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Satya Nadella(53), CEO of Microsoft Corporation becomes the Executive Chairman: Click now to read about it!



Satya Nadella

Did you know that Satya Nadella who is the current CEO of the Microsoft Corporation became the chairman of the company?
Also want to know the development of the Microsoft Corporation under Nadella’s leadership?
In either case, make sure to stick throughout the entire article and read about the new development that took place.

Microsoft designated CEO Satya Nadella as chairman of the board, bolstering his power at the nation’s biggest software company following more than seven years as CEO. Nadella, 53, would succeed John Thompson, who will resume his post as a senior independent member, which he had before he was appointed chairperson in 2014, Microsoft said in a statement Wednesday.

The move demonstrates Nadella’s growing confidence since he was assigned Chief Executive Officer in February 2014. Thompson, 72, has already been reducing his involvement as chairman in recent years, Microsoft said.
Since last autumn, the duo has been taking up new responsibilities.

When Satya Nadella was appointed CEO, Bill Gates resigned as chairman of the business he co-founded, drastically decreasing his position at Microsoft Corporation. Thompson was chosen to succeed him.
The assumption was that Nadella could benefit from Thompson’s decades of experience as a technology executive.

Microsoft has recovered from setbacks in the mobile phone and search market, as well as a decline in the prominence of its iconic Windows operating system under Nadella’s management.

Satya Nadella reoriented the firm on cloud computing, smartphone apps, and artificial intelligence while reviving the Office software trademark by moving it further to cloud systems and alternate operating systems.

Future Of The Company

Microsoft Corporation’s stock has more than sevenfold in value, and its market capitalization is approaching $2 trillion, as the business has reclaimed its rightful place among the world’s leading technological companies.

After Gates and Thompson , Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s third CEO, will also serve as the corporation’s third chairman.
Steve Ballmer , the previous CEO, never occupied the chairmanship, as Gates retained that position during Ballmer’s tenure as CEO.

According to the Microsoft Corporation, Thompson will continue to serve as a senior independent director, with responsibility for Nadella’s salary, strategic planning, administration, and board operations.

How Satya Nadella rescued Microsoft Corporation from oblivion

Satya Nadella celebrated his seventh year as CEO of Microsoft Corporation in January 2021. During that time, he has transformed the business into a beehive of invention, a talent generator where people want to work and develop, a world-class technology powerhouse, and a respected digital technology collaborator.

Satya Nadella was well aware of Microsoft’s stiff and strict culture. Each worker was required to demonstrate to the rest of the group that they were the best candidate for the job.

Responsibility, delivering on time, and meeting targets—was paramount. Nadella was fully aware of the dangers and professed to have established boundaries for his firm to have a harmless influence on the globe.

When the technology industry’s reputation was inversely proportional to its strength, he is likewise anxious to distinguish himself from the crowd.

Their famed performance appraisal system divided staff against each other, and it was thought necessary for survival to engage in political maneuvering.

For Satya, the C in CEO meant to culture. He thought that the CEO is the conservator of the company’s culture.

“Everything is feasible for a business when its cultural values are about hearing, developing, and aligning individual interests and skills with the organization’s mission,” he adds.

As CEO, my first responsibility is to foster that sort of culture. The cultural transformation I want was focused on promoting a growth mentality, on being customer-centric, diversified, and tolerant, and on working together as Team Microsoft to accomplish these goals.”

Satya Nadella

Under Satya Nadella at the helm of the affairs, the significant change has been towards adopting a development mentality and away from an environment in which people felt compelled to be the sole source of information toward a collaborative culture that maximizes the value of varied expertise.

“At the managerial level, one of the important things that happened is to place a premium on shared KPIs. We distinguish between what we refer to as ‘performance measurements’ and power metrics.” Satya Nadella stated this in a discussion with consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

One indicator of Nadella’s performance in 2019 has indeed been his company’s relative absence from the news.

With a primary concentration on corporate customers rather than consumers, it operates primarily but behind shadows. Still, it does reach customers via the Bing web search and email service, the Xbox gaming platform, and customized versions of its PC software.

By mid-December of last year, the rise in value under Nadella’s leadership had reached $850 billion.
When combined with the $150 billion in share buybacks and stock dividends made during the same period, the overall shareholder returns achieved during his tenure now exceed the 13-digit mark.

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