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Integrated Shala Darpan – The Rajasthan Schooling System – Since 2015

Have you heard about the digital schooling system where it is convenient for the students, their families, friends, and relatives to get connected to the schooling system? Have you pondered upon the efficiency of the digital education system where there is e-governance? Here we are with another positive and optimistic initiative of the Rajasthan Government.

Initiation of Shala Darpan

Shala Darpan is an effective digital platform that is developed by the Rajasthan Council of the School Education System. Each piece of information relating to the schooling system and education is available on this digital database. The initiation of this platform is to address the administrative and academic requirements of different stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, and school management. Further, it is a monitoring system to develop a transformational education system.

The efficiency of Digital Database:

In this digital schooling system of Rajasthan, information related to education and activities of the school are well updated that facilitates exposure to the real affairs of students in the school. From attendance to the participation level, everything is updated on this database that gives parents a clear picture of their ward’s activities.

A Single Umbrella:

Bringing under an umbrella, the country’s largest education system or rather largest residential schooling system was an efficient initiative by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) that enabled automation of school activities. Shala Darpan is an e-governance portal of management and school automation.

Funding of Shala Darpan:

Although there is no specific allocation for the budget for this purpose but the funds required for this digital portal,i.e., Shala Darpan is met by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS).

Shala Darpan Services:

Well, if we talk about the services of the said portal, it is mainly concerned with the school automation and management system. However, to get a clear picture, let us assume a situation where both parents are job class and are not able to look after your child, his or her education, and activities. What if Shala Darpan provides you with a complete database concerning your child’s conduct in the school? What if you are updated with every activity your child performs and participates in?

It must be clear that Shala Darpan is a pragmatic initiative by the government where there is end-to-end e-governance in the school system and its management. One can have full awareness and knowledge about the school and its activities.

Shala Darpan Portals:

After knowing about this initiative, you must be wondering that how the information is conveyed about Rajasthan Schooling System, Right?

4 portals provide complete particulars, details, and information about the aforementioned system, i.e. Rajasthan Schooling System which are-
1. Gyan Sankalp Portal
2. Samagra Siksha Portal
3. Shala Samvad
4. Private School Portals

Further, these are the portal that provides information about the schooling system but for the convenience of the user and to facilitate the user to better access the official website, the portal has classified the information into various windows.

The primary users of the said portal are the citizens and the students of the State of Rajasthan. Also, the staff relating to the educational work in the concerned state is covered within the ambit of primary users.

Shala Darpan
Shala Darpan

Windows of Portal:

1. Citizen Window – it includes information about students and staff reports. Also, it facilitates real-time updates thus making it more authentic and genuine.
2. Staff Window- the name itself suggests that it includes all the information relating to the staff or employees of the education board of Rajasthan.
3. Staff Selection- it is mainly concerned with the recruitment and selection process of the people who want to be a member of the education board or want to pursue their career in the related system.
4. Rajiv Gandhi Carrier Guidance Portal- this window is most important as it provides information regarding the exploration of exams, colleges, scholarships, careers, vocational courses, and so on.


Well, this digital portal is not limited to providing information and exposure to the education system of schools of Rajasthan. This portal is advantageous for the users as well as for the government where users can obtain real-time data to undergo internships. So, all the information regarding internship opportunities for candidates and training programs for the teachers is updated at this portal on regular basis. Due to this portal, the government gets suitable interns through internships which is quite useful for designing and making educational policies.

We hope that this helped in providing an insight into the digital system of Shala Darpan which was designed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). It is a vast real-time system of information through which communication about students, staff, and schools has become much more convenient. The students in the upcoming time would demand suitable learning support and this is a great step in this direction.

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Written by Gurneet Kaur


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