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Sandeep Maheshwari (28th September 1980) : A success story of a middle-class guy and his Lady-luck



Sandeep Maheshwari

Often a phrase comes into our life that we lack vision, feel lost, and everything seems blurry ahead, and then, we want someone to hold our hand and take us from dark to light. And, when we talk about these gloomy feelings, the one that strikes our minds is none other than Sandeep Maheshwari.

A middle-class guy, struggled-failed, college drop-out, and got betrayed too, and maybe that’s why most youth can relate to him and rely on him for mental support. However, such people are rare to exist. 


In this article, we will know that a middle-class guy, Sandeep Maheshwari becomes successful and famous after facing lots of struggles. Now let’s dive into the story and take inspiration from him.


His Birth and Early Life 

Sandeep Maheshwari was born on 28th September 1980 in New Delhi. He was fond of everything a normal child would be. He completed his schooling in Delhi afterward to study B.Com at the Kirorimal College of Delhi University. 

Although he was always a money-minded person, he rented his bike to others that his father had gifted him and made a few bucks. 


His Love Story and Lady Luck

The lady behind Sandeep Maheshwari‘s success is his teenage love Neha Maheshwari. She is the motivation behind a man who motivates others. When Sandeep was in class 11, he changed his school to a better environment and studies. On the first day of his school, he was settling some work at the school counter where Sandeep saw Neha, and both of them got attracted to each other, and their love story began. 

Sandeep Maheshwari With Wife

Sandeep Maheshwari With Wife

It was at that time when he entered the school and was fixing work at the school counter. That was when Neha saw him and got attracted to him at first sight. On the first day of school, when Sandeep Maheshwari saw Neha, he got attracted to her, and their love story started.


Sandeep Maheshwari encountered several collapses in his life. He wanted to settle himself in a career first and then wanted to get married. He struggled a lot, and his struggle leads him to success. As he got financially stabilized, he married Neha. Now, they have two kids-son(horsey) and a daughter.


Hence, love can happen anytime, any instant, and at any spot. There is no age limit to love. Sandeep and Neha showed that their love was no teenage love that hopped away with some quarrel. Sandeep Maheshwari’s love story is fantastic. He is successful in his personal life too. 


Eye-opening Incident

In 1999, Sandeep Maheshwari started working with a generous-looking business partner and organized a new year party. He worked hard to make it as amazing as possible and named it Dix2000. Both of them earlier decided that they will equally divide the total profit generated from the party. Everything went awesome. They both earned Rs 50,000 ($800), and the plan was to divide the total profit into two equal parts.


When the party came to an end, he found that he got coined, and his business partner ran away by taking a total profit. He called that man many times, but his partner didn’t pick his call. Although. He never loses his hopes and waits for his time when something big will happen. He was thrilled that Now this time, he had worked hard, maintained his inner Critique, and Still got Betrayed! This means that, Yes, he is still learning!


Starting Point on the Way to his success

It was in 1999 that his life began playing with him. Maheshwari’s father was employed in the aluminum company. Through, he quit the vocation due to a quarrel with his business partner. This incident leads to the financial crisis in his house, although his father tried many ways to get their life on track. This circumstance turned the responsibilities of the family on his shoulders at the young age of only 19.

Sandeep Maheshwari Profile

Sandeep Maheshwari

At this phase of life, he was certain to leave the path of formal education. He left Kirorimal College (part of Delhi University) in his third year, studying for his Bachelor of Commerce degree. Hence, this wasn’t the ending but a beginning of a completely new journey for Sandeep. 


Subsequently, Sandeep began seeing methods to make money, which involved working in a marketing company and manufacturing household products. Later, he entered the modeling industry, but after knowing the exploitation and harassment of this field, he decided to help these models and establish a positive atmosphere so that their talent gets valued.


After knowing the plight of models, he set up a ‘Mash Audio Visuals Pvt’ company and started making portfolios and other support for the models. In 2002, he established another company but unfortunately, it didn’t work and collapsed within six months. After that, he launched another company named ImageBazar in 2006.  


Created a Genius World Record 

As he had earlier experience in management, he managed to bring his dream into existence. In 2003, by smashing a Vijay Rath task of capturing more than 10,00 shots of 122 models in just 10 hours and 45 minutes. 

Foundation of ImageBazaar 

For starting his new Company, ImageBazaar, he bought a new camera which his relatives mock that he will end up being a wedding photographer. After a decade, Sandeep Maheshwari is the CEO of ImagesBazaar, which is the world’s most extensive collection of Indian images, with over 10 lakh photographs, videos, illustrations, and 3D imagery shot by over 10,400 photographers. 

Earlier, the companies had to put a lot of effort into their advertisements. They used to go through a long process which included contacting models, making agreements with them, conducting shoots, and editing the images. After all these efforts only, they were able to publish their advertisements.

This used to cost too much effort and money. Sandeep Maheshwari solved this problem by creating the Imagesbazaar Company in 2006. He used to conduct photo shoots of the models, and companies were allowed to choose their favorite models from the available photos. This reduced the need for photoshoots to be undertaken by the companies.


At the initial stage of Imagesbazaar, he was the only one to perform all the tasks.

He used to take photographs, make calls and perform counseling on his own. As the Company started to grow, more people joined this venture. The Company has implemented its idea of a better environment in the modeling industry, where new models can be launched without harassment and exploitation. He has become one of the most famous entrepreneurs in India.


Alongside the entrepreneur, he is a mentor and youth icon. He is helping the youth by motivating them to believe in themselves. His concept of “aasan hai” about life has changed people’s perception of the complexity of life.


The Company’s revenue model is that the advertisers buy the stock images from ImagesBazaar, and the model gets paid. The Company receives the commission, and that’s the business model. ImagesBazaar sells stock images of Indian models. The revenue earned is shared between the Company and the models. 


The cost of each photograph is fixed for all the images, which start from around Rs 8000 per image. They have mentioned every detail on their website about the resolutions, sizes, formats, etc. You can check the Sandeep Maheshwari website out here: ImagesBazaar Pricing.


This website generally gets 150 thousand traffic each month, and more than ninety-nine percent of the traffic is organic. It signifies that the Company does not even necessitate to advertise much. However, this makes it the most prominent Indian stock photography website.


Net Worth of Sandeep Maheshwari in 2021

Sandeep Maheshwari earns millions from brand and selling image. Now, he is 40 years old. Besides being a motivational speaker, he is also a successful YouTuber with more than a 17million subscribers, with which he can easily make 20 to 30 lakh per month. Still, he didn’t do that because he doesn’t want viewers to get distracted by ads while listening to him. His channel is the largest non-monetized YouTube channel in India. Although, his main source of income is ImageBazar which has more than 150 employees and 2000 clients.  


Sandeep Maheshwari Net Worth is Rs. 22 Crores in Indian rupees, and every year his income grows from 20 percent. His net worth includes his lavish house, office in a prime location of west Delhi. Trade magazines have stated that Imagesbazaar has an annual turnover of approximately Rs. 75 Crores. He also does many live sessions but never had charges for them. 


Sandeep Maheshwari Awards, Milestones, and Recognition

From time to time, Sandeep has been awarded my awards. Amongst his several awards, the ones that impressed us the most are mentioned below:

  • Honored as India’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs by Business World Magazine
  • Star Youth Achiever Award, Global Youth Marketing Forum
  • Most Amazing Creative Entrepreneur, 2013 by India Summit
  • Award of Pioneer of Tomorrow, ET Now TV channel
  • A hot topic of discussion in various news and television channels and publications

He has also been featured in almost each of renowned magazines, newspapers, and television channels, such as The Economics Times, Subhash Chandra Show, NDTV, India Today, IBN-7, CNBC-TV18, and more. 


Books Recommended by Sandeep Maheshwari

We have mentioned below 20 books that Indian motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari has recommended. He has divided these 20 books into two categories below.

Inspirational (first fourteen books)

  1. Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
  2. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
  3. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
  5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  7. Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
  8. Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul
  9. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  10. See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar
  11. You can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
  12. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmih alyi
  13. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  14. Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story by Richard Bach

Spiritual (remaining six books)

  1. Srimad Bhagavad Gita
  2. Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
  3. Freedom from the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti
  4. The Holy Bible
  5. Rumi by Farrukh Dhondy
  6. Ashtavakra Gita by Gita Press


Motivational seminar

Sandeep Maheshwari is on a mission to broaden the mental horizon of people, especially youths. In 2021 conducting ‘Motivational Life Changing Seminars’ all over India to encourage and stimulate the minds of the youngsters. He concentrates on Reality rather than the Positive side of the future. He aggressively promotes Realistic Thinking over Positive Thinking, as thinking positively erodes the problem but doesn’t necessarily get done with it. 


He mentions that a Solution-oriented mindset is what we all require to practice, particularly in times of Trouble. Most of us feel challenged and deprived when we fail, but most of us know that failure leads to success. To go to your destination, it’s not necessary that you need to know the Whole Elaborated Path on a Sheet of Paper. Life has its Twists and Turns, which make us Stronger!


Best Sandeep Maheshwari’s Quotes as Tips to Young Entrepreneurs


Most people are leading to success by heeding his quotes, which is the foremost cause that he is the favorite of youngsters. 


Below are the most inspiring quotes by Sandeep Maheshwari.


“Not a Thousand. Find ONE BIG REASON to do what you really want. That’s enough.” 


“The most important thing to be happy about in this world is that “YOU’RE ALIVE”!”


“What you think about yourself matters more than what others think about you.” 


“Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotion and feeling change, sometimes daily. But true unconditional love is everlasting.” 


“The only way to clear your mind is to stay grounded in reality.”



Sandeep Maheshwari’s failures have made him a valuable person because they have encouraged him to gain immense experience. He has been an unbelievable learner throughout his lifetime. Sandeep’s one life is sufficient to stimulate millions and billions of people around the globe.

We might not have seen any drop-out from college grow like this. His story has proved again that failures are the key to success, resulting in numerous failures.


I hope you liking our articles…

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