, he currently has almost 20 tattoos! Piyush’s interest in painting truly began to blossom ever since he first got inked. He recognized that art was more than just a series of sketches and illustrations on a canvas. It might also be expressed with ink!

Piyush started freelancing and practised doing actual tattoos on actual people in addition to getting a new tattoo machine. He was well aware, however, that the universe of tattoos was expansive. Moreover, sophisticated techniques demand an excellent level of talent, which he couldn’t possibly learn independently.

This was when Piyush began his hunt for a venue to satisfy his need for information about the tattooing industry.

Piyush, who was 18 years old, packed his belongings and moved to a different place after finishing his 12th board exams. He just had one goal in mind: to return home as a professional tattoo artist, but this was not the case. 

He completed a three-month course at Aliens Tattoo Art School in Mumbai, where he learnt diverse skills related to the tattooing business. 

He wanted to study all he could think about business from someone who had already done it. Sunny Bhanushali is someone Piyush admires because of the manner he is establishing his own tattoo business.

Piyush aspired to be like him, and he realized that if he could do half of what Mr Sunny does, he could operate his own company, live under his principles, and make a lot of money.

He has set his sights on conquering Chandigarh after the success of his Delhi studio, Aliens Tattoo Delhi. Also, he has obtained the franchising rights and is excited to provide high-quality tattoos to the folks of Punjab. 

Getting out from under the shadow of wealthy parents and starting your independent company is no small task. Nevertheless, he decided to overcome obstacles for his interest and to make them his own.

Strategies to upscale tattooing businesses

Never underestimate the importance of branding iron marketing; it attracts and engages the clients you want to serve. A simple logo with roses and decorative birds, for example, is a free pass for all of the Instagram aware audiences with their infinite signs and flowery tattoos. Your likely tough-biker crowd, on the other hand, might look somewhere else for their fiery red Metallica and skull tattoos.

Website Portfolio

It makes no difference how good your tattoos are if no one sees them. However, organizing a Facebook business page or a social media handle will go a long way.

But no matter how much you adjust those sites, your page will always look the same as everyone else’s. A business website is an opportunity to showcase your aesthetic, and because you write a lot of it, it also allows you to showcase your personality. 

Clients will almost always choose the artist they feel most comfortable with, even though it costs a few times more if two painters operating at around the same level are available. Plus, a website allows you an endless amount of area to display your portfolio, shop photos, and work galleries, making your visitors feel welcome even before they walk through the door.

Practice makes it perfect.

No scale can accurately describe art or an artist’s abilities. To be a tattooist or run a tattooing business, you don’t have to be as talented as Scott Campbell.

Before customers walk into a tattoo parlour, the customer usually has a picture in mind or has done some research. As a result, the artists only need a basic grasp of tattooing. In addition, there are numerous courses available for mastering the fundamentals of tattoos.

All that counts would be that the finished piece of art gets appropriately applied to the customer’s body because it cannot be removed once used.


After you’ve finished the hard work and maintained your portfolio, the subsequent step is establishing your web presence. 

An e-portfolio is a must-have, and usually, many of the tattooing businesses already have one. So putting your designs on your website and sharing them on social networking sites like popular social networking sites becomes a necessary task.
You are taking control of your tattooing business whenever you upload to your online profiles. You can start by sharing intriguing and engaging information on your social media pages.

No compromise on tools

When it comes to growing a professional tattoo shop, there are many places where you can save money, but your instruments shouldn’t be one of them.

Indeed, the artist isn’t created by his or her equipment. On the other hand, State-of-the-art tools enable you to keep current with new techniques and deliver the most excellent possible service to your consumers. In addition, high-quality instruments are the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way to invest in your company.

Therefore, in a tattooing business, people should never compromise on purchasing the necessary tools to upscale their business. On the other hand, one should also not become a spendthrift and purchase obsolete tools.

We at the Robust Story hope that our readers must have learnt something about the tattooing business and key factors that affect it.
Don’t forget to express your views regarding the same in the comment section below!


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