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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Updates – Click here to read now!



PUBG Mobile Season 19

Still not aware of the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass rewards?
Did you know that the PUBG Mobile Season 19 comes with a bag full of updates?

In either case, stick throughout the article to read the exciting updates.

Finally, after much anticipation, Krafton Inc. is set to kickstart the PUBG Mobile Season 19 from 17th May, 7:30 AM(IST).

The exciting new season comes after patch update 1.4, which got released on 11th May 2021.

The month of May seems to be a bundle of joy for the ESport community, especially the Indian Esports.

It is so because the month started with the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, which was followed by a new patch update and PUBG Mobile Season 19.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 and 1.4 patch aims to offer its users many surprising rewards and updates.

Ranging from the inclusion of the three titans, players would get Microsoms feature to get transformed into an insect, Royal Pass Rewards & Tier rewards,

Also, the pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India would commence from 18th May on Google Play Store.

The Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile Season 19 is named Traverse- Fantastic adventures of the Little Guys.

Go through the sections below to know more about the exciting rewards and updates!

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass Rewards

As our readers must be aware, apart from the Tier rewards, PUBG offers surprising rewards to the Royal Pass users.

In the new season, apart from the RP rewards, players would get a Sky Divers Outfit along with a Pan skin-themed Powers of the Titan.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 RP

PUBG Mobile Season 19 RP

Also, individuals would get a fantastic skin for Thompson Skin, named General Beetle.

Season 19 Rewards

  • At RP level 1, players would get a unique outfit named Garden Observer Set and a pink-colored skin, Insect Queen, for Mini14.
  • The players will be able to access the heart emote at level 9 and a LIKE IT emote at RP level 19.

The players will only be allowed to access the above-mentioned emotes in Cheer Park.

  • At RP level 10, players would get rewarded with an exclusive and Royal Pass theme-centric emote, known as General Beetle.
  • Individuals at RP level 50 would receive the dazzling outfit called Trendy Kitty Set.

That would get followed by the headpiece of the outfit, to be received at level 55.

  • At RP level 80, players would get another theme-centric to emote called the Insect Queen Emote.
  • Moving to RP level 81, where individuals would receive Rainbow Glider Trail.

The reward would result in the emission of multi-colored trails at the moment when an individual ejects from the plane.

  • At RP level 90, players would get one more bright skin for AKM, called Wonderland.
  • People at level 100 will be allowed to choose between two theme unique and mythic outfits.

The two outfits are named Insect Queen Set and General Beetle Set, respectively.

Also, in PUBG Mobile Season 19, players would be asked to choose any one crate fraction from the available two- Agent Alliance & Guardian Force.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Tier Rewards

  • Gold: Players who end up at Gold Tier before the current season ends will receive a theme-centric blazing outfit in PUBG Mobile Season 19.

Also, they would receive 600 silver fragments as an additional reward.

  • Platinum: Players in the platinum tier would get rewarded with a blue headgear that could be clubbed with the outfit with 800 silver fragments.
  • Diamond: Individuals in the diamond tier would get the most anticipated skin of M249 with PUBG Mobile Season 19 engraved on it.

Also, players would receive 1000 silver fragments additionally.

  • Ace: People who end up in the Ace tier before PUBG Mobile Season 19 will receive S19 parachute skin with 1600 fragments.

The Titans Update – Titans Strike!

Apart from the rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 19, the players would now interact with the three Titans- Godzilla, Kong & Mechagodzilla.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 - Titans Strike

PUBG Mobile Season 19 – Titans Strike

Finally, the players would see the three titans roaming around in three different maps- Sanhok, Livik & Erangel for a stipulated time.

Players would see Gozilla roaming around in Erangel, killing monster settlements from 11th May till 8th June.

On the other hand, similarly, Kong will be seen roaming around in the jungles of Sanhok from 15th May till 18th June.

And finally, Mechagodzilla will be sighted in the maps of Livik from 20th May till 8th June.

As these titans would move around the map, they would drop certain crystals called the Titan crystals.

The players are requested to collect those crystals as such crystals impart extraordinary power to players depending upon the map where the crystal gets dropped.

For instance, a crystal collected in Erangel would protect the player who collected it by pushing enemies back and ultimately burning them.

Similarly, a crystal collected in Sanhok would increase the running speed and jumping height of a player.

And a crystal collected in Livik would help in the detection of enemies.

Furthermore, the Titans Strike consists of an update called Microcosm available to the users from 9th June till 5th July.

This update would allow players to access a Quantum Transformation Tool in five selected labs on the Erangel map.

Through this tool, players would get transformed into tiny insects armed with a weapon called Insectoid weapon.

Update on Battlegrounds Mobile India

On 14th May, Krafton Inc, through the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, announced the dates for the commencement of pre-registrations.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - PUBG Mobile Season 19

Battlegrounds Mobile India – PUBG Mobile Season 19

As the official notice reads, the pre-registrations would start on Google Play Store from 18th May.

Although pre-registrations are not essential to access the game once it gets launched in the upcoming months, the notice mentions that users who participate in the pre-registrations would get additional perks and rewards.

According to the notice, further details about the benefits of pre-registrations will get updated soon on the website.

We at Robust Story hope that we cleared all your doubts about PUBG Mobile Season 19 rewards.

If you are facing difficulties installing the updates, please go through our previous blog for the solution.

Do comment your opinion on the new season of PUBG.

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