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Noodles and Company: From a basic Pasta Company to World’s best Noodle Company spread over 3000 locations, Click here to read!



Noodles and Company

Noodles have been the go-to food of this modern world for years. It can be fitted in any event whether, after a busy and tiring day of office or a lazy weekend, noodles find their place very well. And when you get the craving for noodles, we know that you can’t choose any other restaurant over Noodles and Company. 

Where you can easily have a wide choice of Noodles from Thai Noodles to Macaroni and Cheese, that’s what Aaron Kennedy did when he established Noodles in 1995. So if you love noodles, it’s precisely the only place that you have in mind.

This Noodle and company franchise is known by everyone nowadays, but do you know how long the journey it covers to become such a renowned company all over the world? So, let’s move forward and find out the success story of Noodles and Company. 

Origins Of The Noodles And Company

Aaron Kennedy conceived the initial image of establishing a Noodles and Company. He is the former Pepsi Marketing Executive after having noodles at Mamie’s Asian Noodle Shop in Greenwich Village, New York.

He felt that the Noodles restaurant is not enough to serve the wide range and variety of Noodles dishes and other international foods. Kennedy began producing recipes from his mother-in-law’s kitchen with the future COO, Joe Serafin, and head chef, Ross Kamens, in 1994.

To establish a thriving restaurant, one has to invest a lot of money, so, from personal savings, Kennedy accumulated $72,000 and $200,000 in investments from twenty-four friends and family members. 

The Noodles and Company was established in October 1995 in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Later in the Company’s functioning, Tom Weigand joined the Company, a real estate developer. Kennedy had met him at Augustana College.

However, after lots of investment and partnership, the Company initially lost  $42,000 at that time. It came to the edge of bankruptcy in 1996, and the reason behind remains the negative review published by the Wisconsin State Journal.  

The Denver Post and other newspapers posted reviews like “it is a killer idea,” but all the tried dishes got criticized. Kennedy remained behind redefining the Noodles and company program to reevaluate almost every aspect of the Company.

Past Narrative of the Noodles and Company

The Noodles and Company are widely known for serving a wide range of noodles, pasta, and soups influenced by the European, Asian, and American taste and gone through a hot saute procedure.

However, the Company is known for its cuisines in many countries. The Company stepped foot in different countries like Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia and established a fifty-six restaurant chain.

The Company has set a price for dishes, easily affordable for every pocket, and the environment is suitable for every age group. Dishes that are noodle-based cost six dollars, along with chicken breast, beef, tofu, and are served on the table by extra spending of just $2.

For ordering the food, customers need to place an order on the service counter, and waiters serve food on their particular tables in the crockery of China bowls with silverware.

The Noodles & Company all in all offers ten dishes in which six are salad based and two soup based. Serves more than 25,000 bowls of hot noodles regularly; the Company’s commitment to best is embodied in the motto, “Every guest, every bowl, every time.”

Noodles and Company Shift Marketing Message

Advertising plays a huge role in capturing the market. For this reason, Noodles and Company changed its marketing agency to connect with the consumer and convey its message accurately and clearly.
The Company aims to enhance its brand value and expansion without comprising on the quality of their services.

Noodles and Company hired a new advertising agency to communicate its updated brand positioning better. The Company selected a firm named TDA Boulder to create and carry out its marketing functioning with the message of  “World Kitchen,” which instigates the point of view that the chain provides ready to serve Noodles worldwide.

Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company


Fogarty said the Company’s advertisement was executed on various media, including digital media, print, radio, and outdoor billboards for an expansive reach. 

From the beginning of the Company’s establishment, the founders have kept on changing their marketing strategy and advertising from newspaper to promoting on social media platforms the Company has gone through. 

Advertising is the only tool that makes the Noodles and Company popular and becomes most of the people’s go-to food.  The constant innovation and something new in the advertising method leads the brand to stand out from the rest of the outlet. 

The story behind menu board design makeover of the Noodles and Company

The evolution of the menu board of Noodles and Company has been done after conducting proper and robust research based on a logical foundation. 

First, black-and-white schematics were designed to represent the Company, design, commodity position, location-allocation, and essential messages.
Now, each of these schematics presents “templates” for how Noodles’ optimized menu information should be directed.

Subsequently, the schematics were expanded into color renderings to demonstrate what the menu boards of the Company would resemble. They carried sufficient detail in the visuals, graphics, print, branding, and shades. 

People could then take a quantitative online study with four hundred plus users to firmly endorse the company capability of the three new plans, which all exceeded the prevailing policy.

The Noodle board renewed plans worked because Noodles and Company invested enough time and sources to do the work accurately. The plan team affiliates from Noodles, King-Casey, and Revenue Management Solutions operated quite intimately collectively.

All hypotheses were examined thoroughly and either confirmed or abandoned—each level of the method developed on the analytical framework of the heading one. As an organization, they sustained their center on the consumer encounter during the scheme.

Noodles & Company strives for immense growth, franchise expansion in 2022

Noodles & Company aims for a least 7% system-wide system extension in 2022 and trading on franchise improvement to make it obligatory.

As per the latest press release, the Noodles and Company are also endeavouring for 10 percent yearly development rising from the subsequent year as it projects to kick 1,500 units. 

The Company’s objective is not unreliable, given the brand witnessed a 128 percent rise through virtual transactions in 2020, which is estimated for 62 percent of whole transactions. 

The Company was already working 56 percent of its affairs in an off-premise environment and stimulated the policy to administer quick shifts in customer action statements. Its future chain development will pick out meridional and southwestern businesses, involving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Texas.

Noodles and Company Menu 

Noodles & Company has a certified range of dishes that ensure the complete family’s appetite. Holding power as the biggest rapid casual restaurant offering guests noodles and flavours from different parts of the world, the customizable list of dishes produces an innovative twist to conventional pasta by giving timely, made-to-order foods with farm-fresh components. 

Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company

By effective stock connection administration and culinary discovery, Noodles and Company has a comprehensive ordering method that renders good, great quality outputs to provide various dietary demands, such as vegetarian, gluten-friendly, paleo, Whole30, and more.

Category of Classic Noodles

The Company offers comfort dishes that can be consumed regularly. The container is loaded with pasta, sauces, and toppings. The calories that the words involved are nearly 1k calories per serve and heavy on carbs with fewer vegetables. If you are going for a small palette, you’re to take it half back to your home for a second meal. 

Category of Asian Noodles

Japanese Pan Noodles provide 640 calories with 12-gram total fat, 4-gram saturated fat, 114-gram carbohydrate, 20-gram protein, and 2010 mg sodium. This meal’s reasonable calorie number and protein content support it fit nicely into a healthful meal strategy. It’ll also offer you 6 g of fibre per meal.

Category of Nutrient Salads

Caesar Salad with Chicken accommodates 420 calories, 27-gram total fat, 6-gram saturated fat, 18-gram carbohydrate, 28-gram protein, and 1130 mg sodium. The vitamins in romaine lettuce and the protein in chicken make this perfect pick a champion.

Category of Kids’ Meals

Kids’ Grilled Chicken contributes 130 calories, 4 g cumulative fat, 1 g saturated fat, 3 g glucose, 21 g protein, and 500 mg sodium. This meal can never be wrong with this kids’ feed. Taking applesauce and broccoli as your alongside only increases the overall fibre and vitamin content of the feast.

Category of Desserts

The restaurant offers you three dishes in the dessert category: the rice crispy, chocolate chunk cookie, and noodle doodle wafer. Each of these three dishes has 450 calories or more, with slight nutritional substance to contribute. But, of course, having dessert once in a while isn’t continuing to build or destroy your health aims. Therefore if you want to be satisfied, go forward and select your preference based on palate only.

Food Allergies and Safety

If you have any diet restrictions, then the Noodles and Company is the place that is safe for you as the chain follows diet restriction that includes dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat, wine, and gluten.

Although the Company shows, lucid notifies that claim concerning any allergies. You can register your preferences while ordering your meal and let the manager be familiar with the concerns while serving you any dishes. 

Interesting Facts about Noodles & Company

Noodles and Company have become popular worldwide because of their work ethics, and you’ll be amazed by knowing some unusual facts. 

  • Noodles & Company makes each course of the meal to request (no prior cooked food lying under heat lights). Therefore the meal you order will always be good and can be customized how you want it.
  • Noodles & Company is bound to apply green, natural components (involving cage-free buds, naturally-raised meat, organic liquid, tofu, brew, and freshly-prepared herbs).
  • Tastes don’t come in a package or a container—they’re put together by art in a mess.
  • You won’t discover any microwaves or freezers in a Noodles & Company mess.
  • If you don’t relish the dish you’ve ordered, Noodles & Company will compensate for your meal with anything you do like for no cost.

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