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The year 2020 and the first three months of 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic have been no less than a rollercoaster ride for the whole world. But the time-span has been full of dilemma and confusion, specifically for Battle Royale games admirers, especially PUBG LITE & PUBG Mobile.

The year 2020, on the one hand, allowed the gamers in the Battle Royale field to diversify their taste through the introduction of games, other than PUBG, like CALL OF DUTY MOBILE & Garena Free Fire.

While on the flip side of the coin, Krafton Inc. continued to release new updates in the maps and recent seasons, PUBG Season 18  recently, to enhance its users’ gaming experience.

Owing to its crazy and huge fandom in all the corners of the world, PUBGM surpassed the 1 Billion mark on Google Play-Store. The year 2021 marks the third anniversary of the giant in the domain of Battle Royale games, PUBGM.

With the monumental downloads and success, the game has also been through a rough patch simultaneously.

The mobile variant of PUBG, both PUBGM & PUBG Lite, has been banned by India’s Government, citing data breaches and privacy issues.

The operational breakdown in India is a massive setback to Krafton Inc. and PUBG Corporation.
It is so because, among its vast user base of 1 billion, Indian players occupy a considerable share.

Though the mobile variants of PUBGM & PUBG LITE were banned in India, PC Variants like PUBG PC & PUBG LITE on PC were still operational.

But giving a setback to its Indian users, PUBG LITE would become an obsolete game for PC from 29th April.

Krafton Inc. officially announced the global shutting down of PUBG LITE on PCs on the website.

Furthermore, giving another major setback, certain restrictions would get imposed on the Korean version of PUBG from June end.

That would prohibit the users from countries other than Japan & Korea from playing the game’s Korean variant.

In this blog, we would discuss the possible reasons behind the stoppage of PUBG LITE on PC.
Also, the possibility of PUBG returning to India would get discussed.


Released in the middle of 2019, PUBG LITE for PC garnered both applause and criticism from the ESports and Gaming community. The game was explicitly designed for users with a low-end PC or laptop, which failed to support PUBG PC. And enabled them to experience the lite version of PUBG using the game. PUBG LITE gained massive popularity, especially in India and Southeast Asia, among the players who didn’t have a dedicated system designed for gaming. Initially, the game had L-Coins, for in-game purchases, which made the game fall in the category of freemium games and software.

Considering the popularity in rural and urban regions, the L-coins were removed last year in November. Thereby making PUBG LITE an entirely free PC game. As the good times ceased to stay, Krafton Inc. announced the shutting down of PUBG LITE for PC & Laptop. According to the official notification available on the website, from 29th April 2021, the game’s services would get terminated.

That would get followed by the termination of player support from 29th May 2021 and would make PUBG LITE obsolete for PC. Furthermore, the web page of PUBG LITE got terminated on 30th March 2021, and the website navigates every user coming to the website to the termination notice.

Although the PC variant of PUBG LITE gets redundant from 29th April, no similar announcement has been made for the mobile variant.

Hence the mobile variant is expected to be operational post 29th April.

Possible Reasons Behind Shutting Down of PUBG LITE.


Although no reasons have been cited on the website for PUBG LITE’s termination on PC, specific dots get connected behind the abrupt shutdown.

● Sever Pressure: With the rollout of PUBG: NEW STATE and an expected return of PUBG India, the servers of Krafton INC. are already under pressure.

And also, it had several server issues and glitches that started irritating the gamers.
Hence, clearing the path for new variants might be a key reason for the shutdown.

● The sharp decline in the user base: In the past six months, PUBG LITE faced erratic glitches and crashes that ultimately annoyed users after a threshold.

With the availability of games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Counter-Strike on low-end PCs and Laptops, people started migrating from PUBG LITE.

That declined the strength of users on a large scale.

Therefore, the continuous decline in the lite version might be the reason behind the ceasing of services.

PUBG Korean Limitations

Bombarding its users with shocks, Krafton Inc. decided to impose certain restrictions on the Korean version of PUBGM.

According to the community post on YouTube and an Instagram post, PUBG Korean authorities notified the gameplay’s restriction from 1st July to users outside Korea or Japan.

The Korean version, popularly known as Kr. The version was released to cater to the Japanese and Korean audiences only.

Due to several national bans on the global version of PUBG, the Korean version got used extensively, especially in India.

That led to server issues and a bad experience of gameplay for the Korean and Japanese gamers.
Hence, with no intention to discriminate based on nationality and provide better services, the restrictions would get imposed.

Is PUBG Coming back to India in 2021?

Although we can only draw mere conclusions based on the series of events and reports, the probability of PUBG returning to India has undoubtedly increased.

According to the public domain information, the shutting down of PUBG PC LITE and restriction of the Korean version of PUBG to the Indian audience has turned the odds in favour of Indian players.
Several reports suggest that Krafton Inc. would launch PUBG India specifically to cater to the Indian audience.

Also, the breaking up of ties with Tencent and an expected registration of PUBG: NEW STATE for Indian users on Play-Store has raised the hopes in the Indian ESports community.

What do you think?


Written by Harsh Srivastava


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