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The New Income Tax Return E-filling portal 2.0 : Click here to read!



Income Tax

Ever felt tired after going through the spiral process of manually filing your income tax return?
In that case, make sure to stick throughout the article and know about the new income tax return portal that would lessen your burden.

The time required to complete your income tax return has been greatly reduced. Thanks to the Income Tax portal. Refunds are now easier to obtain, which has only contributed to an increase in the amount of time required to file taxes. The new portal is more streamlined and up-to-date. The benefits of filing returns via mobile phones now include being able to do so from your phone.

Our new portal is about to be made available to the public, and within the next week or two, it will be online. We thank you for your patience as we work to get it up and running soon,” the tax department posted on their Twitter account at 9 am.

When the income tax website’s new look was first released, tax expert Sunil Garg explained that it had a new web address had been updated.
Previous to this update, the web address was .
He said that the new website contains a lot of features, and the best part is that it can be used to complete income tax returns completely “free” of charge.

As a result, there will be no need for income taxpayers to traverse from pillar to posts as they do to file their returns. He went on to say that people will be enabled to make payments using UPI, credit cards, and from any bank.

The main feature of the new service will be customer support, which will be available for use around the clock at tax collection headquarter, as this board of directors have previously reported (CBDT). I predict that the service will start shortly, he said.

He claims that the CBDT has provided an easy-to-use software with inbuilt capabilities, thus benefiting taxpayers. The simplest method for inputting information into the portal and then getting your basic transactions and income tax returns are the some other things you can get with the portal, he said.

The new platform would enable the users to know which Income Tax Return(ITR) form they must fill, which software will perform a particular action.
Furthermore it got revealed that ITR 1 and ITR forms have already been released and that more will follow soon.

This new portal that’s live now will let you work while sitting in your home office with only a certificate of authority to complete the job.

Regardless of whether an individual needs assistance, they can call the help desk at 1-800-331-6099.
And to finish his statement, he(Sunil Garg) concluded by saying that the software will be available both offline and online.

Income Tax

Income Tax

Garg mentioned that once taxpayers have completed their tax filings, the Annual Information Report (AIR) is released with the department and it will be matched to them, alerting them if anything appears amiss. Returns are generally processed in case of problems. If everything is fine, they will be returned to the accounts immediately.

According to this year’s estimate, you have approximately a 50% chance of getting your refund by the end of this year or next year.

Features of the New Income Tax Return portal

  • There should be an immediate resolution of income tax returns (ITRs) to issue immediate refunds to taxpayers.
  • A single dashboard for viewing all interactions and uploads, as well as pending actions that may need follow-up action from the taxpayer.
  • On request, taxpayers can constructively keep updating their profile and provide income details, such as salary, house property, or business or profession, and these details will be used in the I-990/ITR pre-filling process.
  • The detailing of the feature that enables pre-filling with salary income, interest, dividend, and investment income will be accessible after TDS and SFT statements are uploaded (the due date is June 30th, 2021).
  • to handle all of your queries while filling out the Income Tax Return forms, a call centre is on hand to assist. The tax filing assistance chatbot will be there to help individuals complete their tax returns, as well as provide more detailed manuals, videos, and FAQs.

A new portal launch and the advanced tax payment due date must be set for June 15th, to help taxpayers avoid any inconvenience with the tax payment process. Therefore, this will be unleashed on June 18th, 2021.

Nonetheless, for everything except for its various features and capabilities, the site is ready to use once it is launched. Even after the new portal is launched, users are still able to complete payments using the process and filing their taxes on the new portal.

The mobile app will be launched as well and will be made available consequent to the initial release of the portal so that taxpayers can become more familiar with the various features.

Given the breadth of the new portal , it will take time for stakeholders to become familiar with all of its features. To allow all taxpayers the time to adjust, the tax department requested that all residents remain patient with regards to the new tax filing system until its full roll-out.


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