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PUBG Company: Latest Job Vacancies in Bengaluru 2021 for ambitious aspirants



Pubg Company

The PUBG Company has just announced a Job Vacancy in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Hundreds of thousands of PUBG hardcore gamers in India will rejoice at this release. This statement from PUBG Company raises the probability of its return to the country and indicates that the organization is optimistic about its future in the country.

There is no set date for when PUBG Mobile will return to India, however one point is relevant the PUBG Company isn’t giving up. While the PUBG Company is allegedly having trouble obtaining the required licenses from regulators in order to kickstart, this hasn’t prevented PUBG Company from establishing a new company based In India and recruiting employees.

Fans of PUBG were on the ninth cloud as PUBG Mobile announced the re-launching of the PUBG App in India. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game. PUBG Company possesses the world record for the most concurrently played game of the time. PUBG Company holds the world record for the most simultaneously played game of all time. The game smashed 3,106,368 players playing the game concurrently in December-2017. 

Overview of Why PUBG Ban in India:

PUBG was banned due to many reasons:

  • The foremost reason, PUBG company was banned in India with other 117 apps by the government of India. Chinese Apps were banned due to harmful activities that were against India’s Jurisdiction. To read everything about the pug ban CLICK 
  •  PUBG was also banned because it had a negative effect on the minds of the players.  creating a negative impact on the minds of players. PUBG was played by any age group, thus the game was a battleground with guns and bloodshed so it can create a bad impression on the youth.
  • PUBG game also had a subscription model, the player had to purchase a new character by making an online payment. Many cases were noted where youth were secretly using Parent’s money in the game.

PUBG company cut down the relation with Tencent and now the Bluehole firm, a South Korean company has taken the charge of launching PUBG Mobile in India with new features and security. 

PUBG Company Job Vacancy on LinkedIn:

According to information, the position for an ‘Investment and Strategy Analyst’ was announced two days ago on professional networking site LinkedIn. This position is for the recently founded PUBG Mobile India subsidiary. Krafton, the parent organization of PUBG Company, recently invested Rs 164 crore in Nodwin Gaming in India.

The applicant will “help the mechanism and global deal flow assessment with regards to India and MENA regions and support global teams with the same,” according to the job description. The organization had previously revealed the release of a new game called PUBG Mobile India. It will be tailored for Indian players and will have several updates.

The game will take place on a virtual simulation training field, with supporting features starting out dressed and green hit effects to represent the game’s virtual existence.

Job Description on LinkedIn

  • Three years of professional expertise in IB/consulting/PE/VC with extensive understanding of digital entertainment, gaming, and IT industry or M&E sector as an Analyst.
  •  Having specific transactional expertise, from contract sourcing to closing or PMI, is a significant plus. “MBA/CFA/CPA or respectable university degree in banking, economics, business, or computer-science” are instances of educational qualifications.
  • Should be passionate about the gaming and video games industries
  • Good communication and data placement skills, as well as verbal and written interpersonal abilities.

After receiving Ministry of Corporate Affairs clearance, PUBG India Private Limited is now a legal entity in India. With a legitimate Corporate Identity Number (CIN) and a licensed office in Bengaluru, the company had been registered on the ministry’s website. This firm is a subsidiary of PUBG Company, the developer of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, as well as a subsidiary of South Korea’s Krafton Inc.

Pubg Company - Pubg Mobile

Pubg Company – Pubg Mobile

Although the job posting is for anyone to search for new mergers and acquisitions, it is not an indication that the game will return to India. The exact date of PUBG Mobile’s comeback to the Indian market is mysterious.

They also intend to hold gaming competitions in the country to foster “local video game, esports, film, and IT sectors.” They’ve also partnered with Microsoft to manage the games in the future on the Microsoft Azure cloud network.

New launching PUBG Mobile1.3 (Except India)

The 3rd-anniversary event for PUBG Mobile began on March 21, 2021. Foreign DJs Alesso, Lost Frequencies, and R3HAB performed live at the mega event. PUBG Mobile celebrated its third anniversary on March 21 at 6 a.m. CT, or 4 p.m. IST, in the game’s lobby an esports hub. Active fans and players can also visit the official YouTube channel for PUBG Mobile.

Players could either log in and enter the group through the in-game lobby, or they could watch from one of the three-anniversary. Event Square locations scattered throughout the map. The PUBG Mobile 1.3 update was successfully launched late last month by the maker (except India). Gamers will also see different Karakin and Code-C cosmetics, skins, and maps. Based on the Armband (Guardian, Recon, or Camouflage) gamers select, the latest Hundred Rhythms activity provides three unique attributes

“Krafton is a top international gaming developer that provides a wide variety of titles on PC, Console, and mobile phones, including iconic battle royale video game PlayerKnown  Battleground (PUBG) and MMORPG TERA,” according to PUBG Company.

The apps have gained widespread praise, with huge numbers of units sold and numerous gaming awards won around the world. Krafton is quartered in Korea and has operations in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.”

Besides that, following the highly touted launch of the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update, which included thrilling updates such as the hundred Rhythms play mode and the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, the PUBG game developers are gearing up to release a new notification for PUBG Mobile thousands of fans.

New Tailored Features:

PUBG Company: New State is a new smartphone game from the creators of Playerunknown Battlegrounds, which will be available on Android and iOS soon. And, given that PUBG: New State is the highly awaited continuation to one of the globe’s most popular battle royale smartphone games, the stakes for what it must offer is high.

The PUBG Company IP’s owner, Krafton, also has begun accepting pre-registration on the Play Store (though not in India), with iOS pre-registrations expected to follow shortly. PUBG: New State would put PUBG characters in the mainstream more than ever before, as well as provide a framework for the mythology to spread even more. PUBG with new features like:

  • PUBG: New State will be published, in which “anarchy reigns supreme as several forces fight it out.” It’s close to the post-apocalyptic genre, which has inspired loads of films in Hollywood. PUBG: NEW STATE puts the entire battle royale game in the fingers of gamers with upcoming smartphone graphics.
  • PUBG: New State is based on the existence of 100 participants who are tasked with fighting until only one participant or squad remains in power. In the play, the last participant or squad would be granted the position of “Lone Survivor.”
  • Drones and deployable battle checks are the most significant changes to the title, which would revive the experience for gamers who really want to last longer in play.
  • In both Classic and Arcade modalities, PUBG: New State will most likely debut the latest map called Troi, which will feature huge 8×8 km open realms with multiple vehicles spawning. Gamers would now be able to tailor their weapons in the middle of a play, allowing them more personalization opportunities and thereby bending the principles of battle royale.
  • PUBG: New State will be produced by PUBG Studio, a subsidiary of South Korean group Krafton, which possesses the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds IP. PUBG Studio is also responsible for the PC and mobile versions of the game, though PUBG Mobile is not.

PUBG company declared that PUBG will be re-launching the game but with an Indian Version and new features They have declared to start their subsidiary firm in India and invest USD 100 million in the country. They are working hard to come back to India with lots of new features. They will change certain themes in gameplay and other changes like Green Hit Effect-instead of bloodshed, Character Dress-up, the power to restrict the game time, and Virtual simulation training setting. 

PUBG Company has not announced its official launch date due to some issue with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY)is yet pending. During the announcement, PUBG company stated that they will deliver a healthy and safe gameplay environment to the Indian Player and will assure full security and privacy of Indian players as a top priority.

Challenges in Comeback:

Even though announcing a comeback, PUBG company have to face challenges like

The PUBG Mobile addicted fans waited for this game a long way, so fans started the alternative game like FAU-G (A game with Indian soldier fights) and other battle royale games. With the ban on PUBG, other battleground games have ranked up in the list.

The foremost reason behind the ban of PUBG was China’s issues with India regarding Jurisdiction which is not resolved till now. And MEITY is not reverting the mail to PUBG corporation regarding the meeting for launching issues like security patches and game themes and patterns.

PUBG Company: New State is the new PUBG Mobile title from the makers of Playerunknown Battlegrounds, coming soon to Android and iOS platforms. It is the official name for what has so far been known as PUBG Mobile 2, the next leap in the PUBG universe. And since PUBG: New State is an anticipated sequel to one of the biggest battle royale mobile games in the world, it raises the stakes for what it will have to deliver.

Krafton, the Pubg company that owns the PUBG IP, has already started receiving pre-registrations from Google Play Store (although not in India), while the iOS pre-registrations are said to be introduced soon. PUBG: New State will bring PUBG characters to the forefront more than ever, besides providing a platform for the propagation of the lore further.

PUBG Reloaded: Beware of Malware Links:

As PUBG games were on the top of the list before the ban, youths were addicted to them. People were not used to the other similar game of battleground like PUBG, so now as PUBG Company announced the delightful news on November 12, users are happier to use PUBG again with new features. But here comes the twist, PUBG has not declared its official date of launching PUBG on-air and some offenders are ready to generate fake malware links to create viruses in other’s PC or mobile.

The statement has been given that PUBG mobile can be re-launch around Christmas time. But after the announcement, more and more APK files have been installed by the users, thus, can harm the device from corruption and other problems.

Solution for the problem:

Don’t copy or install the links or APK where PUBG install has been flashed. PUBG company has made an announcement that they will launch their App on the official site so now it’s the responsibility of the user to wait and watch for the upcoming news on the PUBG launch date. Avoid unwanted fake links.

 Although addicted users are shifted to the other similar game the craze like PUBG will be never ignored by some of the users. Before the ban, PUBG was an addiction for 175 million of the population, so there can be no doubt that PUBG can gain its presence again in the Indian market.

Pubg Bottom lines:

PUBG Mobile India was first mocked during Diwali in November 2020, but it has been frequently postponed due to problems with the Indian government. The government has yet to give Krafton the right to share PUBG Mobile India in the region, which was banned due to borderline tensions with China.

This delay by the Indian government has dishearted the Pubg fans in India but fans also believe in the Indian government that what they are doing is the betterment of Indian citizens. So fans are willing to wait.

For any more updates related to PUBG, stay tuned for release dates in India to Robust Stories.

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