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Interesting Facts about Royal Challengers Bangalore & Why RCB Fans Love RCB unconditionally
Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) is the most entertaining team in the Indian Premier League.

RCB is the franchise that plays the boldest, intense and entertaining Cricket. The franchise and its players have numerous records marked under their name.

However, RCB is still struggling to lift their first-ever IPL title but finished as runners up thrice. In IPL 2020, the franchise performed impressively and qualified for the playoffs. This year is also a good beginning for the team and has won played all two matches in IPL 2021.

Why RCB Fans Love RCB unconditionally

Royal Challengers Bangalore has the most loyal fan base all over India, especially in Bangalore and Karnataka. The franchise has 19.1 million followers that are the fourth-highest followed IPL team after CSK and MI. Even though the franchise underperforms, nevertheless RCB fans admire the way the franchise plays.

RCB fans are as loyal and as vocal for the support even though fans and franchise get trolled fiercely on social media every year.

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Every Year in IPL, RCB fans have faith that the team will bounce back stronger and harder.
Royal Challengers Bangalore named their huge and loyal fan base as ‘Bold Army’. RCB Fans are over-enthusiastic and obsessed with the franchise that is not explainable in words though.
According to a Royal Challengers Bangalore fan; RCB fans have an emotional connection with the team, regardless of winning or losing they support RCB.

Year by year the fan following of Royal Challengers Bangalore is only increasing. One of the main factors of RCB’s huge and loyal fan following is individual player performances. Every viewer enjoys the match when the world’s two most destructive batsman ‘Virat Kohli’ and AB De Villiers play.

Most of the RCB fans are die-hard fans of Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers, the golden duo is the backbone of the franchise. The Indian skipper Virat Kohli is the most followed person in India, so it is also a factor that RCB is followed all over in India. Royal Challengers Bangalore and its Bold Army are blessed to have these two living legends.

Virat Kohli - RCB
Virat Kohli – RCB

Top 5 Things only RCB fans can understand

1. The final match of IPL 2016 is still painful to RCB fans. The Challengers lost their first-ever IPL trophy to Sunrisers Hyderabad for only 7 runs.
2. Their favorite batsmen are AB De Villiers and Virat Kohli.
3. People will tease them, troll them but they still gonna support and defend RCB.
4. They hardly support CSK. They always troll CSK and the franchise fans.
5. They know the real meaning of patience and hope, never lose hope. As they every year hope that this year the IPL trophy is their But then same next year again. They are RCB fans forever.

Facts about the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise

The most popular IPL franchise RCB has achieved several milestones in the history of the tournament.

Here are some interesting facts,

1. The RCB franchise has scored the highest team total 263/5 in IPL 2013 against Pure Warriors India. In this match, Gayle smashed the fastest century with 175 runs in 66 balls that is the highest individual score also till now.

2. The team also has the record of the lowest team total 49 in IPL history. KKR stumped the red army at 49 runs all out in IPL 2017.

3. The Challengers have the record of hitting the most number of centuries(14).

4. The Red army tops the charts of highest sixes with 1197 sixes till the 13th season of IPL.

5. RCB also holds the record of most 200+ team total. The partnership record of 200+ for a team is also held by RCB.

6. RCB skipper Virat Kohli has set an individual massive run record of 973 runs in a single season. He also holds the most runs record for the franchise. He is the only captain to led the team to the highest losses.

7. Royal Challengers Bangalore pays the highest amount of 17 crores to Virat Kohli that is the highest pay till now.
Last but the least known fact is,

8. RCB is The first franchise to provide free Wi-Fi connection to all fans in their home ground M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore.

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RCB Fans
RCB Fans

Royal Challengers Bangalore are thrice runners up and 5 times qualified for playoffs in the past ten years. But The records of the team and individual records by players say why the franchise has the most loyal fans among all the franchises. No matter what are the results, RCB entertains and wins the hearts of viewers.

Every year RCB fans wait with the most popular slogan about the team, ESCN- Ee Sala Cup Name that means This time cup is ours.

Ending with a good tweet by one of RCB Fan: Win, Lose or Tie; RCBian Till I Die. The craze of Royal Challengers Bangalore is next level.

BCCI Announced Resumption of IPL 2021 in UAE!

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