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Strategic Networking for Career Success in 2021



Strategic Networking

I know Strategic Networking can be intimidating, but according to US economic trends, networking is vital in finding meaningful careers. Almost 80% of jobs today are found through people you know. From that 80%, 60% of those positions are internal promotions, and 40% of those positions are found via reference. Therefore, only 20% of jobs are found by just applying online and hoping for a response. That is not to say it is impossible, but this tactic will require an immense amount of applications to generate sufficient interviews to yield job offers. Nonetheless, networking does not have to be intimidating.

Take a look Strategic Networking

At your industry and identify a few potential contacts. It could be in prospective organizations, academic institutions, professional associations, or even on social media. Then, look for opportunities to connect with those stakeholders. It can be in a variety of ways, such as:

Networking events, informational interviews, talks and seminars, or even at conferences. Try to bring Strategic Networking to your comfort zone. As an example, I thrive in one-on-one meetings. So when I attend networking events, I just look to get business cards. so I can follow up later to get them in my comfort zone. You’d be surprised

How easy it is to get people to meet with you for coffee or lunch. If you feel more comfortable, Skype, email, and texts are also easy ways to connect with people. Just find a medium for outreach, create an opportunity for a conversation, and then follow-up. Ultimately, Strategic Networking is merely about relationship building. A successful networker is someone that is good at building relationships.

Be prepared and do your research on potential network contacts. Know your audience and the venue of the engagement opportunity. Prepare meaningful questions that will engage your contacts, elicit meaningful information about their career path, build confidence and trust, and establish further network connections.

Strategic Networking

Strategic Networking

Recognize the right moment to articulate your value and follow-up. Be strategic and focus on building meaningful relationships with industry leaders. It is important to prepare and understand your value statement. This will help you engage with professionals in your industry, as well as, aligned with other professionals and the mission statements of potential organizations. Think about who you are, professionally. What do you do that has market value? How do you do what you do? And why? Why are you important, and why are the things you do important? Why do you do the things you do? the “why” is the most important piece as it will allow you to align with both professionals and organizations. Remember, Strategic Networking is merely strategic relationship building. It is something you should participate in regularly.

Bring the Strategic Networking opportunities to your comfort zone. If you can create 10 meaningful, professional relationships that can potentially lead to an opportunity, no organization will ever be able to hold leverage over your career.

Strategic Networking

Strategic Networking

Giving you, some Quick Tips to enhance your Strategic Networking Skills:

Show up!

Show up at different kinds of networking events and give them your full attention, A lot of
People get carried away at such events. Firstly they miss out on such events. And if they show up they don’t focus on networking. They seems to be distracted for some reasons. Its highly important when you talk to people finish your sentence. and then start the Next conversation.

Listen Up!

We fail to listen. They say you often hear to reply, not to understand and then reply. You have to listen the whole story before you start speaking… That how you build strong network where you know about people and they know about you.

Network Up!

Use social media, your contacts to actually meet people. Be true with your reason why and when you want to meet them. Be prepared for the counter question and answers. Be available for people at their timings also.

Speak Up!

Speak up! When you are there Infront of the person! TALK… reflect your confidence in what you saying. Being Confident is the key to build strong network. Be fluent with your language. Take a lead, approach to people, If they seem interested in listening to you, leverage it. Don’t be shy or underconfident because chances are high they might not take you seriously. Also don’t overdo your talking about yourself they might lose an interest in you. Try FORD Principle to start conversation

Always ask these four aspects whenever you’re in a conversation, to start a conversation, to get it going. F is for Family, O is for Occupation, R is for Recreation and D is for Dreams. This are the great topics to talk to new person. so if you keep this principle in mind you’ll always get some sort of feedback in regards to conversation particularly with someone.

Well, Thank you very much for spending your time here at Robust Story.

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