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Delonte West – The Boundless & Heartening tale of NBA Star in 2021



Delonte West

Here is the uplifting story of Delonte West who has gone from hitting game-winning bang to a homeless man living a rough life on the streets. You might wonder reading this that life is all about winning the inner struggles and that time does not favour anyone. This is an electrifying tale of a former American basketball player who played in the NBA (National Basketball Association) and turned homeless.

Just think!

How a man with all the resources, wealth, and status is now facing hardships and adversities? Why there is no one to pick him up when he is found bleeding on the streets and seeking help from others? The man “Delonte West” who was a shining star now has a lifelong struggle along with mental illness?

Who is Delonte West?

He was born in Washington, D.C. in 1983 who led a happy-poor life. At an early age, West already tried to take up his own life when he was depressed and dejected. During his various trips to the hospital concerning the suicide attempts, he finally found his faith and trust in God. This moment of his life was the very basis of his life or rather I should say the foundation and starting point of his respectable and honouring journey.

Basketball was always his refuge and security. Further, he was recruited by Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia after he gained various prestigious honours such as ‘Player of the Year’ in Roosevelt High School, in Maryland.

Throughout his decorated career in the sports field, Delonte West made the most money out of the significant role played by him in the Cleveland Team.

Controversies Revolving Delonte West:

West had already a reputation for causing chaos and trouble with his mouth but who knew that this personality of his would one day destroy him and his image!

In 2009, he was detained and arrested for the possession of three loaded guns including the Remington 870 shotgun. Moreover, he was driving furiously on a three-wheeled motorcycle. It is surprising to know that the reason behind his furious and erratic behaviour was referred to as his bipolar disorder for which he has been treated in 2008. So ultimately the new medication of this illness was cited as the main reason for his conduct. Not only this! The mockery did not end over here and Delonte became a butt of jokes or rather a bump of jokes.

Delonte West

Delonte West

Let us understand what made the NBA star Delonte West Turned Homeless!

There is no doubt in the fact that West was talented and entered himself in the NBA Draft where he eventually got selected by the Boston Celtics with the 24th overall pick up. But he was not able to show the people that this is not where he belongs.

Despite all the sufferings, the star tried to move on and overcome the past but the persistent and constant references regarding his failures dragged him down. The person who at some time was making $4-$5 million in a year could barely get a league minimum contract now. Time spares none! Isn’t it?

People so easily judge others just like what happened in West’s case. Delonte West was being judged based on his mental illness but they should understand that status has nothing to do with any form of immunity to the mental illness. Don’t you think so?

Rather it is surprising to know that people with high status are suffering more regardless of them having wealth and resources. In the instant scenario, West’s decline is just after his aforementioned arrest.

The Recent Update of West:

In recent years, he was spotted rambling and wandering around at night in the box in Houston and that too barefooted. A year later, he was spotted asking for money thereby standing on a median amid traffic. Although he was looking like a thin, bony, hollow-cheeked, and lean person but was smiling.

It sounds downhearted that a man who was a shining star is now wandering around at streets. The response to the viral video that showcased the condition of Delonte West was full of thick emotions and compassion.

People are worried about Delonte West’s mental health but West is not willing to commit himself to the medication and treatment. This is what Karim (psychiatrist) referred to as ‘No Man’s Land’. The fact that mental illness can certainly lead people into a state of homelessness and poverty cannot be denied.

Also, the state of homelessness is likely to cause trauma and while people are worried about West condition and praying for his well being, West himself could not have predicted that he would be so overburdened with the fact that these people only would laugh and make a mockery of him for the longest fight in his life.

The Motivational Potion for our Readers:

We must acknowledge the fact that struggle and progress go hand-in-hand. This storyline is purely an inspirational one. It teaches us that struggle, survival, losing, and winning hardly matters. What matters is how you uplift yourself in times of hardship and boundless situations. Also, the major lesson is that time favours none and is unbiased. Whether you are a star, a celebrity, or a normal person, time despite healing everyone teaches us a lesson to be worth remembering.

We hope that this heartening tale of a sports star Delonte West has motivated you and made you understand that life sometimes makes us witness the hardship where we are left with a few options for watchfulness or rather I should say for care, regardless of what one has with him/her.

Time has no bound and is boundless. Bad times always carry a lesson for everyone irrespective of what resources one might have.

Gurneet is a one of our interesting writers who cover biographies & motivational subjects. She is a learner at heart, while writing for Robust story; she continues pursuing BBA LLB Hons from a university in Dehradun. Her strength is being adaptive to the situation and function accordingly. Gurneet loves reading about the legal controversial stories and someday if you need help in legal matters, you know whom to connect 😀

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