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Tata Motors: 10 Interesting Truths till 2020



Tata Motors

Welcome everyone we are taking a look at the unlikely success and rise to prominence of Tata Motors and the lessons we can learn from them. If you are new here, Welcome! We post articles daily. Don’t forget to like us on our Social Media Handles.

Tata Motors, once a fledgling elusive car maker in India is now quickly rising to compete within the ranks of the world’s top automobile manufacturers. Once India was struggling to produce its own vehicles domestically. A few automakers with Hindustan Motors leading the way became established and helping to turn the industry around. In the mid 1950s Tata Motors created their first commercial vehicle and they have steadily grown and expanded to become a major contributor in the Indian automobile market.

Today We are Learning some Interesting Truths about Tata motors lets get started

#1 Tata Motors began as a locomotive company.

Tata Motors - (Source- The Tata Group)

Tata Motors – (Source – The Tata Group)

Before moving into commercial vehicles Tata Motors manufactured trains under the name of Tata engineering and locomotive company. This venture established the company’s engineering expertise offering them a unique advantage with the looming dawn of commercial automobiles. This part of the company was founded in 1945 and locomotives were the focus of Tata until 1954 when they entered into a collaboration with daimler-benz AG to build their first commercial vehicle.

Did you know?

Tata Motors - (Source - Ahmedabad Mirror)

Tata Motors – (Source – Ahmedabad Mirror)

Tata engineering and locomotive company still exists and builds cars despite the more recent history of Tata Motors the original locomotive company still remains as a subsidiary its original factory built in 1945 is also still in use. Although, it was originally used to build steam trains it eventually began producing diesel engines as well.

However, both the company and the planned ceased manufacturing locomotives in 1974. Now both factories exclusively focus on motor vehicles in fact Tatas first passenger vehicle that Tata Mobile has previously mentioned was actually built by the Tata Engineering and locomotive company which now is branded as Telco

#2 They have a three month timeline for turning ideas into reality

Traditionally corporations of all sizes have allocated a full gear for ideation from the time a new idea is proposed to the time it becomes a reality. Tata Motors followed this convention in the past much to its detriment. as many businesses have learned through painful experience, the one-year time frame is no longer realistic in the innovation driven age of exponential organisations. now under the direction of Guntur boon check Tata Motors has reduced its turnaround period for new ideas to just three months. Although, the new time frame has certainly presented its own challenges it has proven rewarding for Tata Motors which is now expanding globally in its infancy of global expansion Tata Motors has also discovered the challenge of marketing in the midst of different cultures.

#3 It took Tata Motors nearly four decades to begin producing passenger vehicles.

Back in the 1950s Tata Motors decided to expand its market which eventually led to a complete shift in its business. a close business deal with the German automaker Daimler Benz in 1952 provided Tata Motors with resources that were unavailable to most of its competitors as such they were able to quickly become the top manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India for decades to come.

However, it wasn’t until 1988 that Tata Motors introduced the Tata mobile which was the company’s first passenger vehicle the pickup truck remains in production to this day.

#4 Tata Motors sells its vehicles in 175 countries.

The name that remains largely ignored in the discussions of major global car brands actually has its vehicles driving around the street of 175 countries on nearly all continents. so why the low name recognition? Tata Motors has acquired several subsidiaries some with far better brand recognition than their parent company. We will get into that a bit later but often people are driving a Tata car without even realizing it.

#5 they created a three million-dollar gold version of the world’s cheapest car

In 2008 Tata came out with the Nano which quickly established itself as the world’s cheapest car at send $3,000 brand-new. one reason the car can be sold so cheaply is it comes without air conditioning power brakes or even a stereo. In 2011 tata collaborated with titan industries to celebrate the 5000 year history of jewellery making in India by creating a gold version of their cheapest automobile tata invited their fans to vote on a design for the car and the final version featured 80 kilograms of 22 karat gold along with 15 kilograms of silver and precious stones. 30 people worked on creating the one-of-a-kind Nano and it was valued at around 3 million dollars.

#6 Tata motors is India’s top defence contractor.

Tata Motors - (Source - Indian Defense News)

Tata Motors – (Source – Indian Defense News)

As any successful entrepreneur can attest one of the most effective approaches to a successful business is diversification. Well, Tata Motors had already solidified its hold on the passenger and commercial vehicle sectors there was one left to tackle, the military as such Tata Motors has recently expanded its product line to not only include vehicles for the mass transit and industrial applications but also national defence. they’ve become India’s top defence contractor for vehicles a nice addition to its already realized success with consumer and commercial customers.

#7 Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover for 2.3 billion dollars

oh ! you might be wondering about the quality of tata motor vehicles after all India’s economy still struggles in many ways so, could their vehicles really offer top quality? well !perhaps this will help build some confidence one of Tatas subsidiaries purchased Jaguar Land Rover back in 2008 for 2.3 billion dollars. THAT’S RIGHT it’s been ten years since Ford Motor Company owned one of the world’s top manufacturers of premium sports cars and SUVs even better for Tata Motors the deal was finalized. When the US automotive industry was struggling to remain afloat hence their rapid growth in Tatas share price since the economy rebounded.

#8 Tata Motors is preparing to claim 50% of the Indian passenger vehicle market.

Tata’s end goal for its new portfolio is to dominate a whopping 50% of the total passenger vehicle market. In India it’s an ambitious goal considering no single company holds such a massive share also, the top share currently belongs to foreign automakers. However, it wouldn’t be the first time the automaker has surprised us and considering the fact that Tata Motors recently overtook Honda in India’s car market the ambitious goal may not be so far-fetched.

#9 Net Worth

Ratan Tata has a net worth of 1 billion dollars. Ratan Tata is the former chairman of Tata Motors and he’s responsible for much of their recent success. During his term as chairman he increased the profits of Tata more than 50 times and he also personally came up with the idea of the popular Nano. He led
the company for more than 20 years until 2016. And he’s still the head of Tata group’s Charitable Trusts he currently has a net worth of 1 billion dollars.

#10 Tata created the first indigenous India car

Tata Motors - (Source - Gomechanic)

Tata Motors – (Source – Gomechanic)

The tata indica was a notable car mainly because it was the first car to be created completely in India with all Indian parts and it was the first modern car ever designed by an Indian company the indica was introduced in 1988 and over 1.2 million of these vehicles were produced over the next 10 years. However, even though the indica was a historic vehicle for the country of India it was discontinued in April 2008. Well, we will bring that article to you also.

Tata Motors are the only Indian manufacturer to completely build cars domestically. While
there are a Numbers of automobile manufacturers in India Tata Motors is the only company to completely source refine and manufacture their entire operation in India. No imported materials are used and no operations are outsourced everything is done in India.This helps Tata to stand out from its competitors. This could help cement the company’s success as it moves into the future. whenever faced with a challenge Tata Motors has always used ideation and innovation to pull ahead of its competitors to be more successful than ever.

So our question for you today is do you think Tata will ever be respected as much as the top names in the automotive market? let us know what you think in the comments or you can email us. Thank you so much for reading until the end of course.

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