During your difficult phase or a point of financial cruches at some point in your life, how was it for you to be poor or in tough times?  The purpose to ask the above-mentioned question is that we are here with an interesting and heartening journey of Pravin Jadhav whose life was full of hardships and desolated times when he was almost to support his father in his work as a wage laborer, in furtherance of which he dropped out of school when he was in seven.

But things changed for the better for Pravin and his family when he was introduced to a life-changer person Mr. Vikas Bhujbal who was his school teacher. Mr. Vikas recognized the spark and the determination to do something extraordinary in Pravin and so his unexpected and different journey came into play.

Pravin Jadhav who is famously the pre-eminent and finest champion of Archer is in talks all around the world.
But what made a son of a wage laborer so capable, competent, and proficient in archery that today he has become a bright spot for the entire world when he is even knocked out of the Tokyo Olympics? How he accomplished his desires and what path of success he took in his life to be a champion?


Before we start knowing about Pravin Jadhav’s journey, the readers are requested to imbibe within them two great lessons of life. 

Firstly, even if we are educated, the important factor that plays a major role in achieving something achievable in our lives is a person’s determination or person’s resolution because education and financial status on one hand provides you with a sense of mastery or ability to pursue your dreams but then, on the other hand, it should be accompanied by a person’s strong will.

Secondly, even if you face failure in your journey when you are up to something great, you shall never give up. Likewise, Pravin Jadhav who dreamt of Olympian glory, his journey in the Tokyo Olympics came to an end with a defeat to the world’s no.1 Brady Ellison of the United States. But still, he is the glory of the nation due to his efforts and hard work in the concerned sport. He deserves to be appreciated for his persevering and determined performance and not to be criticized for having been knocked out from the Olympics. 

If we talk about the Olympics, we often forget players who lose because they have not got our nation with medals. But we should not! Why do we not value and acknowledge their skills and efforts which they used efficiently while performing a certain sport? Being a winner or not is a secondary thing, but I must say that not every person thinks of even bringing pride to the nation, right? 

Unlike what is happening with Pravin Jadhav concerning the anxious and threatening calls from his family members, we must respect the sentiments of every player and keep aside our interests. 

A national player prioritises national integrity and glory at first instance and then fulfils his interests. This is an important trait in a champion.

So, let us get going!

Family environment and support

Pravin Jadhav was born in a drought-prone region – Sarade village located in a Satara district of the State of Maharashtra. He was born on July 06, 1996, into a family involved in daily wage-earning. The Indian Archer used to accompany his father when he was a teenager. However, Pravin was a sports enthusiast since his childhood but lacked stamina due to being undernourished. He did participate in 800 meters at a district level. So, our Indian Archer at first instance entered into sports as a track athlete.

You might not be knowing about Pravin Jadhav’s recruitment in the Indian Army in the year 2017 under the sports quota. He was recruited into the Army after being spotted by Colonel Vikram Dhayal during the World Cup in 2016. As of 2019, Pravin was ranked as Havaldar.

Don’t you agree that hardships in life prepare you for better and extraordinary fate and destiny?

It is very simple to understand that either the hardships break you or it makes you, it builds you. But it is entirely dependent on the willpower of humans. Even a small and does not give up if we obstruct their way.


Now, if we talk about his humble beginning, Mr. Vikas Bhujbal who was his school teacher helped him out for training. He bore the expenses of his diet chart and training requirements which led Pravin Jadhav to improve his performance and he finally made it to the selected ones in Krida Parbodhini School. His diet chart was taken care of by providing him eight eggs on a daily basis along with chicken preparations.

As I mentioned earlier, Pravin entered into the sports industry as an athlete so to improve his performance and health ratio, he was sent to Balewadi, Pune. After a one-year training at Balewadi, Pune, he was able to improve his timing in 800 meters race (3 minutes 40 seconds). The timing was very close to that of a top athlete. Subsequent to one-year training, he migrated to Amravati where archery coach Praful Dange was employed. Although Pravin was a potential runner, he was well suited for archery. How?

In the Krida Parbodhini School, archery came his way accidentally at the time when he had participated in a sport where he threw 10 out of 10 balls in a ring and that too from a distance of 10 meters. So, the archery coach considered Pravin a suitable archer because he at that time seemed to be highly concentrated and had a good length of arms.

Pravin Jadhav was physically unfit and weak and faced difficulty in handling the ‘recurve bow’ weight. His shoulders experienced pain while he shot the arrow as a result of which his performance dipped. Seeing this, his relatively weaker physique caused the authorities of Krida Parbodhini School to release him from the academy.

Again, the life-changer Mr. Vikas Bhujbal came up and approached an education officer – Mr. Mahesh Palkar, and asked the academy to give one last and final chance to Pravin so that he can demonstrate his skills in archery. Pravin was given five shots in the light of the said final chance to prove himself, where he was able to retain his place in the academy by scoring over 45 in the archery.


So, Pravin Jadhav after having been trained as an archer started proving himself in the mentioned competitions and challenges.
In 2016, Pravin (World-class Archer) made his archery debut at Asia Cup Stage 1 held in Bangkok.

Pravin Jadhav along with Atanu Das and Tarundeep Rai secured the qualification in the Men’s team Olympic in the Netherlands where World Championships 2019 was held. It was for the first time that Indian players qualified since the London Olympics was held in the year 2012. At World Championships, 2019, this team of three went on to win silver in the capacity of junior most archers.

You might be surprised to know that Pravin Jadhav who is a most inexperienced archer from India has become the brightest spot in current times concerning the ranking of men in an individual capacity. Atanu Das and Tarundeep Rai who are more experienced and professional failed to shine concerning their performance.

Although Pravin who dreamt of Olympian glory failed to achieve the same, he still won by being the highest-ranked Indian Archer. He did not attain the glory he desired for but he won the hearts of the people of his nation and brought gratification and pleasure to the nation. He did not get fame at the Olympics but has glorified our “Bharat” in the entire world.



Now, the sport of Archery is quite difficult to perform and many players lose their patience in a short period. However, Pravin Jadhav’s quality of strict discipline and being composed, calm, and unnerved makes him an ideal archer. 

Pravin Jadhav practising for Tokyo Olympics
         Pravin Jadhav practicing for Tokyo Olympics(Photo Courtesy: AFP)

Pravin’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics was commendable. In the initial and first round, he defeated Galsan Bazarzhapoy of ROC [Russian Olympic Committee]. Pravin defeated Galsan by a 6-0 score. At the very beginning, Pravin shot 10-9-10 which put pressure on the Galsan who ended up having to shoot 9-9-9. In the subsequent rounds, Pravin in an effective manner rose to the occasion and cruised into the next round of the men’s event. He defeated World’s NO. 2 Galsan and had a sensational run at the Tokyo Olympics.

However, he has been knocked out of Tokyo Olympics with a defeat to the world’s no.1 Brady Ellison of the United States. His combination and teaming with Deepika Kumari in the mixed event of archery did not yield positive results or maybe did not work as a result of which he faced an early exit.


After Pravin Jadhav returned from the Tokyo Olympics, his parents received anxious and fearful calls from their family members.

The picture is quite simple. Pravin and his family used to live in a hut but after he was posted to the Indian Army, they got their house built with a roof made up of tin. But his other family members are jealous of Pravin and his family and are obstructing the renovation process. Because Pravin could not live with his family at the moment, the Indian Army has been informed about this matter and they are looking into this matter. There is some land-related issue.


Well, this robust journey is quite heart-touching and gives a social message to each one of us.

We must understand that being happy every day does not make you courageous. Instead, courage is developed in a person when he manages to survive desolated times, he survives difficult times and the adversity of the challenges.

Pravin Jadhav’s journey is a depiction of one most important and inspiring message that he, being a son of a daily wage earner, waged a glorious struggle against extreme poverty he faced in his childhood. It is not the poverty that is disgraceful and humiliating, it is the failure to overcome that poverty.

What if Pravin was not able to get our nation a medal? What if he is a strong medal contender who did not make it to the final round? We must understand that being a sportsperson participating is more important than winning. 

We win at the very moment when we decide to uplift ourselves, right? 








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