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Sega Corporation – Founded in 1960



Sega Corporation

Complete overview of Sega Corporation from the beginning

Sega Corporation is a Japanese video game development company involved in the publishing of games too. Its headquarters are located in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Some of these video game developer company branches are located in California, London, and Irvine. Apart from developing video games, the company was involved in making video game consoles from 1983 to 2002.

The company is primarily involved in video game production, and a few of its games has even outsold the market leader Nintendo.

History and current market of Sega Corporation

Sega came into being in 1960 when Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart founded the company as Nihon Goraku Bussan. The company parent to this enterprise was called Service Games of Japan. The important milestones of this company are:

  1. The late 1960s: Sega developed a coin-operated game, Periscope.
  2. 1965: The company was renamed Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
  3. 1969: Gulf and Western Industries acquired it
  4. The early 1980s: Sega started manufacturing video game consoles
  5. 1988: The company rolled out its next-gen console Sega Genesis
  6. 1991: Sega Corporation released Sonic the Hedgehog
  7. 2004: The company was taken over by Sammy Corporation due to its struggle to stay functional after flop games and renamed Sega Corporation
  8. 2015: Sega Corporation was renamed Sega Games, and its toys division was separated as Sega Interactive
  9. 2020: Both divisions remerged, and the company restored its name Sega Corporation.

The company has gone through restructuring at various points in time. It is taking lots of strategic decisions to keep with changing times. For example, in 2016, the company acquired Technosoft’s games’ intellectual property rights, which has helped it stay in business with better quality games.


List and intro about their devices and games

Sega is a prolific producer of a wide variety of games and devices. It has rolled out about 500 Sega video games, 20 arcade system boards, and 70 franchises since 1981. Some of the noteworthy devices and games produced by Sega Corporation are:

  1. Periscope, 1968: It was an arcade-type game of electro-mechanical nature and was a big success in its time. The game allowed a single-player setting, and gameplay also involved a single round.

    Periscope - Sega Corporation

    Periscope – Sega Corporation

  2. Heavyweight Champ, 1975: In the series of video games, it was one of the trendy ones among Sega games. It is a boxing video game, and critics have found it the first game to display hand-to-hand fighting.
  3. Monaco, GP: This game was released in 1979. It used TTL chips instead of a CPU. The challenge is to complete the race by competing against time while moving through five areas and staying clear from the fellow racers.

    Monaco GP - Sega Corporation

    Monaco GP – Sega Corporation

  4. Borderline, 1981: It is a multi-stage game, each having different gameplay. The player controls a jeep and has to destroy the opponent’s refineries to score points.
  5. Star Trek: Sega produced this arcade game and named it after the global blockbuster that went by the same name. It is a spaceship combat game. The arcade game was developed in two styles – upright standup and sit-down/semi-enclosed deluxe cabinet.
  6. Jurassic Park, 1993: It was another arcade game based on the movie Jurassic Park. The game involved gun shooting as part of the gameplay. It included both 2-D sprites and 3-D polygons to create a mobile feeling.
  7. OutRun: It is an arcade video game released by Sega in September 1986. Hiroshi Kawaguchi composed its background music. The game has exceptional graphics and hardware support. Its non-linear gameplay is another specialty. It was one of the most successful games that were later spawned into various versions.
  8. Space Channel 5: This game belongs to the music video game genre. The game targeted female audiences. In other advancements, the PS2 version was developed. Recently, in Feb 2020, the VR version of this game was rolled out.

Apart from Games, Sega is known for developing gaming consoles too. Some of the ground-breaking devices from this company are:

  1. SG-1000: It was the first device introduced by Sega. With this device, it penetrated the home consoles or gaming devices’ market. The introduction of this console marked the diversification of the company from arcade gaming solutions to home consoles.
  2. Sega Pico and Advanced Pico Beena: These Sega consoles were rolled out in Western markets in 1994. Its cartridges looked like small books and gave a breakthrough in the edutainment tools market. Its advanced version is named Advanced Pico Beena that was produced in 2005. It is the last console launched by Sega.
  3. Sega CD and 3DX: On the lines of Nintendo’s products, Sega launched Sega CD and then 3DX. These peripherals were powerful as full-blown consoles and provided fantastic play support for certain games that needed these devices’ robustness.
  4. Game Gear: Sega Game Gear marked the prevalence of handheld gaming power. This console ruled the market in the nineties. Despite the popularity gained, the device needed improvement in battery capacity. The battery drained more quickly and made leeway for the introduction of Game Boy, a console with better battery performance.
  5. Master System: Master System hit the shelves in 1985. Two years after the launch, the device was introduced in North American and European markets. This system worked as a prototype for the most talked-about console Sega Genesis. However, as compared to Nintendo’ NES, it struggled to gain a better foothold.
  6. Sega Saturn: This console is an alternative to other market leaders like Sony and Nintendo and had compactness and ease of play to offer to its users.
  7. DreamCast: This device came with a Visual Memory Unit. Its neat controller found a fanbase among avid gamers. It was the last big home console produced by Sega Corporation.
  8. Sega Genesis: This console is the signature offering of Sega Corporation. It was introduced in the US in 1989. The console provided a complete list of classics to enjoy Sega Genesis games lovers, such as Comix Zone, Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, and several other popular ones.

Sega Corporation is a finer video game and devices specialist. Its current market comprises gaming titles made compatible with all devices and handheld consoles. Find the nearest Sega Corporation Store and get your gaming collection updated with some of the most engaging titles developed by the company.

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