1 Simple Way to Create your Digital Storytelling

1 Simple Way to Create your Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling syndicates the folklore of storytelling with digital technology. To bring narratives to life, digital storytelling uses multimedia tools. Digital stories are multipurpose and can cover a broad category of topics such as explaining a concept, reflecting on personal experience, retelling in a historical event, etc. Digital stories can be as creative or as simple as you want to make it all you need is Concepts, pictures, Audio. This means that anyone with a computer can create and tell a story to the world. Yes, this is as simple as it sounds! You must read the whole article to know to Make your own digital Story.

Let’s get started,

Steps to Create Digital Storytelling

Step 1 IDEA

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Come up with the idea, Brainstorm your idea, visualize what you are planning to share with the world. Think about it in detail. Be distinct with the concept and its specifications.


Once you’ve determined the purpose of your digital Story, the next step is to create a script and a storyboard. When you are writing a script, you will need to decide what you want your digital Story to accomplish. The writing and storyboard should lay out exactly how the digital Story will unfold. Make sure you outline the concepts and points to be covered in the video. Keep in mind when writing your script that the ideal length for a video is 3 to 5 minutes so plan accordingly. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with the not required information.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Storyboarding your script is Important, but what exactly is a storyboard? The storyboard is a creation of contents which helps to define the parameters of a story within available resources and time. By creating a storyboard, you can organize and focus on the particulars of the Story. Hence storyboarding is a part of the process is critical and essential. The initial concept you planed is redefined once you create the storyboard it polishes the script before you go ahead with actual narration.


You are hopefully storyboarding your script allowed you to decide what kind of media both visual and audio you want to use. Make sure the pictures & Audio you use, you don’t Violate the Copyrights. Be creative in terms of using photos best way is to use your images so you can avoid any copyright violation issues. If you use other Pictures, make sure that the pictures are creative and commons-licensed. Try to find pictures that are licensed as attribution only that way you can edit the images and integrate them into the video without violating the license.

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

While using Audio for your digital storytelling again, be sure not to violate copyright. The easiest way to avoid problems is to use your voice. The safest route can also be to use a tool that includes an audio library such as Animoto, Livescribe, move lee, or many.

Others. research the open audio file that is royalty-free copyright free.


The creation part of the process is where you bring in all of your media in order. Reordering the images and sync the visuals with your Audio and deciding the specific tool to accomplish your vision. This will take some thought about your technology comfort level and your preferences for finding tools. But don’t worry, I am imparting you with the best tools click the link and checkout.

Tools to create Digital Storytelling

We need some tools to create and post your content and to work software tools for digital storytelling collaboratively. Listed here are all free and can be used on all major operating systems for PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Some of these tools are hosted in the cloud, i.e. online, rather than in computer while others are pre-installed in the operating system required to be downloaded.

IRFANVIEW – Images Tool for your Digital Storytelling

This a free downloadable image editing tool that can be used to create a slideshow video with transitions between images and background audio. IrfanView is designed for Windows computers but is available on other operating systems.

AUDACITY – Audio Editing Tool for your Digital Storytelling

Its is a free, open-source software package which can be used to record edit and produce audio files there is an active audacity support community online and many videos available to help get you started audio files can also be recorded on other digital devices such as mobile phones and subsequently edited using audacity.

VIDEO – Video editing tool for your Digital Storytelling

Video is an online video editor that can be used to create digital stories and can use a mix of images text audio and video clips. Video is on the cloud; it can be used collaboratively and works across all operating systems. Free Version of the software is limited to two minutes per month so you may have to upgrade if you have a longer video or you create videos regularly.

A digital story is an innovative way to impart information. Digital Storytelling requires creativity self-direction and experimentation with new technologies.

Positive Attitude at Workplace – Must Read

Positive Attitude at Workplace – Must Read

We all struggle to keep the Positive Attitude at work? Conjecturing how to be positive at work? It can be very challenging to keep a positive mindset at the workplace, managing events, or at meetings. It can even be challenging to have a positive attitude towards work that you are finishing individually.

No matter how much you love your job, or you are fond of it, sometimes work merely gets frustrating and irritating. That’s why I deliberately thought it would be helpful to impart how to be positive at work, how we can keep a positive mindset at work, and a positive attitude in the workplace. Being positive at work doesn’t always come inherently. I get it. But it is indeed possible to have the right work attitude even when you’re irritated or frustrated.

Speaking about positivity at work may feel like an oxymoron. Positivity at work? That’s the place we all feel pressured, tense, and terrible at times. Can we do anything about it? The answer to it is yes, of course, we can. We can feel positive at difficult times at work.

Right at the moment, we all are going through tough times, business not doing great. It’s natural to feel frustrated and cynical. Hence it creates more room for us to maintain our calm and practice.

The attitude of gratitude.

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

We all have heard this before; perhaps you will be thinking, does it helps? And how does it help us to keep a consistent positive attitude at the workplace? But the answer is, it brings a lot of difference. Spare a few minutes of your time to read this article; I assure you, this will benefit you. Your attitude makes a big difference in your outlook.

If you begin to think more gratefully, you start understanding the importance of things you are surrounded with and overcome the “lack” consciously.

Start Writing a Journal with Positive Attitude.

You can either do it at the start of the day as to what you are looking forward to or by the end of the day when you do a mental rewind of the day spent. Write things that you are grateful for. I am sure you must be thinking about how this is going to help you at your workplace?

Well, Being grateful and writing about the clients you have, the briefs continuously coming in, all the opportunities you’ve been cultivating will instantly give the sense that a lot of things are working in your favor already. And you are grateful for everything around. This completely shifts your frustration, lack of beliefs, and existence towards positivity.

Another thing is an instant tactic; if you are in a negative situation. Let’s say you just had a heated argument with someone. You may not have space to think about anything positive. Well, see this situation in a way that did you learn anything from it? Did you learn how that person was? Something or the other is always there in every condition that you can take out of it? Find anything, think of that situation, and develop one gratitude out of it. You’ll be astonished how all of a sudden, you change the thinking. You let go, and it will make a huge difference. Go for that attitude of gratitude.

When things are demanding or not that optimistic, we can get sucked into that hole of negativity and quickly feel pressured. Don’t you think that a simple reward can lift your spirits and take you out of that?

I am sure this may have happened to you before; imagine you have an introductory presentation, and it’s your birthday today! You automatically feel more confident and optimistic at the exhibition as compared to other days. Well, to feel equally high, we can’t celebrate our birthday every day, But we can Practice REWARDING.

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

You have this tight deadline; decide your end goal to get those pairs of shoes, or perhaps you buy yourself some flowers if you accomplish it.

But, there should somewhat reward for yourself to get something done. It does work. Give it a Try!….

It is essential to feel good at the workplace for real. Not for the heck of it. Spare sometime for yourself to do the things that are outside of work. It is important to connect inwardly to your deep desires. There is a workplace saying, “Keep your friends close, and your colleagues even closer.” What do we mean by this?

Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Well, think about it. We all spend almost over 60% of your time at work. Make friends at your workplace so that every day you can look forward to going to work everyday. If you don’t positively bond with your colleagues, you may find yourself out of place and bored.

However, it is good to bond and connects with your colleagues; you may learn new things. Just don’t be in there to get things done and get it out of your way, but connect with people. It’s across that connection that we see the correlation with positivity. Start making some friends at work, get to know some people. Develop a positive environment. Connect to those around you.

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have power over at my workplace where the whole thing is negative.”

I will challenge you and say, I want you to look at this otherwise, Again cliché? But you influence your environment. how?

In your workstation, your desk, your office, even an area that you and your team are in, you can put on some inspirational quotes. You may want to keep some flowers. Whatever it takes to create that positive environment, do it at the first opportunity. I agree you don’t have complete control over everything, but you do have control over yourself. It is your choice about what you want to do, so empower yourself.


  • Writing a Journal
  • Writing what you are grateful for
  • Reward Yourself
  • Appreciate your colleagues
  • Create a positive environment
Increase your Productivity with these easy tips in 2020

Increase your Productivity with these easy tips in 2020

We all want to be more productive; we all want to achieve more (Increase your Productivity). Have you ever thought extraordinarily successful people at our workplace or the great world’s great personalities have equal hours like us? How they can be more productive and can achieve so much in a lesser period and not us!

Here’s a read, how simple techniques can Increase your Productivity and motivation at the workplace.

Checklist – Preparing your Checklist to Increase your Productivity.

Prep your checklist a night before! Did you know; that Sam Walton, the founder of a Walmart, used to make his team meet on Sundays to be ready on Monday morning with the proper plan. Sunday night meetings for all his management team members. The first step to achieve any goal is to make a checklist.

If you are one of those who work without preparing a checklist, try making one, it helps.

Do Not Multitask.

In this new era, People do not prefer to multi-task. Every person is assigned to a particular task, and they are expected to do fair justice to assigned work. Hence in western Countries, people avoid multitasking; rather, they give their 200 % to one task that gives the best outputs compared to one person juggling 100 things.

Sort, align and do one by one. Give your undivided attention to one task at a time.

Do your Most Mentally Challenging Things First. It will help you to Increase your Productivity.

Do things that are hard and mentally captivating, which require a lot of thinking first. And then do your dumb work at the end of the day. The first half at work is always more productive than the second half. The famous quote by Dale Carnegie, “Do hard jobs first, the easy jobs will take care of themselves,” is truly relatable when you need to increase your Productivity.

Check Email Just Twice a Day.

Psychology studies have reported that some people involved in refreshing their email 50 times a day, but nothing is coming. They’re not even waiting on anything; they’re just obsessed for no reason; they’re just obsessed with being obsessed. Ideally, checking email twice a day morning is more effective.

Managing Notifications.

Imagine you are sitting and working on plans or checking your emails on your phone, and you receive an app notification that comes to you every hour. There are high chances that you may get distracted and engage yourself with those apps. It is best recommended that you remove notifications of apps that do not require your attention during work. It also helps in controlling the addiction to cell phones.

Allocate time to Increase your Productivity

Increase your Productivity

Increase your Productivity

This is a hack we can use with the checklist. We often prepare our checklist but what we miss is to allocate time. Specify your checklist with time to accomplish your goals.

Commute time – Use it wisely

Many people generally like to spend their commute time watching videos, playing games, or on social media while traveling to work. If you travel to work, utilize your commute time wisely to either prepare your checklist in case you missed making it the night before, assess your checklist, think about your game plan more. It helps in making you productive at work and pulls out extra time for self-growth.

Health is Wealth

Working out is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Productivity is directly proportional to good health. The old saying couldn’t be truer, i.e., “Health is Wealth.” Good exercise sharpens your mind and thought process. It allows you to process information quickly. I highly recommend exercising in the morning. This gives you a positive start to your day.

Music for concentration

When it comes to increasing Productivity, we all want to try everything. A lot of us already find music as a catalyst to increase productivity; I mean to Increase your Productivity. If not, then you should give it a try. Good background music increases focus at work. According to Workplace Psychology productivity edition, 70% of people use headphones while working on systems to help them concentrate on what they are doing.

Workplace Environment.

Increase your Productivity

Increase your Productivity

A good workplace has the latest devices and good working systems for their employees. The worst thing to have in the world is to have a talented team member on a slower computer. It is a waste of time & money and slows down the growth of employees and the organization. Employers are advised to get the best possible devices and computers for their employees’ better Productivity.

Workplace Temperature

Yes, this may sound relatable to you. This must-have happened to most of us at work, like working on that one good presentation and getting distracted suddenly because either the temperature is too cold or too hot. Make sure to set up one ideal temperature as per everybody’s preference so that you save time and concentrate better. Keep the room bright; work activities are performed the best in a Bright room. The dull and darkroom demotivates you; that’s a human psychological reaction towards the room where it is less bright.

Lunch Time.

Don’t eat heavy food at lunch hour. The healthy diet is about a heavy breakfast, but a heavy lunch is BIG. No!

It is the most unproductive thing to do during working hours. Eat your lunch as per your body needs. Some employees overeat because of stress during their lunch hour, which makes their other half stressful. Psychological findings show that humans may overheat under stress. Overeating is not good for your health. It makes you feel lazy and start struggling to concentrate. Eat Greens and drink enough water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated makes you focus a lot better, so drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Routine to Increase your Productivity

Yes, this is the most heard and searched word “Routine” We all struggle to follow a routine in our day to day life. I suggest starting following a routine once in a week and trying to slowly and steadily win the race.
How you will start this? is the big questions. Start with waking up early and giving your day a positive head start. If you aren’t waking up early, then you are missing on a lot of things. “It is the key to success” we have read hundreds of articles and dozens of books about the benefits of waking up early. If I must put in simple words, waking up early gives you that extra time for your self-improvement, reflecting in your work.

Increase your Productivity

Increase your Productivity

Hence it is advisable to wake up early to Increase your Productivity. Read in the morning; every successful person has the habit of Reading. For example, Barack Obama has recommended Reading. When he was the President of the United States, he had a rule for himself, to read every day. He read for one hour every day, whether late at night or first thing in the morning. If Barack Obama, the United States ex-president, could read for one hour every day to maintain his efficiency and Productivity to run the states, You & I can for sure give it a try!

Try these simple techniques to Increase your Productivity, “Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

12 Psychological Tips for Surviving Your First Impression

12 Psychological Tips for Surviving Your First Impression

Scientists have proven that we form our first impression about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, and certain factors can instantly make or break it.

Let’s find out what you should do to make your first impression good.

12 – A Flimsy (weak) handshake.

First Impression

First Impression

This point couldn’t be more valuable for anyone with an upcoming job interview. A flimsy handshake kills the first impression. Oh yes, Handshakes do play an important role.

In his research, psychologist William F. Chaplin found that people with a Flimsy (Weak) handshake are instantly judged as shy, fearful, uninterested, or even completely incompetent!

That is not how you want others to remember you. Of course, you have to make a good impression, but the most common mistake we do while making a handshake is holding someone’s hand for too long, and there you go, it’s all awkward..! yes, it did drop your first impression. Shake your hand firmly, not more than two seconds shows the right impression of confidence and capability.

That’ll put you on the road to success!

11 – Hand position – keeping your hand in the wrong position.

First Impression

First Impression

Suppose you are ever sitting in front of a group of people. In that case, whether it be at a business meeting or conference, you have to rethink before you put your hand as body language plays an important role in being judged the wrong movements can fail your first impression. Putting hands over your lap is good but putting in your pockets denotes a lack of confidence.

If you place your hands on the table, do not press them too firmly or leave them flat with your palms down. This makes people feel like you want to control them! While gently folding your hands on the table is okay in the Western world, this position is considered rude in Japan and India.

10 – Chewing gum

You’ve got to admit that it is extremely annoying and rude when you are talking to someone, and they are chewing on a piece of gum! Chewing gum into a formal situation is a big No in any part of the world. It is considered irritating, rude, and inappropriate. At times Chewing on gum makes you look childish and somewhat uncultured! So, don’t even dare to put gum in your mouth while appearing for an interview. We eat gum as a mouth freshener but always remember to spit before you enter the interview.

On the flip side, a new study has found that people chewing gum usually appear to be friendly and open-minded in a casual situation. So be careful with this one. It can either help or damage your first impression.

9 – Avoiding Direct Eye Contact.

First Impression

First Impression

Eye contact has a very specific style on how we look at someone. The 2007 findings shows that people who maintain eye contact during a conversation are often seen as more self-assured, polite, intellectual, and honest.

People who try and avoid eye contact, on the other hand, are seen as less sincere, more anxious, and even unattractive! It does not mean that you have to stare at people like a total creep.

8 – Playing with your Hair.

Statistics reading show that women who touch their hair up to 18 times a day! That’s okay if you’re fixing it in the mirror. But if you play with your hair while having a conversation with someone, this is the wrong impression you are transmitting forward. You could be sending them an inappropriate message.

They might think you are flirting with them! But more importantly, a person who plays with their hair during a conversation appears extremely anxious and makes other people feel uncomfortable. This trait is not appreciated in a formal situation. Be careful your habit might give the wrong impression.

7 – Picking the Wrong Conversation Topics.

To avoid awkward silence or to start the conversation, we pick up the wrong topics. This comes to an everyday question for a lot of us. How to start a conversation when you just met or entered the interview?


Do not start with sorry I got late, or any reason; always play it safe; some topics are better to avoid before you are asked to share your opinions, such as TABOO topics, religion, politics, etc.

It is always a good idea to be attentive while having a conversation. Sharing personal experience is always okay to listen to than picking up the wrong topic and failing at first impression. A good listener is always highly cherished.

6 – Invading Someone’s Personal Space.

First Impression

First Impression

There are always certain lines you should never invade it depending upon any situation. They say keep a minimum four feet distance between you and the other person who meet for the first time. This 4-foot distance is also known as SAFE Distance. Always Maintain that.

5 – Making Distracting Noises.

We all have been with someone under the same roof, which makes noises with unnecessary stretch at the formal situations or makes noise with a pen or something or the other.! Tapping can imply nervousness, irritation, or being impatient. Sometimes it is considered as People purposely trying to irritate others or draw attention to oneself. And while cracking your knuckles can help relieve stress, but It is one of the most annoying sounds during the meetings, conferences, etc. Never do that.

4 – Constantly Checking your Phone.

First Impression

First Impression

We have become addicted to our gadgets! Do you know? Interesting fact; an average person generally checks the phone 110 times a day. Just imagine in the meeting or interview, even if you are checking time on your phone, it comes off as you are being impolite. It also gives an impression to the other person that they are boring you.

Checking the phone while having a conversation is the rudest behaviour one can imply. The phone also works as a distraction while having an important conversation. So, keep your phone away during a conversation.


3 – Forgetting Names.

A big No never does that for your interview, in a meeting, or during a casual meeting too. Forgetting somebody’s name when you are going to meet the person, or the related names is a bad idea. NEVER FORGET the names; rehearse the right pronunciation before meeting them. The most embarrassing thing you can do is, make an excuse that you have a bad memory doesn’t help. It makes things worse and gives the impression that you are self-centred, rude, and uninterested.

2 – Being Late.

First Impression

First Impression

Never run late when you are meeting the people for the first time. Especially in Formal situations, this is considered as sheer disrespect. You will look like a flimsy and careless person – a person who does not respect others enough; to value their time. There is nothing good about it. When you think you don’t want to MESS, Be on time! Simple.

1 – What You Wear!

First Impression

First Impression

We cannot deny the fact that people judge a book by its cover. They do it within seven seconds of setting eyes on us. People really make a assumptions about you, by the way you look and carry yourself.

Statistics prove that 55 percent of the first impressions are based on how you look!

What’s additional, studies show that your height, weight, hair color, and makeup can even make an impact on the size of your Paycheck while appearing for an interview. So, while making your first impression, especially in more formal situations, try to be moderate in your clothing choice. Do not be extra but always be Yourself. Be sharp and neat. Always remember to wear your smile and confidence on top of everything.

With these simple tips, you can don any meeting or interview with ease.

Bounce off your comments and thoughts to us!!!

Internet of things (IoT) – In our daily Life

Internet of things (IoT) – In our daily Life

The Internet of things or IoT is influencing our lifestyle to the way we react to the way we behave.

From an air conditioner that you can control from your smartphone to the smart car providing us with the shortest route or your smartwatch, which is tracking your daily activities. Yes, we do use IOT a lot more than we think!

Internet of things (IoT) is a giant network with connected devices. These devices gather and share data about how they are used and the environment in which they are operated. It’s all done using sensors. Sensors are embedded in every physical device. It can be your mobile phone, electrical appliances, opcodes, barcode sensors, traffic light, and almost everything that you have come across in day to day life. These sensors endlessly release data about the working state of the devices. But the essential questions are, how do they share this massive amount of data? How do we put this data to our benefit?

IoT provides a shared platform for all these devices to landfill their data and a general language for all the devices to communicate with each other. Data is emitted from various sensors and sent to IoT platform security. Internet of things (IoT) platform integrates the collected data from multiple sources; other analytics is performed on the data, and valuable information is extracted as per the requirement. Finally, the result is distributed with other devices for improved user encounter automation and advancing efficiencies.

Let us look at the scenario where Internet of things (IoT) is doing wonders.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

In the AC Manufacturing industry in co-operation with manufacturing machines and the belt have sensors enclosed they uninterruptedly send data about the machine health and the production specifics to the manufacturer to identify issues beforehand. A barcode supports every product before leaving the belt. It encompasses the product code, manufacturer details special instructions, etc.

The manufacturer uses this data to detect where the product was meted out and track the retailers’ inventory; hence, the manufacturer can identify if the product was running out of stock available. Next to this product is packed and dispatched to various retailers. Each retailer has a barcode reader to track the product arriving from different manufacturers, manage inventory, check special instruction, etc.

The compressors of air conditioners have an embedded sensor that emits the data regarding its health and temperature. This data allows the customer care services to contact you for the repair work in time—this just one of the examples of the million’s scenarios.

We have smartphones, smart appliances, smart home smart cities where Internet of things (IoT) is redefining our lifestyle and transforming our lives for the better. It has changed the way we interact with technology. The future of the IoT industry is enormous. Business insider intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2020 and it predicts IoT revenue will reach about around Three hundred and fifty-seven billion dollars; resulting in a lot of job opportunities in the IT industry.

As we know, Internet of things (IoT) is one of our family members, if we read how IoT has transferred our simple homes into smart homes.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

We are one of those people who complain out loud to their computer or phone when they are slow. With the rise of intelligent personal assistance, didn’t we become best friends with technology?

We can turn on the ac before even reaching home. Everything is taken care of with touch we have an internet-connected fridge that reminds to cook the chicken before it expires and even orders groceries for you might not think of it as such, but you’re living in the smart home right now.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

Smart devices are here to stay there will be 28 billion connected devices in the world by 2021 and half of them will talk to each other for you that means you’ll be able to automate and assign domestic tasks with a simple tap on your smartphone this will make your Life easier, but it comes luxury and some dangers.

Connecting your devices to the Internet creates a gateway into your home and family like a real door it can be used by people who want to force their way in and many of the smart devices available aren’t even protected by security software and thus are vulnerable to hackers simply put your new fridge makes your Life better. Still, it might also turn into a weak spot you may be thinking really who’s going to hack my fridge your family life being intertwined with the data you share across your connected home makes you vulnerable when a device is left unprotected.

Sliver criminals aren’t interested in your food by accessing your network they can take control of your devices to steal your money using your identity and by on you on a bigger scale they could use the processing power of your fancy smart appliance to take down web targets.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT)

This had happened already when such an attack rendered popular Internet services unreachable for customers in the US, so while your devices are getting smarter, it is still your job to make sure they are safe.

To choose devices with built-in security, always change the default login, and password check for security software updates keep an eye out for sudden spikes in Internet traffic or tools running slower than usual.

These may be signs of trouble and ideally get a security solution for your entire home network to safeguard all the smart devices that share your Wi-Fi connection.

Be smart about your smart home security; that way, you’ll enjoy putting technology [Internet of things (IoT)] to work on domestic chores and still don’t need to get used up if someone tries anything.

Impact of Technology on Our lives. – Top 5 technologies in 2020.

Impact of Technology on Our lives. – Top 5 technologies in 2020.

The world of work is changing at a constant pace with the impact of Technology on our lives.

Technologies are solving all our problems that aren’t a problem too; for example, we had the habit of reading the newspaper, but now we hardly read news from the newspapers. Rather, we consume information through digital means. Even before the outbreak of Covid19, isn’t it that the situation was the same? Technology has impacted our lives drastically over the years. With the current scenario, we all are dependent on technology. I am afraid if the electricity goes off, what would we do? Haven’t you heard the news about South Africa? Load shedding had affected every aspect of human life.

Well, we all depend upon technology, and technology depends upon innumerable resources. This all interrelation of dependency keeps us together or separate us.

In true sense, Our dependency is interrelation.

Technology is moving quickly. It affects almost everything we do in our lives and will influence how we will Function.

Do you think the Impact of Technology will slow down in the next few years?

If we see, think about the iPhone! How it has changed in recent years. To conceive what is the future of mobile technology could be. New tasks, roles & responsibilities are developing all the time; Technology is making us develop with our roles and responsibility in society.

We do the jobs of today we get paid for that didn’t even exist ten years ago. An App Developer, Social Media Consultant, and 3D Printing Engineer. What? Ask these names to your parents; they won’t know what you are talking about. The reality is the majority of parents can’t describe what his son or daughter does for a living. All this role and responsibilities came in function because of the impact of technology on the world.

Impact of Technology on Our lives

Impact of Technology on Our lives

If we predict what the future includes in tech advancements:

  • By 2026, the concept of “smart clothing” will be accessible, changes colour and shape, and keeps you cool or warm with the internet’s connection.
  • Artificial intelligence does exist among us in our lives

Some years ago, the Robot was a far-fetched visual for all of us, but now we all are very much aware of the advancement in the field of Robotic science.

Check this video, which proves that Robots will be controlling a lot more than we think.

Can’t we predict robots getting in charge of regulating space, police, or controlling a robotic arm during surgery?

We expect Robots are doing Driving and shopping for us too in the coming years. With this, human Jobs will be a lot harder than we think. Everyone will need a person with a high profile degree in tech to get hired.

The demand for qualifications and skills will be a lot more than just being graduate. Who cant access AI won’t be getting an opportunity to work. The CVs will start with skills qualifying the demand for critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Even today, we have Total Tech-based jobs like Cyber Security Specialists, Big Data Analysts, Coders, and Software Engineers.

As technology is the biggest part of our lives, we should be well informed about recent technologies…Technology doesn’t change overnight; it takes time for people to understand.

Trending Technology in 2020

Trending Technology in 2020

Let’s see the top 5 trending technology in 2020. We use them but very less aware of it.

Impact of Technology

Impact of Technology

Impact of Technology – Big Data: trending in the Market.

The large sets of data are managed by using big data. Big data was introduced in the market for years; initially, the use was limited. With the growing impact of technology on our lives, Big Data is used from small scale companies to MNCs. Big data is nothing but a big amount of data which is ever-growing and used by companies and their servers to store.

Example – Big data is used to enhance the traffic flow based on real-time.

Impact of Technology – Data Science:

A scientific field that extracts the insights and knowledge from big data.

Data science is a way to sort the data. Big data stores the information on large numbers. Data science creates a sense of data stored.

For Example, Ubereats use data science to deliver food.

Impact of Technology – Cyber Security:

Cyber Security safeguards all the data collected and stored. When a large amount of important data is stored, there is a high risk of theft, damage, and risk to their hardware. Hence Cybersecurity is the necessity of today’s world. We use Cybersecurity from our pc to working for the government department.

Example – antivirus and anti-spy virus

Hence big data – data science – Cyber Security everything is interlinked to each other.

Impact of Technology – Cloud computing:

Cloud computing can define best as a data centre available on the internet for its users over the internet. It comes in best use when high computing powers are required.

Example – Gmail hosted by google Via internet.

Impact of Technology – Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Digital Workers, metaphorical software robots that practice on automation technology to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs.

Example – Customer service.

6 Instagram Marketing Tools you can’t live without it

6 Instagram Marketing Tools you can’t live without it

We all know how Social Media Marketing is increasing and the importance of Social Media Marketing. When do we talk about one of the largest Growing Social Media Platforms? We have to start with Instagram Marketing Tools. Facebook owns Instagram. In 2010, it was only launched for IOS users, but here we are! Almost everyone uses Instagram (Ig or Insta).

When Social Media Platforms like Instagram give you the Option to Connect with millions of people worldwide, it Suddenly becomes an opportunity to showcase who you are. Display your Business, products, services, etc. We all want to use Opportunity to our best benefits. I am sure everyone enjoys their Instagram Profile to look good; reach out to the Audience, and when you are a digital Marketer, you have to have these tools; it sorts your life..!

Suppose you are looking for Instagram Marketing Tools (Free). You have landed on the Right Article. You can download these Free Instagram Marketing Tools from Google Store or IOS. I am sharing the tools that work best for your Instagram after using it Reviewing it for you. Do give it a Try.

#1. Crowdfire – Available on IOS, Google Store, and WebPage.

Instagram Marketing Tools - Crowdfire

Instagram Marketing Tools – Crowdfire

Crowdfire, it’s a popular tool for Instagram Marketing. The best feature of this app is it gives you an option for the Best Time to post the picture as per your Audience. It is mainly used in Scheduling social media posts. Even if you are busy and forget to post, don’t worry, Crowdfire got your back once you have scheduled your post on Crowdfire. Crowdfire will post it for you.

Additional Feature: You can see your Fans (the list of people you don’t follow, but they follow you)

You can manage to see people who unfollowed you and your new followers.

#2 IconoSquare 

10000+ Agencies & Business Companies use this highly Recommended app when you want to know your Metrics Right!

Please know This app allows you Free Trial for 14 days.

Instagram Marketing Tools - IconoSquare

Instagram Marketing Tools – IconoSquare

This app shares the exact statistics you need to study to understand your social media platforms performance.

This app shares information about:

  • Total Number of likes
  • Photo with most likes
  • Average no of Likes
  • Total Number of comments per Photo
  • Follower Growth and graphs.

#3 Canva

Best app to make your Profile look good with the best quality of pictures, Which you can use to post. Suppose you Write poems, Quotes, etc. Canva gives you templates to edit your thoughts and publish them. We all have that Designer in us; we want to edit, create, and then share. Well, this is an Apt app for you for all your designing skills.

Instagram Marketing Tools - Canva

Instagram Marketing Tools – Canva

Canva is Best to create your:

  • Social Media Post.
  • Group your photos.
  • Create easy Logo, covers for your Profile.

#4. Hashtags – Free app to start now.

To drive Organic traffic to your post, you must use the right hashtag. This is a crucial factor when you want the optimum result, especially on Instagram. This app is easy to download from your Google Play or IOS and allows you to copy the generated hashtags you can directly paste while posting the Content. This is an easy way to copy and paste the hashtags over Typing single hashtags manually. Must-Try it.

#5.YellowDuck – A quick Solution to Go live.

Instagram Marketing Tools - YellowDuck

Instagram Marketing Tools – YellowDuck

We often struggle with the problem we face while living on Instagram is it a steady Camera? This problem of us is well taken care of by Yellow Duck. Yes! We can Go live From our laptops. This app also gives us an option to turn off, commenting while streaming live. Also, you can save the Live session to post it Later. Isn’t it? The ideal app to Go live next Time.

#6. VSCO– Unleash your Editing Skills.

VSCO is one of the best useful apps to edit once you get used to it. This is cost-free and gives multiple options to enhance your creativity in the pictures.

Instagram Marketing Tools - VSCO

Instagram Marketing Tools – VSCO

This gives you double Exposure! How? While sharing your edited pictures on Instagram, this app shares an option to post it on the VSCO community. You always need different platforms to display your creativity and get inspired. The VSCO is the next editing app you want to download.

I am wrapping up now about Instagram Marketing Tools!

Above Mention are Instagram Marketing Tools Help us in many ways. From Scheduling to the real-time analysis, they help us to Understand our Content, which we are putting across to our Audience.

Whether you are a Blogger, Digital marketer, or even if an Instagram user wants to make the best of Instagram, you Must download the Instagram Marketing tools for the best benefits in the market. Once you use the free Instagram Marketing Tools and understand the importance of keeping track of Content and how it helps us evolve, you can switch to paid versions of Instagram Marketing Tools.

We promise you to share the Article on Apt Paid Social Media Tools for Marketing. Don’t forget to check out those suggestions in our Upcoming Blog.

5 interesting facts about IPL 2020 – I am sure you have missed it

5 interesting facts about IPL 2020 – I am sure you have missed it

Yay! BCCI has shared the IPL 2020 schedule. Without a doubt, every IPL fan is thrilled about the IPL 2020. Finally, the wait is over, from 19th September 2020 the game will serve a treat for every cricket fan at home. In the intense situation of COVID-19, we will have entertainment straight on our Tv Screens. I hope this will increase the number of people glued to Tv and avoid going out.

By now every fan must have memorized the schedule. If not, please click the link IPL 2020 schedule

Now, there are some interesting facts you might not have known. Well, don’t worry. Go on & read this article.

Fact #1 – The Playoffs – When is the Playoff match scheduled?

Opening Match at IPL 2020

Opening Match at IPL 2020

We see the schedule but there’s no playoff schedule mentioned anywhere, Why? 

It’s not that BCCI forgot to design the Playoff matches schedule for IPL 2020. The playoff matches schedule is planned for November. BCCI wants to hold, reconfirming the chances to schedule IPL Playoff matches in India. Due to the current situation in India with the outbreak of coronavirus this year we couldn’t hold the IPL 2020 Matches. Hence by the time of November, if the Current scenario allows, there are high chances for the playoff matches to be played in Mumbai or Ahmedabad. BCCI wants to wait for the possibility till Government confirms or Denies to hold the playoff match in India.

Fact #2 – DoubleHeaders

The 13th edition IPL 2020 has decided to hold the league from 19th Sept to 10TH Nov 2020. This edition will consist of 10 Doubleheaders. 

This decision was made by BCCI to ensure the safety of players. By following the protocols to maintain spacing between the teams. But why none of the DoubleHeader scheduled in September? 

IPL 2020 has moved to UAE to play this league yet, there are various aspects to be resolved. The speculations and question still buzzing around players from England & Australia if they can arrive in Dubai or No, due to safety reasons. Under such circumstances, BCCI didn’t schedule any Doubleheaders in the month of September.

Fact #3 – IPL 2020 Venues

The IPL 2020 schedule seems interesting. If you look at schedule carefully, the 13th edition of IPL 2020 is going to take place at three venues:

  • Dubai- 24 Matches 
  • Abu Dhabi- 20 Matches 
  • Sharjah- 12 Matches

Why does Sharjah have fewer matches schedule compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

As we know, ECB and BCCI discussed the Entry of Fans at the stadium sooner or later. We may soon hear about the decision taken by the boards. In the design of IPL 2020, BCCI has kept the open space for possibility. They have scheduled more matches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as the venues are much bigger than Sharjah, it also lacks the various facilities as compared to the other two cities. The team base is also created in these cities and not Sharjah.

Fact #4 – The RR Matches

IPL 2020

IPL 2020

Rajasthan Royals is the team that will travel the most during the IPl 2020. It might affect players performance! 

Click the link and read the detailed news about the explanation on IPL 2020. The reason being fair. The team includes 4 players from England and Australia’s captain Steve Smith. The team can only join IPL 2020 after completing Limited- over series that ends on 16th September. Hence the late start for them ensures all the players’ are available. 

Also, BCCI and ECB are ensuring that every team reaching UAE as per the safety Norms will go through 6 days Quarantine. Hence BCCI has compensated Team RR in a very justified way.

Fact #5 – Afternoon Matches

DD, KXIP, MI & CSK are all scheduled to play two matches in the afternoon whereas RR, KKR, SRH, RCB teams will be playing three matches in the afternoon. Playing afternoon matches is not going to be easy for any of the Teams. Afternoon matches affect the performance of the team. But if we think about why some teams are going to play 2 matches and others 3? this is because IPL 2020’s marketing team has decided to do so to gain the maximum profit from the popular Teams. As per TRP, the audience watches night telecasts more compared to afternoon telecasts.

Team RCB

Team RCB

These are a few interesting hidden facts and its explanation about IPL 2020. The IPL league is a popular game. We often see, read on various news about IPL related to different aspects of the game. Some are true & some are baseless. 

The controversies build very easily when it comes to IPL. But the only motto of this game is to give us entertainment. We live in a country where Cricket is a religion. We get the option to see our most favourite cricketers active or retired, once again on the cricket pitch. Hence, IPL one of the most celebrated sport worldwide.

We are eagerly waiting for 19th September 2020.

PUBG Ban in India calls for a breakup between PUBG Corporation and Tencent

PUBG Ban in India calls for a breakup between PUBG Corporation and Tencent

In just a week since the ban was announced on PUBG and 117 other apps with Chinese link, PUBG Corporation has announced the Big news. They officially made a statement that Tencent will no more be managing India franchise of PUBG Mobile. 

There has been a huge following of the game in India. The gaming community has been really upset with the announcement of the ban and have been vocal about it. Finally, there is good news for the game fans in India. PUBG Corporation originally managed by Bluehole, a South Korean company has taken over the responsibility of managing the India franchise of PUBG mobile.

According to PUBG Corp, it is well aware of the whole situation in India and the reason for the game being banned in India. They released an official statement “PUBG Corporation fully understands and respects the measures taken by the Indian government as the privacy and security of player data is a top priority for the company. It wishes to work in conjunction with the Indian government to find a solution that would allow gamers to once again drop into the battlegrounds and enjoy the game while being fully compliant with Indian laws and regulations.

PUBG Corporation recent developments

In light of recent developments, PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer authorize the PUBG MOBILE franchise to Tencent Games in India. Moving forward, PUBG Corporation will take on all publishing responsibilities within the country. As the company explores ways to provide its own PUBG experience for India in the near future, it is committed to doing so by sustaining a localized and healthy gameplay environment for its fans.

PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation

The ban on PUBG Mobile in India has blown a huge hole in Tencent’s pockets. They reportedly lost $34 billion in terms of market value, just a day after the ban in India on 118 apps Chinese apps.

Since the ban was announced, the game was removed from the Google play store and Apple app store. But even after the ban, the game is available for the ones who already had installed it before the announcement of the ban. However, they wouldn’t receive the updates like PUBG Mobile 1.0 in India.

PUBG Corporation Responds to PUBG MOBILE’s India Ban

The ban is still not revoked, PUBG Corp is in talks with the Government of India and working out ways to quickly lift off the ban by following the complete regulations that GOI lays down for them. 

It will now be an Interesting Battle Royale of the mobile gaming development companies where the other games which were lagging due to the huge fan base of PUBG in India. This ban has paved a way for other Battle royale games to gain momentum. 

Will PUBG Corporation survive and lead the charts again?