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Swiping right for Sean Rad – Inspiring story of how he created Tinder



Sean Rad - Entrepreneur

The world of online dating has seen many websites and mobile apps come and make some noise but there are only few which people can easily recall or consider generic to the category. One such is Tinder when you think of Mobile dating apps. Isn’t it?

At the age of 30, Sean Rad co-founded the mobile dating app in 2012 called “Tinder”. Tinder came out as one of the most interesting apps and gained extreme popularity soon after the launch. Swiping right if you like the person and swiping left if you don’t became the new trend amongst Millennials across the world.

For the ones who don’t know what tinder is?



Tinder is a location-based dating app. Users can create their profile on the tinder platform. They can upload their picture and write a small captive bio about themselves. As per your location, tinder allows you to see profiles of various people pf the opposite gender. If you like their profile you can swipe right or left to pass. It’s a match! Meaning the other person also has swiped right for you, then it enables you to exchange messages. It is simple and easy-going app that connects you with eligible singles around your location. Hence Tinder is one of the most successful dating apps.

Tinder is the brainchild of Sean Rad who along with his 5 colleagues spent days and night developing it. Let me take you through Sean rad’s journey who achieved such huge success at a noticeably young age and was recognized as an influential entrepreneur under 30.

How did Sean Rad launch Tinder?

Use your time wisely… yes we can say that, read you would know how?

Quick fact about the popular CEOs worldwide is that they are determined or dedicated to their work from the very beginning. But this wasn’t the case with Sean Rad. He never presented any interest neither in the tech field nor in entrepreneurship, but he had always been involved in solving problems and was fascinated in providing solutions.

Hurling back to 2012, nobody could even foresee that Tinder would become such a sensation across the nation and world over, as it was just another dating app!

An Iranian born American Jewish Sean Rad worked at Hatch labs. He always preferred working at Hatch Labs over his own start-up creation. While working for Hatch Labs, Sean Rad had two ideas to develop i.e. Cardify and Tinder, but somehow discussing with the team, he ended up dropping the idea of tinder and started working for Cardify. After a couple of months, they submitted the Cardify app to the App Store. Submitting the app they had to wait for the approval. The estimated time to clear the approval was 90 days hence Sean Rad decided to use the time to build another app “Tinder” that later on was named “Matchbox”.

Sean Rad With Justin Mateen

Sean Rad With Justin Mateen

Sean had invited his university friend Justin Mateen to develop Tinder. Justin readily agreed to join the team and also took the responsibility for marketing. Justin and Sean attended USC together and since then they worked with each other on and off. As soon as they started working on Tinder, they knew something; they had developed the perfect recipe! As the app was based on the concept “hot or not” it was an attractive idea that turned out to receive $ 50,000 investment. This boosted the confidence in their thought and creation hence they polished it more and brought out a few changes turning “Matchbox” into Tinder.

They started understanding that the market would be suitable to launch Tinder. They guessed the app would gain popularity among the students as it allows them to connect to the person they like but hesitate to talk and guess what? They were Right. Promoting Tinder on the school campus, colleges in LA, etc was the best way to reach out to their initial Audience. Tinder became an instant HIT! It grew faster than they could foresee. They clocked 20,000 users in just one month. It was released in December 2012 and by the end of January they had 50,000 users. Phenomenal isn’t it?

So, what do you think? What is the million dollar idea behind Sean Rad creation?

Sean Rad At Frobes

Sean Rad At Frobes (Source – Frobes)

As I said it was just another dating app that Sean rad & Justin brainstormed to develop but they paid extra attention to make it simple & comfortable for the users. Hence, we can decode from his achievement is that it doesn’t matter what you do! What really matters is how you do.

Sean Rad’s idea of helping people to get a date and understanding the process by removing the social barrier wasn’t new, but it was ground-breaking. There were no dating apps formed explicitly for smartphones with such a simple and easy-going user interface. Sean rad and team proved that sometimes you don’t need to invent anything advanced, you just need to improve the existing feature to build it extraordinary as they did with the “Swipe” Gesture.

Tinder today

Tinder currently has 57 million users around the world and 5.7 million premium users who pay to use Tinder’s premium feature. 20 million users and more caught a match since the day it was launched. Tinder is approximated to be worth $10 billion. Yes, It is the most successful dating app competing for other apps like “Bumble” and “happen”.

Sean Rad’s background

Oh! Don’t be shocked to know that Sean rad is another successful entrepreneur who dropped out the business school. At the age of 19 when other teenagers were partying, Sean Rad chose to start his first company Orgoo in 2005. Later he also started Adly, in 2006. He also worked as an entertainment manager during high school. He shares that he “Loves working on weekends” during his interview.

Well, Sean Rad is additionally a legendary known for speaking his mind without a filter. Hence he makes a piece of controversial news quite often. Once he quoted “We believe in democracy. If society simply needs to “HOOK UP”, WHO am I to STAND and Judge?” – Sean Rad. It does make sense for people in some countries while others might take it as an offense.

We can’t deny the fact that everything he does and his approach towards his passion is truly incredible and inspires the youth. During Tinder’s existence, its creator Sean Rad stepped down from the position of CEO two times due to controversial issues with his co-founders. Though, he never stops working.

Sean Rad At Rise

Sean Rad At Rise (Source – Legend)

Sean Rad took it as the most important lesson, learning two life-changing things. First being at the top means seeking the right questions and getting the right people together who each are flawed in their ways. Second, always remember why you are doing this.

Quiet Inspiring, isn’t it? Do pour in your thoughts and let’s build conversations!!!

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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