Prajakta Koli is a humorist, gagster and YouTube personality. She is a jockey broadcaster on Fever 104 FM in Mumbai. She is the best female humorist creator on YouTube in India. Prajakta Koli made her debut as a Shameless singer in 2017 and she made her debut concerning Youtube videos from “Five Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day. She is the product representative and diplomat for the YouTube program ‘Creators for Change’. The mostly sane YouTubian is YouTubian of India and an actor who makes comedy and most humorist videos. She is famously addressed and best known by her YouTube name “MostlySane”. Her videos focus on viewing jokes related to everyday life situations and daily chores.

If you are a great fan of vloggers based on social media, chances are you will get to know one of India’s top women YouTubian namely Prajakta Koli. With more than 63.1 Lakhs followers and subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 4.1 million followers on Instagram, Prajakta Koli is best known for her communications manager – moniker – Mostly Sane YouTube journey.

Over the years, she has worked with various Bollywood stars in his videos and is currently India’s representative and diplomat for YouTube’s global campaign, Creators for Change.

She was also one of the few Indians who were part of the well-known and legendary graduation ceremony of the beloved 2020 section, led by former President Barack Obama and former President Michelle Obama. And now the online sensation is making waves with her performances: her latest Mismatched series has landed on Netflix.

Well, a lot of pranks, jest, and jokes are based on laughter and giggling at someone else’s expense. But this mostly sane YouTubian has humbleness, humility, and modesty in her and so she can bring about magic and laughter in the hearts and minds of all her viewers and appreciators.

Prajakta Koli- Early Life

Prajakta Koli (27 years old now) was born on June 23, 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her parent’s particulars- her father’s name is Manoj Koli and her mother’s name is Archana Koli. Her family admiringly calls him Praju. Besides her, she has a younger sibling, her brother Nishant Koli in the family. Her father is a real estate agent and an agricultural assistant and her mother is a phonetic and language teacher. As a student, she participated in discussions and personal activities for her development.

The mostly sane YouTubian became qualified and graduate from Vasant Vihar High School, Thane. She pursued her higher studies at VG Vaze College of Arts Science and Commerce, Mumbai. She graduated with a BMM (Mass Media Bachelor).

You must be wondering why Prajakta Koli? Well, I like mimicry of people, and I think the entertainment and jollification are so exciting. It’s one of my dearest things, so I’m enticed to it for many reasons.

Prajakta Koli
Prajakta Koli

It’s one of my favorite things, so I’m seduced by a lot of reasons. I really think it’s something I love to laugh about because it cures so many diseases. It is a remedy! It is probably the most important thing in a person. Naturally, I tend to want to make fun of and make people laugh, and that’s what I want to do with my life. I also want to do it at a smart level. I want to be jolly ad exciting but I also want to keep the humorist.

Mostly Sane YouTube Career

She started her career in broadcasting on Fever 104 FM in Mumbai as a student. However, she did not enjoy the work. When she was a student, she was introduced to Sudeep Lahiri, who  became vice president of One Digital Entertainment at a later stage. He encouraged her to start a YouTube comedy and gagster channel. The channel was launched in February 2015.

The mostly sane YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli has collaborated with Bollywood celebrities and actors such as Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Vicky Kaushal.

She has played and performed on the “YouTube Fan Fest” in Delhi in 2018 and Mumbai in 2019. In December 2018, she displayed and recorded a national WhatsApp ad concerning banning propaganda and spreading false and forged news through the messaging application.

In February 2019 she was a component and part of the Forbes list of 30 under the 30s and Outlook Business Magazine for Worth Women [as well as the Entrepreneur India list of 35 under 35s and the Cosmopolitan’s YouTubian of the Year award. In January 2020, the annual “Cool list” of the gossip magazine Grazia India was inclusive of her name, and in April 2020 she was portrayed and featured on the cover of BW Business world magazine as part of a list of influential and inspiring women.

In 2020 she announced the beginning and launch of her YouTube Originals show named Pretty Fit, in which she interviewed and grilled other celebrities including Sanya Malhotra, RJ Malishka, Kareena Kapoor, Neha Kakkar, Mithila Palkar, and Sumukhi Suresh, who is expected to perform various roles. The first portion or episode was out on January 21st.

In July 2020, Prajakta Koli released a short film, Khayali Pulao, about the empowerment of women in rural Haryana. She also marked and starred in the Netflix series named Mismatched, which was released in November 2020. She will be starring in the film Dharma Productions, Jug Jugg Jeeyo.

Don’t you think that Modern Stand-up Comedy has always been a famous and popular culture during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and has become part and parcel of contemporary society as we know it! Stand-up Humorists remind us not to take life too gravely and soberly. They use to comment on politics and other topics and facilitates the viewers to discover the untold truth.

“I think it’s the humorist’s job to find out where the line is drawn and then deliberately skip it.”

Early Days on Youtube

For thousands of years in India, the Prajakta Koli’s YouTube channel was one of the first presentations of YouTube content-driven in the country. The mostly sane YouTubian started her channel in 2015, and as a big fan, I believe one of the reasons she was so successful was her video uploading program every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It has made her one of the most flexible creators and as a result, her fan base has grown as well. Out of the ordinary, Koli also uploads vlogs based on her travel diary and her experience.

While many of Prajakta Koli’s humorists are very popular, among her most famous creations is a young man named Montu. Montu was introduced to us as the younger brother of the YouTubian and the actor has gained so much popularity that Koli’s audience has now started asking for special videos for Montu. In addition to Montu, Koli also often uses her skate styles to create a typical Indian family of father, mother, and son, presenting everyday situations in a way that tickles the bones of the viewer’s comics.

Rise to Fame

The mostly sane YouTubian Prajakta Koli has collaborated with big names in the YouTube community such as Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchchlani, Mumbiker Nikhil, and many others. Earlier this year, she introduced her YouTube Originals program Pretty Fit, in which she interviewed celebrities including Neha Kakkar, Sanya Malhotra, RJ Malishka, Mithila Palkar, and Sumukhi Suresh, and got them involved in a variety of activities.

As mentioned earlier in July 2020, Koli performed her role in the short film Khayali Pulao. The film was based in Haryana and follows the journey of a young girl named Asha (Koli) who is struggling to achieve her dream of being selected for a school handball team. Khayali Pulao has received many accolades for her heartfelt take on topics such as women’s empowerment and gender equality. Her next single, the Netflix series Mismatched, hit the small screens on 20 November and is an adaptation of Sandhya Menon’s 2017 The New York Times bestseller When Dimple Met Rishi. Here Koli plays the role of Dimple, a modern girl who is also a technician and is paired up with Rohit Saraf’s Rishi.

Social Initiatives

In 2016, Prajakta Koli- the mostly sane YouTubian launched the #iPledgeToBeMe campaign which addressed mental health issues and physical embarrassment. During the campaign, she related her experience of physical embarrassment and later released a rap song called Shameless that dealt with the same subject. The music video featured actors like Raftaar, RJ Malishka, and Mithila Palkar.

In 2018, the highly informed YouTubian and mostly sane YouTubian participated in the One.Org #GirlsCount campaign which focused on the importance of girls’ education in our nation.

That same year, Prajakta Koli participated in the YouTube program Creators for Change where she produced a music video called No Offense. The video was then shown to the United Nations as part of the International Tolerance Day in which Koli represented India. The mostly sane YouTubian also took part in the She The People’s 2018 event in Bombay where she shared her experience of being a content creator for women in India.

In 2020, a special episode of revolutionary creators was shown where the mostly sane YouTubian, along with other YouTube content creators, interviewed girls in different countries about their educational opportunities and discussed the topic with Michelle Obama. Koli represented India at The Call To Unite event which started on May 1, 2020, and Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, Alanis Morissette, Quincy Jones, and Mandy Moore, and many more. The 24-hour event is designed to support people facing challenges during the epidemic and to promote education for children during the COVID-19 epidemic. Koli is also starring in the upcoming Dharma Productions film Jug Jugg Jeeyo, starring Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani. And with so many accomplishments on her plate, and so many exciting plans built up, Prajakta Koli is a young female star to look out for.

Some of the Mostly sane YouTubian videos that’ll make you laugh

• Phirse Lockdown Hogaya

These videos focus on the plight of a normal family facing other locks, finding it through the personal problems of overworked mothers, anxious fathers, and frustrated children.

• Types of Cousins

Sure, there are plenty of ‘genre’ videos on YouTube but Prajakta Koli with her brilliant humor can add new elements to her videos, from a hungry cousin to a show we have a variety of cousins.

• Thoughts on Indian Marriage

Compiled in a comedy Prajakta Koli analyzes her views on Indian marriage and how it feels to be a part of it, with jokes and sarcastic remarks this video is a thoughtful meal.

• Bacche Kahan se Aaate Hain

Taking the old trope of a dinner table conversation and the taboo around a child’s birth, Prajatka uses her favorite comic angle to give insight into how Indian families deal with this idea.

• Khayali Pulao

Khayali Pulao is a short film by Prajakta Koli that portrays himself as a leading actor, surrounded by Haryana girls who want to play handball and no one in his village allows her choice. Including the story of real-life girls like these in mostly sane YouTubian has a message to give.

• Biology Ka Wo Wala Chapter

We all remember the melodies and giggles in the classroom where the chapter on childbirth was supposed to be taught, showing what it is like to not talk about it, Prajakta Koli takes this booklet from our childhood and inserts her video into it.

• Ameer Logon Ke Chochle

This video is a clear commentary on how people have the right to behave and can sometimes come up with subtle problems that may not exist at all. Mostly Sane YouTubian puts all their Gucci, parda, their Dior in one bag.

• Montu ka Future

Also, finally speaking to one of the most important parts of a child’s life, choosing a career, Prajakta uses her character Montu to show the grief of choosing a career for a child with her hidden jokes.

The EndNote

We hope that this robust and exciting journey of woman influencer who is famously known as Mostly sane YouTubian has brought some positivity to the minds of readers. She has been so good to date that she deserves that recognition and not to be ignored. Her first content was focused on Maharashtrian parents and the community making a video of the situation. Later, she went on to make videos that spoke to the wider community, and people could connect with her content, which gained her many followers and subscribers and the popularity that led to her success.

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