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Sajid Khan: A Robust Leading Director in Bollywood is all set to see you all on 8th may



Sajid Khan

How many of you will relate to this? We often have so many questions about films, especially when you are an aspiring actor, director, etc. The process of filmmaking is a tough shell to crack in Bollywood. The journey to be successful in Bollywood is not an easy one but undeniably an exciting one. It is filled with highs and lows but worth giving a shot.

It may confuse or give thousands of questions to solve! like how to start a career in Bollywood? how to improve your craft, and so on. What if we say, worry not! Book a Workshop offers you an opportunity to ask all those questions…

Sajid Khan with Riteish Deshmukh

Sajid Khan with Riteish Deshmukh

Yes, stick to the entire article to know what’s new this time on Book a Workshop for you.

Sajid khan: He can be your mentor too!

Who doesn’t know Sajid khan! we all know him as one confident leading director who speaks his mind with courage. Having said that he was born in a filmy family and there is enough fuss about this one… A one with filmy credentials it’s always easy for them. Well, that was not the case with Sajid!

He is one of the rarest Bollywood celebrities, who made it to the top on his own. At the very young age of 16, he started to work as DJ to earn Monies… his childhood was not easy, it was filled with heaps of struggle. He is a mirror to quote that

“You can’t decide your fate but hard work can change your destiny.”

In India who doesn’t like Films? But there very few people who are only passionate about films and film making. His immense love and passion for cinema make him truly skilled in his craft.

Sajid Khan with Bobby Deol

Sajid Khan with Bobby Deol

Sajid Khan started his career as a host of the TV show Main Bhi Detective in 1995. His directorial career with  Darna Zaroori Hai (2006), which had six short stories, in which he directed one story. The man Sajid khan arrived in Bollywood with his comedy family, The super hit movie “Hey baby”.

Sajid khan’s sagacity to understand what the audience will thoroughly enjoy watching Indian cinema has proved right so many times when it comes to delivering entertaining comedy sequels like “Housefull and houseful 2” Movies.

Once Sajid khan quoted “He makes films for a pan india audience”

It is the primary reason why the masses can connect to his films. His films have been entertaining, comedy, and light-hearted. We do forget about our personal problems for those 2 to 3 hours and get glued to his films. Isn’t it the kind of movie we all like to watch?

Sajid Khan is a man who understands the two sides of the coin in Bollywood! well, when you are at your peak of success, the view is distinctive. But it all turns upside down when you hit the ground. Sajid Khan has seen both too… But he bounced back with Housefull 4, he has directed 70% of the film, the film later crossed 200 crores on box office which later crossed 200 crores. His attitude towards work is Robust and hence he is the right man for you who can truly feel you and the challenges you might be facing. He will guide you to overcome them.

 Yes, he is ready to answer your doubts and impart you with the right guidance. This wonderful wisdom is just a click away.

Encyclopedia Of Cinema with Sajid Khan

Encyclopedia Of Cinema with Sajid Khan

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Encyclopedia of Cinema: Sajid Khan on 8th May

I remember meeting and interacting with my friends, who came to Mumbai to create their impact on the map of Bollywood. They often got stuck and felt a lack of the right guidance.
Well, at times we all feel directionless. We might have immense passion, but we may feel how to continue working toward film-making? What would be the right thing to do now when the times are so tough for all of us.

I feel you my friends, and so does Book A Workshop, hence on the 8th may Book A Workshop is hosting an exclusive online Workshop for you along with Sajid Khan on film-making.

The master is all set and ready to share his journey with you and his learnings which he learned the hard way. This is your time to grab this opportunity to interact with him and understand more about the cinema.

To make most of it, Click the link below to get yourself register!

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Book A Workshop:

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Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan

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Book A Workshop provides learners with a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry professionals who are successful in their respective fields. Book A Workshop strives to create opportunities for 21st-century learners to explore their interests and dive deeper with the help of one-on-one interactions with experts and industry professionals.

Robust take:

During such difficult times where stepping out of our homes is a challenge, businesses have found a new way to reach us and benefit from the comfort of our homes.

An edutainment platform is what we need right now. As we all are home and learning shouldn’t stop. Every day we should learn something new and Book A workshop truly stands by it.

So don’t waste your time, check out their website and register yourself for something that benefits you from their amazing plethora of workshops.

Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan

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