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Thalaivi (Upcoming in 2021): Kangana Ranaut’s Remarkable Transformation and Soaring Lessons from Jayalalithaa’s Career

Finally, the much-awaited political thriller-cum-biopic trailer, Thalaivi, got released on Tuesday, 23rd March 2021. The film, set to get a theatrical release on 23rd April 2021, is a political biopic based on the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Late J. Jayalalithaa.

Before becoming a powerful politician, she was a prominent actress in the South Indian Film Industry.

The film features Kangana Ranaut as Jayalalithaa or popularly known as Thalaivi, The leader, by her followers.

Besides Kangana, Arvind Swamy is portraying the character of Late M.G. Ramachandran, the co-star and political guru of Jayalalithaa.
The outstanding feature of the casting of the film, as seen in the trailer, is the resemblance of the real-life actors to the reel life characters, both physically and emotionally.

The A.L. Vijay directorial describes the journey of Thalaivi, both as an actor and a politician.
Also, as clear from the trailer, it sheds light on a female politician’s struggle back in the 90’s era.
With Vijayendra Prasad and Madhan Karky’s writing, Thalaivi is expected to reveal some untold facts about the late politician, with the picture being a mouthpiece.

This blog features the transformational journey of Kangana Ranaut for the movie.
And also, we would tell you three character traits of Jayalalithaa that would surely inspire you.

Kangana Ranaut’s Transformation.

Emotional & Cultural Transformation

With four national awards in her acting career, no one is eligible to raise a little doubt on the acting skills of Kangana Ranaut. But the transformations that the actress underwent to prepare her for the role of Thalaivi were indeed rigid and challenging.

Being an actress who stands tall against any issues that concern her, she tick-marks the character’s bravado factor. According to Kangana, the process of understanding and adapting the reel-life character of Thalaivi was challenging.

It was because of the character’s depth and the emotional turmoil that the late politician faced during her life. And as expected, her method-acting process is evident in the trailer and her actual life incidents.

Besides the emotional connection with the character, the cultural coherence of the real-life and reel life character of Kangana was also a challenging task.

As per the director and producers’ interviews, Kangana had to tour Tamil Nadu several times to connect with the state. Furthermore, born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh and having no connections in South India, she focused a lot on her dialect.

Such an extensive cultural and emotional connection was also needed to portray the authenticity of the character of Thalaivi.

Physical and Facial Transformation.

As an actress, Kangana is well-versed in the implications and severity of the physical changes needed for the character. But the character of Thalaivi had something altogether different for her.
Unlike her previous films, where she had to lose or gain a minimal amount of weight, for Thalaivi, she gained twenty kilos.

Kangana Ranauts - Thalaivi
Kangana Ranauts – Thalaivi

According to the media report in the public domain, she even took several medications to gain weight.

Besides the transformation, the process of getting the facial features of Jayalalithaa or The Thalaivi was a rollercoaster ride for the whole crew.
In the initial days of principal photography, Kangana had to tour several prosthetics experts abroad to get the necessary treatments.

Three Inspiring Character Traits from Jayalalithaa’s career.

1. Ability to listen to one’s inner voice

The acting career of Jayalalithaa, which got followed by her political career, sheds light upon her ability and courage to listen to her inner calling.
Born on 24th February 1948, Jayalalithaa entered the acting world in the early 1960s because of severe financial constraints. By and By, she became a prominent actress in the South Indian movie Industry. Her acting and performing skills made her earn the title of Queen of Tamil cinema.
She could have easily sustained long enough in the movie industry and earn both fame and money simultaneously.

But to everyone’s astonishment, she ultimately quitted her acting career in the early 1980s and chose to follow her inner conscience of getting into politics.
That clearly shows her passion for politics that went across the fame and monetary benefits.

2. Keeping Personal & Professional life apart from each other.

Anyone who knows the sum and substance of Jayalalithaa’s political career would be aware that she was adamantly vocal against the issue that concerned her state.
For the nation, she voiced her opinions and bashed several Union governments for their measures.

Despite her political rivalry, she helped and safeguarded her opponents from false media reportages and negative publicity.
Which is a rare factor seen among politicians.
And she also shared a bond of friendship with her opponents like Subramanian Swamy and Sonia Gandhi.

That depicts Thalaivi’s efficient management of personal and professional life, which went beyond the game of politics.

Bouncing Back Irrespective of the adversities

The career, especially the last phase of Jayalalithaa, reveals her natural life character’s courage and willingness. Despite all her health problems, imprisonments, and media trials, she returned as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. And worked to remove the red tape menaces in the system.

Several developments happened during Jayalalithaa’s reign, like the ban on Lottery tickets in Tamil Nadu. 

Well, no doubt about why Thalaivi making News in the sphere. How excited are you to give it a chance in the theatre near you? do let us know in the comments below

What do you think?


Written by Harsh Srivastava


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