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Microsoft Announces Windows 11: Everything You Need To Know, Click now to read!




Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Windows as Windows 11 on 24th June at its much-anticipated virtual event. Though some reports previously announced that Windows 10 will be the final edition of the operating system, it is making a significant leap. 

With the introduction of the new generation of the Operating System, they are putting an end to Windows 10’s nearly five-year legacy. True, Windows 11 is the name of the next-generation operating system. It has a redesigned desktop user interface, a fresh Start Menu layout, and enhancements to the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 Has Been Announced: Take a Look at the New Features

New Desktop User Interface + Start Menu

Right away, you’ll note that Windows 11 introduces a significant UI update. The toolbar icons have been centered, all applications now have curved corners, and Windows seems brand new. The most noticeable update has to be the revamped Start Menu. Furthermore, it is floating and introduces a different pop-up motion in comparison to Windows 10.

While Microsoft has discontinued its Chrome OS rival, Windows 10X, the firm has moved several of its aesthetic and functional components to Windows 11. Also, it features a new starting sound, new exciting wallpapers, and a redesigned out-of-the-box installation process.

New UI for the Settings

Microsoft has redesigned the Settings Interface to make it much clearer and easier to use. Also, the new version of Windows has a revamped ‘Action Center’ that provides quick access to specific options and alerts. Wi-Fi, Battery Saver, Bluetooth, Focus Assist, and other critical settings are all integrated here. The music player panel will now appear in the Action Center as well. for And this is how it appears:

WIN 11

Windows 11 Start Menu(Photo Courtesy:

Microsoft Corporation has included a new “Snap Layouts” function that simplifies the process of snapping programs on the Desktop. You can mouse over the maximize button in applications to reveal the layout choices, as illustrated below.


Snap Layouts(Photo Courtesy:


The revamped widgets interface will be the subsequent significant update in Windows 11. It is easy to access via the redesigned taskbar icons that are centered. It’s a customized stream that provides weather updates, handpicked news, and more. We are uncertain at the moment if Windows 11 will accept third-party widgets created by other program developers.

Microsoft Store Redesigned

As long predicted, Windows 11 has a revamped and much more capable Microsoft Store. The most significant change is that the business now provides direct access to UWP applications, PWAs, and Win32 apps via the Store.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store Redesigned(Photo Courtesy:

While this is fantastic news for customers, programmers will also take advantage of the latest Microsoft Store because they will not be forced to split income. Developers may integrate their custom commerce system into their apps and retain 100% of their income.

Another significant update to the Microsoft Store is the introduction of Android app compatibility. Yes, you read that correctly. The firm has incorporated the Amazon Appstore directly into the Microsoft Store, making it possible to get Android apps directly from Windows 11. Microsoft does this through the use of Intel Bridge architecture. You then have the option of pinning these Android applications to the Start menu, desktop, or other locations.

Enhancements to Touch + Gaming

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 seems to be more intuitive when used on touch-enabled computers. The next-generation desktop operating system has the same experience on desktops and tablets. It’s now simpler to navigate between programs, there’s support for enhanced motions similar to those found on your trackpad.

In terms of gaming enhancements, Microsoft includes Auto-HDR compatibility to provide a more immersive visual experience. Moreover, the firm is adapting the Xbox Series X’s Direct Storage API to allow quicker launch times and game performance.

The new Windows 11 has native Microsoft Teams connectivity. You will be able to contact your colleagues at work directly from the taskbar, due to the addition of a dedicated icon. This is how it appears:

Windows 11: An Incredible Windows Upgrade!

Thus, Microsoft is finally transitioning from Windows 10 to Windows 11 with a slew of unique and exciting features. You’ll receive a new desktop user interface, Windows 10X visual elements, a new collection of ringtones and backgrounds, and other enhancements. However, none of this implies that the Redmond behemoth is abandoning its Windows-as-a-service plan. You’ll now enjoy extra Windows 11 upgrades for the next few years.

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