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COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in India & USA: Click here to read!



COVID-19 Vaccination

Have you still not registered for the COVID-19 vaccination?

Or have doubts about vaccines?

In both cases, make sure that you read the whole blog and get answers to the most common questions related to vaccines.

Unlike the first wave, the graph of the second wave of coronavirus has increased exponentially in the last two months.

The sudden increase of new infections has caused a significant strain on the healthcare infrastructure, ultimately leading to a shortage of facilities.

As of 22nd May, the active cases of the novel coronavirus stand at 2923400, with a total of 295525 lives lost.

Although Sunday saw a dip of around forty thousand cases from 8th May, the per day cases still hover around 350k+.

But amidst all the chaos, per-day recoveries above 300k+ and robust vaccination drive seem to be glimmers of hope.

Therefore, we urge our readers to stay at home and get the vaccine shots to help humanity circumvent the pandemic.


According to several medical professionals and epidemiologists, we collectively can reduce the possibility of a third wave, expected in the upcoming months.

Commenting on the same, the experts said that with rapid & efficient vaccination drive and proper SOPs, the possibility of the third wave could get minimized.


The real question remains: Can we ramp up the vaccination process rapidly to cover the majority of the population?

The answer to that question is Yes, we can, provided that we as ordinary citizens lay focus on the following key points-

Eradicating Vaccination Hesitancy

It is the most crucial step that needs to be undertaken to ramp up our vaccinations.

Due to exposure to misinformation on the internet, people in rural and even urban regions are getting deluded.

That is making a small yet sizable number of people hesitant towards the vaccines.

Therefore, making people aware of the importance of vaccines and clearing their doubts would help reduce hesitancy.

Awareness about registration

The inability to register for the vaccines is a common problem that is evident in the rural parts.

Although Walk-in vaccinations are allowed for individuals above 45 years of age, people in the 18-44 slab in rural areas face difficulties while registering.

Thus, to mitigate such a situation, the least we can do is to register people such as relatives in rural areas, domestic helpers and drivers.

In this blog, we would explain the reason behind the side effects of vaccines and address the most common questions.

Also, the blog describes the process for registration of vaccines and getting notifications for the availability of slots.

The mechanism behind the Vaccination Process

If we go by the basic definition, it is the process undertaken to initiate an immune response towards a particular disease in the body.

The human body consists of two essential cells- Red Blood Cells(RBCs) & White Blood Cells(WBCs).

While the RBCs help in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, WBCs help in the defense mechanism against infection.

In a situation a virus intrudes the human body, WBCs initiate the development of antibodies as an immune response.

During this process, the body’s defense mechanism works extensively to develop immunity, which leads to fever and flu-like symptoms.

The process of vaccination mimics this process without actually letting us go through the disease.

In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, most vaccines consist of harmless & non-replicable material from the virus that initiates an immune response towards the novel virus.

Thereby developing immunity against the virus and reducing mortalities.

Therefore, we urge our readers to avoid panicking after getting side effects because it is nothing but our body developing immunity against COVID-19.

All the vaccines that are being currently administered have undergone three extensive trials and inspections.

That gets followed by approval from the concerned regulatory authorities.

As of now, India has two different vaccines- COVISHIELD( developed by Serum Institute of India) & COVAXIN(developed by Bharat Biotech, ICMR & NIV)

COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination

    1. How to choose between the two available vaccines?

    The point here is that you don’t have to choose and differentiate between the two vaccines- COVAXIN & COVISHIELD.

    According to several authentic reports, both the vaccines are effective against the novel coronavirus and its different strains.

    Therefore, you should go ahead with either of the vaccines according to availability.


    1. When should you get vaccinated if you recently had COVID-19?

    According to the medical experts, people who have recently recovered from COVID-19 should wait for 1-3 months before getting vaccinated.

    It is so because the immunity of the recovered patient against COVID-19 stays for that particular period.


    1. What precautions should you follow after getting vaccinated?

    However, not many people catch the infection after getting vaccinated. There are certain precautions that one should follow.

    Precautions include:

    • Keep wearing masks even after the vaccines.
    • Refrain interacting with unvaccinated people.
    • Avoid large gatherings.

     How to register yourself for the vaccination?

    To get yourself registered for the COVID-19 vaccines, follow the steps below.

    • Open a web browser and navigate to the Co-Win
    • Click on the Register/Sign In yourself option, present at the top-right corner.
    • After that, enter your phone number.
    • You may also choose to register using the Aarogya Setu application or Umang application.
    • Now fill in the one Time Password sent on your phone number.

    Click on Verify & Proceed.

    • Click on Register Member.
    • After that, fill in all the details.

    The details include your Identification details, name, gender and year of birth.

    Now click on Register.

    • After getting registered, click on Schedule to book your vaccination slot.
    • Now you may either enter your PIN CODE to get the list of nearest vaccination centers.

    Or go to the Search by District option that would cover all the centers in your district.

    • Once the center list gets displayed, select a center accordingly.
    • Lastly, choose a time slot and click on confirm the booking to finish the process.

    Struggling for vaccination slots? Follow the method below

    • Go to VaccinateMe
    • Now select your State and District.

    And click on Search Slots.

    • After that, choose your age slab (above 45 or 18-44)
    • In case no slots are available, click on Notify me when a slot opens up.
    • Now select Email or WhatsApp as the preferred mode of notification.

    And enter your details accordingly.

    • Lastly, click on Submit.

    And it’s done!

    Now you would get a WhatsApp message or an email whenever a slot is vacant in your district.


    Registering for Vaccination Slots in the United States of America? Follow the process below.

    People living in the United States of America can locate the nearest vaccination centers for Covid-19  by browsing
    Individuals can also browse their nearby pharmacies that offer the COVID-19 vaccination.

    In this section, we would be discussing the vaccination slot booking from the two leading firms offering the same- Walmart and CVS Pharmacy.
    Both the firms, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy, administer all three approved vaccines-Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen.

    Walmart Covid vaccine slot booking

    Apart from Drive testing, Walmart Covid vaccine administering also extends to almost all regions in the United States of America.

    To book a Walmart covid vaccine slot, go through the following steps-

    • Go to the official page of Walmart Covid vaccine.
    • Click on Schedule now.
      Sign in with your account details.

    You may also choose to create a new account.

    • Then, enter your location and click on Update Location.
    • Now select the nearest Walmart Covid vaccine administering center from the given list.
    • Click on Continue and confirm your age slab.
      In case you are less than 18 years old, you will only be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine.
    • After that, click on Schedule vaccination to book a Walmart Covid vaccine slot.


    CVS Covid vaccine slot booking

    In a similar pattern as Walmart, CVS Pharmacy also has vaccination and testing centers at select locations within the USA.
    To book a CVS covid vaccine slot, go through the following steps-

    • Go to the official page of the CVS Covid vaccine.
    • Click on Check vaccine availability.
    • Now, select your territory from the given list.
    • Then, click on Schedule an appointment now to book a CVS Covid vaccine slot.
    • A page of questions would get displayed.
      Answer those questions accurately and also confirm your age slab and eligibility.
    • After that, input your location or ZIP code.
    • Now select the date and time for CVS Covid vaccine slot.

    And click on Continue scheduling.

    Answer the questions regarding your health and lastly give your consent for the vaccination.

We at Robust Story urge our readers to get vaccinated as soon as possible and follow the safety protocols even after the vaccination.

Stay Safe!

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