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PUBG Season 18

After the patch update 1.3.0 that was released on 9th March 2021, the PUBG Season 18 got released on 17th March. This season of the giant in the Royal Battle games domain, PUBG, is titled The Hundred Rhythms. The logo of PUBG Season 18 also has ‘3’ engraved at the top-right corner.
It is done to make the users aware of the 3rd Anniversary of PUBG Mobile in the gaming industry.

PUBG Mobile got introduced to its users in March 2018, which has shattered all the records of Battle Royale games.

Though the games’ developers had to bear the brunt after the game got banned in India, it still encompasses a large global audience.
People in the Indian subcontinent are currently using tricks and tweaks to play their favourite Battle-Royale game.

Finally, the PUBG Season 18 is out and contains various updates and features compared to season 17. This season of the game is slightly inclined towards acoustics. And owing to that, the update contains several skins and emotes that are rhythmic and would surely appeal to the players.

In this article, we would tell you everything related to the new season of PUBG Mobile.

Hence go through the whole article to ensure that you don’t miss anything about PUBG Season-18.

PUBG Season 18 Royal Pass Rewards.

As per the previous seasons’ usual experience, the new seasons offer limited skins and upgrades to the users with the base version of the Royal Pass. Though Krafton Inc. has tried to put its best foot forward by providing emotes and parachute skins in the base version, the premium upgrades still lie in the Elite versions.

Also, in the latest season, the Royal Pass Avatar and RP Badge at RP5, unlike the previous season, got unlocked at RP15.

Rewards of Royal Pass (S18)

PUBG - Season 18

PUBG – Season 18

▪ The players would get to choose between two legendary outfits at rank 1. Also, the players would get to choose between two mythic outfits at rank 50.
▪ Along with the outfits, players at rank would get an amazing gun skin for AUG A3, which is known as Electronica Hearts AUG in the PUBG Season 18.
▪ At RP level 25, the players would get a funny emote, known as the Belly Drum.
▪ At RP level 30, the players will get exclusive skins for parachutes and aeroplanes. The colour of the skins would either be green or neon. The players would get an avatar of the RP 100 mythical outfit at RP 40.

The avatar is called the String ensemble avatar in the PUBG Season 18.
In the previous seasons, such avatars got unlocked at levels above 70.
▪ At RP 70, the players would get ‘Wanted Order Graffiti,’ red and green colour, skin for the smoke grenades.
▪ On reaching the 80th rank, the players would get an exclusive skin, known as Heavenly Cadence gun skin, for Kar98K.
▪ Furthermore, on reaching the 100th, players would get a String ensemble outfit, with violin sets on both sides of the shoulders.

PUBG Season 18 Tier Rewards.

Besides the Royal Pass rewards for the players, the PUBG Season 18 consists of many rewards for the users in different tiers of the game.

PUBG - Season 18

PUBG – Season 18

The players get such similar rewards in every new season without purchasing the Royal Pass.
The rewards for different tiers are described below in a nutshell.

  •  Gold: In the latest season, the players of the Gold tier would get a blazing outfit without paying anything or purchasing the pass.
    And also, in addition to the outfit, the players would receive 600 silver coins.
    To get the rewards, an individual would have to win five matches in the tier.
  •  Platinum: The players in the Platinum tier would get Golden Masks and 800 silver coins in PUBG Season 18.
  • Diamond: The players in the Diamond tier would receive a purple gun skin for DP-28 along with 1000 silver coins.
  • Ace: Players will get a skin for their parachutes in the Ace tier with 1600 silver coins in the new season.

PUBG Season 18 Download

There is n number of tutorials available on the internet to download and update to the latest PUBG Mobile season in the Indian subcontinent.

In this section, we would tell you the step-by-step procedure to download and update PUBG Season 18.

1. Head to Play-Store and download any VPN of your choice.
2. Now get connected to the VPN.
3. Go to the file manager of your device.
After that, search and delete all the folders named Tencent.
4. Now go to PUBG Mobile’s official website, ensure that you are connected to the VPN, and download the latest. APK file.
Also, make sure to uninstall any previous version of the game from your device.
5. Once the APK file gets downloaded, click on the file to install the game.
6. After the installation gets finished, Sign in with your account details.
And that’s it!

Note: You would need the VPN for one-time installation only. And after that, you may play the game without a VPN.

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