Personal Brand, Personal Brand, Personal Brand! If you are in advertising you have heard these words too many times. Well, Welcome back to Robust Story, Today we going to learn what is all about it? How you can build your personal brand in 2020 and how do you find your Lego?

A brand is basically just a fancy way to say Reputation! how do people view you in your field. By creating a strong personal brand you are positioning yourself to stand out in an overly saturated and competitive industry. To find out your current reputation I have a quick exercise for you text a few people you work with and ask one simple question! In the workplace what are three positive words and three negative words that describe you? compile that list that’s your reputation! slashed your personal brand amongst your peers.

My co-workers told me I was creative organized and hardworking but also that I can be anxious, stress, and emotional at times. The good and the bad make up your reputation but they give you concrete things to work on if you want to change perception.

Your brand goes far beyond your workplace.

How are you viewed by the mass “majority of people.” Suppose, you are a freelancer what skills are you known for amongst your clients, and if you are going into a job interview? What makes you stand out! what’s your POV… by building your personal brand you start to establish Authority, trust, awareness, networking opportunities, and most importantly a platform to grow on for the rest of your career. so where do you start don’t look too far?

The First Step – Just Be Yourself

Being authentically yourself is key to creating trust amongst whoever you are talking to. Honesty always wins! don’t position yourself to be an awesome typographer, if you’re not one. Let people know your skills, your passions, and how you define yourself. While building your personal brand it is really important to understand who you are and you want to be…We often see an example people build their Instagram profile to showcase their Photography skills and end up posting personal pictures! That happens due to a lack of clarity.

Step 2 – Establish Core Beliefs

Create your Priority list and understand what you want to build with your personal brand. What is your core belief? For example, if you are an influencer and you want to build your Known personal brand be Specific with your plans, What you want to share with the world. Your beliefs should reflect on the content you put out there.

Step 3 – Find your Brand Voice

Further position yourself by finding your voice just like any other brand the way you speak on
social media, the way you speak in presentations, or the way you speak in your day-to-day conversations. They are all the reflection of you and your brand. your brand comes across at every touchpoint you communicate with whoever is listening.

Step 4 – Create Visual Identity

Creating visual identity mostly pertains to creatives, but you have to create the visual identity of your brand, your logo, website, and any other cereals that promote yourself. You should be very consistent and follow a similar brand tone with your visuals, Your visuals will likely be the first impression somebody has of you. Do you use bright colors in a playful logo to shows that you are fun? logo a little bit more structured incorporates to show a high level of professionalism.

Step 5 – Get Yourself Out There

Post on social media, make a blog or just let it live on your website. Choose the impact that you want your personal brand to have and then brainstorm more about how to get some people to showcase yourself. You need a personal brand to showcase their work on their site while others want to go make a business out of it. It is about focusing on your own goals and then use your personal brand to help you get there.

Why Building a personal brand is Important?

Build Your Personal Brand
Build Your Personal Brand

If you think about a brand like Samsung or Coca-Cola or Disney there are certain things that come to mind when you hear that brand name. Whether it’s personal experiences, it’s commercial that you have seen on TV but you have certain perceptions that are attached to this brand. Hence as an individual going to be the same thing. When somebody hears your name they are going to build certain perceptions that would be attached with that name. So if you are building a personal brand the idea is to have great wonderful positive perceptions that people should have for you. It’s really important for your career too.

We would love to hear how you guys have branded yourself. Share with us!

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