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PUBG Ban is not an end of the Gaming world, check out the 3 best alternate battle royale games



PUBG Mobile

The Government of India has finally banned PUBG. The Ministry of Information & Technology announced the ban of 118 Chinese apps, including the most beloved game of many Indian gaming fanatics.

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground or widely known as PUBG, was first released by its makers from South Korea on 23rd March 2017. Since then, the game has leaped the following by millions of fans worldwide. The fun fact, it has the highest users in India. There has been a considerable interest shown by Indians in this game, and now it has been pulled off from the app stores in India.

The reason for Ban of PUBG in India is its Chinese connection. We all are aware of the rift between the two countries alongside the borders that have been affecting India. While diplomatic talks failed to stop China, The Indian Government decided to take a strong move by not going on head-on war with China but hit their economy but halting Chinese products & services in India.

PUBG Mobile - Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile – Battle Royale

Though a South Korean company develops PUBG, it has Tencent as the 2nd biggest investor from China. This is the primary reason why PUBG is banned in India. This has disappointed many Indian users who have been regular players on PUBG. This blog will surely excite the game lovers who are missing their adrenaline rush. We will be covering the five best alternate battle royale games, which will not give a hitch about PUBG gone.

#1 Garena Free Fire

One of the fastest-growing battle royale game on android is Garena Free Fire. Released on 30th September 2017, this game has surpassed 500 thousand plus downloads on the Google Play Store. 

The game developed by Garena International, Singapore, is one of the closest battle royale games which resemble similarities to PUBG. You enter the game with 49 other players and jump on to a remote island. A 10 minutes game with full of action calls for the test of survival. Like the elements of PUBG in Free Fire, you select your start point and land with your parachute, the safe zone shortens, scouts for weapons, drive vehicles, stay in ambush, and snipe on rivals SURVIVE to win the game. 

The game is played in Third person perspective, smooth graphics, easy controls, and lightweight, making the game compatible with lower specification phones. A rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store was awarded the “Best Popular Game” in 2019 by Google Play Store. A Must try the game for the lovers of PUBG.

#2 Fortnite Battle Royale

Another intriguing Battle Royale game available online as the best alternative to PUBG is Fortnite Battle Royale, initially released in early 2017 by Epic Games. The game has been raging in such a short time.

The game has Survival mode, Battle Royale & Sandbox mode. In the Survival mode, Fortnite: Save the world, players play against the environment. Collaborating to complete a common task and surviving till the end. 

The Battle Royale is similar to PUBG, 100 players arena where you play solo, duo, or squad. You fly over the map, select your drop location, scavenge for weapons and supplies, survive by staying in the play zone. The survival of the last squad, duo, or solo is the winner.

Sandbox is the complete customizable game where players can customize the arena and challenges.

The game has a good rating of 4.3 on Google Play Store with more than 129 million downloads. It is a must-try game for someone who loves high-performance action.

#3 Call of Duty: Mobile

Rated 4.5 on play store, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best Battle Royale games available online. Released on 1st October 2019, this game has crossed 250 Million downloads already and still counting. With the Ban on PUBG, this game is undoubtedly going to surpass all the records.

It has two interesting modes, Call of Duty: Black ops & Call of Duty: Modern warfare. These multiplayer scenarios are a thrill to play with 100 players in survival mode. The graphic quality is impeccable, and the user experience is smooth.

The game has various levels of competitiveness for players to achieve better ranks and win clan prizes too. The game also has a death-match mode and sniper vs. sniper battle mode.

It received the Best Mobile Game award in 2019 by The Game Awards. However, the Indian audience should be aware that even this game has the Chinese developers involved, TiMi studios, a Tencent entity. This isn’t banned in India Yet.

So, go on and try these fantastic games now!!!

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