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The CEO Of Scholastic and Publisher of Harry Potter, Richard Robinson (84), has Passed Away: Click Here To Read the Full Story!



Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson has died at 84, the long-term CEO of Scholastic Inc., who reign over bestsellers novels like J.K.Rowling’s “Harry Potter” and the series of “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins besides comprehensive educational prints, reading clubs, and book fairs.  

Richard Robinson, the long-term head of the publishing house named Scholastic Inc., died at 84. He was the man behind publishing bestsellers books such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novel that shaped the reading habit of many young readers. 


According to publishing giants of children’s books, Robinson died on Saturday, although they didn’t unveil the cause so soon. Also states that Robinson had been in good trim. Says-


“We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Dick Robinson,” Scholastic’s board of directors said in a statement. “Dick was a true visionary in the world of children’s books and an unrelenting advocate for children’s literacy and education with a remarkable passion his entire life.”


Under the command of Robinson, the publishing house flourished a lot and ended up being the largest publisher of children’s books worldwide. The publishing house once stated that it distributes one out of every kid’s book in the U.S. The estimated net worth is registered near $1.2 billion, which is entirely down from $1.6 billion in 2016, whereas low of under $800 million because of the pandemic year 2020.


Other than publishing the “Harry Potter” series, the publishing giant has also published other renowned novel series such as  Dav Pilkey’s “Captain Underpants,” Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games,” and Norman Bridwell’s “Clifford the Big Red Dog.” Also, Scholastic is a schoolhouse fixture by its clubs, newsletter, and different programs, along with the partnership with the novelist named James Patterson. The Participants in Scholastic’s yearly Art & Writing Awards for students have included Robert Redford, Stephen King, and Lena Dunham.


Robinson’s heirs are two sons with Helen Benham, although divorced. Robinson graduated from Harvard College. He was a native of Pittsburg and son of Maurice R.Robinson, who was the founder of Scholastic as a classroom magazine in 1920. When he was in his youth, he worked as a High School English teacher, laborer, and some other jobs before coming into Scholastic and taking over an associate magazine editor position. 

A tweet came from the Librarian of Congress named Carla Hayden on Sunday that states that “Robinson was a giant and a legend in children’s literature” and quoted his “lasting legacy” as a supporter of libraries and reading. 


Richard Robinson told his in 1997 that “I was going to be a teacher and a writer — joining Scholastic was never a consideration, and my father knew that”.


Then he became president in 1974, president in 1975, and board of chair in 1982. It was the year when his father passed away. Then he transformed the publishing house tremendously. During the period Robinson was in charge of the publishing house, Scholastic played a considerable role in the book and education market also into television broadcast by Clifford, The Magic School Bus, and further series.

Later in his life, he also comes across financial instability and many ups and downs in his business, even after the massive success of Harry Potter. Moreover, I have to deal with a few fights that have to be done with a censor who points the finger at books like Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and Alex Gino’s “George” as unsuitable for young kids who read.  The books published by Scholastic often find a place in the yearly list of Challenged books that the American Library Association compiles.


In 2020, Robinson told The Associated Press that “We strongly believe our books and magazines need to address tough topics that are relevant, even if we get backlash or boycotted.” Robinson’s viewpoint and his vision have taken Scholastic to cause a rise of digital media or the better impact on diversity and scrutiny of the past. 


In 2016, Scholastic tended “A Birthday Cake for George Washington,

” a photographic narrative regarding one of Washington’s workers, after extensive accusations that the book performed a fair representation of subjection. Pilkey consented to eliminate “The Adventures of Ook and Gluk” this season because of what he called “harmful racial stereotypes.”


Discoursing to the AP last year, Robinson announced that Scholastic intended to teach bookworms in an unbiased way.

“We are dealing with issues like global warming, racial inequality in a way that doesn’t polarize the issue but gives points of views on both sides and is a balanced neutral position but not in a sense of being bland,” he stated further. “Here are the arguments on the other. Here is what people are saying. Here are questions you can ask to formulate your own view.”


Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson- ( Image Source ) The Hollywood Reporter

 In 2017, Robinson won a privileged National Book Award for his participation in the literary area. After that, two years later, he was referred by PEN America for his grants to unrestricted composition.

“Working with you and the team at Scholastic on Harry Potter has been one of the most significant and meaningful partnerships in my life,” 


J.K.Rowling, the British writer for whom Scholastic worked as the U.S. publicist of her Harry Potter series, stated in a 2019 comment presented for the PEN award. “A unique relationship exists between authors and the publishers who have supported them — and you, Dick, have supported me and my work in countless, indescribable ways.”



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