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7 Psychological Tricks that will Allow you to Make More Sales



Psychological Tricks

The psychological tricks are the drills in sales. You can use psychological tricks to push your e-commerce or Store business. These psychological tricks for sales which I’m going to share with you are I have learned from the book a “psychology of persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. some of the notes I have prepare which everyone should know while doing the business to increase your sales.

I understand in our fast-paced life we don’t get time to Read Books. This particular book is amazing to understand the psychological aspects involved in sales. I have marked 7 Important points for you to read here from the book. These are also known as principles of persuasion. Read this article to understand these principles.

I recommend you if really want to read a good book beneficial for your business. You must give a try reading

Psychology of persuasion


Psychological Tricks - Make More Sales

Psychological Tricks – Make More Sales

This article will help you to get the perspective on how to get people to say “yes” whether you’re selling online or if you have the sales process where you talk to people directly. There are seven
main principles of persuasion:

1. Reciprocity – Psychological Tricks

What does it mean?

we as humans, if someone gives us something we feel more obligated to kind. We want to give them something back. For example, if someone does you favor then you feel more inclined to do them a
favor. This attitude is a sense of personal satisfaction and definitely strengthens the bond between two-party. Similarly, we can implement it in your online store, or in your store business is just by giving the free gift with purchase.

For instance- if someone purchases from you. let’s say for like $30 or $100 then you can consider giving them a gift or a discount according to their purchase. Give them a gift with personalized notes.

Now with the technical advancements, during the online purchase, the gift items can be easily given to as soon as someone puts one item in the cart then that second item free will be
automatically added to it.

Psychological Tricks - Shopify Gift On Order

Psychological Tricks – Shopify Gift On Order (Source – Shopify)

Check out the link for installation

This way you can utilize the Reciprocity principle to increase your average for the value you can use this to increase your conversion rate.

2. Commitment and Consistency – Psychological Tricks

With this trick here, you basically provide people the opportunity to try something before they buy or you give them to use. if they get used to the product then they’re more likely to buy. It directly affects buying decisions. you might be familiar, oftentimes these new companies that are selling mattresses they have a 100-day trial so you can use a mattress for 100 days, and then if you don’t like it then you can just return it.

Now this how they psychologically trick us When the product is the item of daily use people get habitual of it. So basically one of those things like the mattress when everything is consistent they get used to using the mattress and because of the habit of using it for 100 days a very small percentage of people will actually return their product.

Psychological Tricks - Flo Mattress (Source -

Psychological Tricks – Flo Mattress (Source –

Flo Mattress | 100 Night Trial & 10 Year Warranty | Free Shipping

Another Example; Warbay Parker

This is a huge company. They have grown very massively and acquired a lot of customers. Mainly because of their Customers’ trust they have been humongous. They allow people to try frames, glasses products for four or five days. They ship products to you. You can try them out and if you don’t like them you can simply ship them back and get your money back.

So yes it’s pretty much like you have no risk, as a customer’s psychology you get inclined thinking “We can return if we didn’t like it “ automatically you can trust to select expensive items also with zero risk Factor.

This is nothing but a way towards making sales, with the power of understanding the psychology for shopping.


Psychological Tricks – Warbay Parker (Source- Warbay Parker)

Home Try-On | Warby Parker

3. Liking – Psychological Tricks

The principle of liking is simple, Display your product as per your customers. You need to understand the right direction to gain benefits from your customer. It’s the psychological fact and works in every profession. People Spend time and only be interested in buying what they like. You can easily convert the prospective Customer into a customer if they like the product. Understanding the likings of your customers is very crucial.

The fundamental principle of liking as it pertains to the psychology of buying says we are more likely to say yes to a request or products if we feel the connection to the person making it.

Well, this is the main reason why brands hire celebrities to endorses their products or that all the people can transfer their love for celebrities to the products or services they are endorsing. Almost every brand follows this strategy of consumer psychological behavior.

Here understand the liking of customers simply means use relevance! Display relatable products.

For example; you sell products for 60 plus women and using a 24-year model to make your advertisement look glamorous. It will surely look glam but your brand will fail to connect with your right customers.

4. Authority – Psychological Tricks

This very strong

When your brand induces something familiar to your customers it builds an image of your brands, such as a celebrity, industry experts, or even memory can create that effect. people will believe that your brand possesses the same qualities to said familiar entity.

They have established expertise in the space, and you can reap the benefits by an associate in your brand with authoritative figures, thus inheriting your own sense of authority.

People appear hard-wired to respond to authority(or appearance of the authority). How can you use this to sell?

Expert endorsement

You don’t need to have an expert on staff to establish authority for your business, products, services. A stamp of approval from an expert in your industry could provide just the authority you need to install customer confidence and persuade browsers to buy.

Do you remember? when Oprah endorsed weight? she was the one who had the first-hand experience with the products and the result.


Psychological Tricks – Weight Watchers (Source- Daily Mail)

Weight watchers as a Brand to grow its sales created a dedicated page on its website. Showcasing her success story with the brand. It helped Weight watchers to establish their authority on the topic.

In this way, you utilized those kinds of like big celebrities to create an audience’s trust for your business. It all might not deliver results like upfront on the first day. This is not a direct return on the investment but over time as you utilize those creatives it pays for itself over the time and also the devaluation of the brand grows significantly so if you are in a position to invest into something like this into the influencer that would be relatable for your audience and would add a lot of perceived value to your products then definitely go for it.

5. Social Proof – Psychological Tricks

Social proof is connected to the principle of liking: Because we are social creatures, we tend to be biased toward things other people already like, whether we know them or not.

Anything that shows the popularity of your site, page, business, or products can be psychological triggers.

One approach to using social proof is to provide a “best Sellers” or “Most Popular” page or tag for your products.

For example: whenever we order food using apps. we check the restaurants and see what they have in best-selling. As soon as it matches our likings we click to order. This is Direct social-psychological proof to increase sales.

6. Scarcity – Psychological Tricks

Now this one, you must have experienced this! personally I experience this all the time.

The principle of scarcity is the fear of missing out on the opportunity. This principle states that people are motivated by the thought that they might miss out on an opportunity.

Psychological Tricks - Give It To Me

Psychological Tricks – Give It To Me

Publicizing scarcity is not a full proof plan to do however, you need to give your audience adequate information how to act on the opportunity so that they don’t miss the chance.

You need to be very smart and precise while using this psychological trick. but no wonders this trick works like magic and we often get influence by this No? You don’t Trust me recall your first thought when you see “ Sale Ending Soon”

7. Unity or Community – Psychological Tricks

This is the seventh principle behind the psychology of selling from Robert Cialdini’s Pre-suasion.

The principle of unity is based on the idea of shared identities .your business and your customers may have shared ideas or values, but unity takes it a step further to identities or groups. identities are based upon those commonalities.

When you pertain the unity principle, you are identifying with the groups. Patagonia is a prime example of a brand that has done this. They not only identify themselves as lovers of the outdoors but activists who are fighting to preserve the outdoor. It gives the brand this kind of perception that this brands actually stands for something. There are other people who are also standing for something same so it connects you with other people and gives you that sense of community of unity.

Psychological Tricks - Patagonia

Psychological Tricks – Patagonia (Source – Forbes)

After 44 Years Patagonia Released Its First Commercial & It’s Not About Clothing

This is very powerful! because if community influence something is good for the community. Then it persuades it is good for you as well. Customers are most likely to stick to certain things.

Building a community of unity about the brand or your business gives psychological triggers to people in the same community to use or try the same products. This has encouraged groups of customers who share that identity to have a fierce loyalty to the brand.

Psychological Triggers - Psychological Tricks

Psychological Triggers – Psychological Tricks

I hope these psychological triggers will definitely help to grow your sales, to increase your conversion rates and your average of the values.

“The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value.”
― Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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