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IPL 2021 cancelled! Covid-19 affects KKR vs RCB match


We all can agree that the second wave of coronavirus has exhausted us both physically and mentally. In these testing times, IPL 2021 came as a source of recreation for cricket lovers. But given the magnitude of the virus, it has started affecting the players of different teams too.

Do you want to know the reason for the postponement of the KKR vs RCB match on 3rd May?

Also, did you know that now further continuation of IPL 2021 stands cancelled?

Read the whole blog and know the reason that led to the suspension of the tournament.

Since its starting, the conductance of IPL 2021 amid the raging second wave of coronavirus has been questioned and ranted.

Several journalists also raised the effectiveness of the Standard Operating Procedures that the players are following.

And to every avid IPL fan’s dismay, things didn’t turn well. On 4th May, Vice President of BCCI Rajeev Shukla clearly stated that as per the current COVID-19 complications, IPL 2021 has been suspended.

A day before the 30th game of the tournament, KKR vs RCB, scheduled on 3rd May in Ahmedabad, had to be rescheduled.

It happened because two players of Kolkata Knight Riders, Varun Chakravarthy & Sandeep Warrier, tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, there are reports of two non-playing staff members of Chennai Super Kings testing positive for the coronavirus on 3rd May.

According to the reports in the public domain, the two positive cases include the bowling coach, L Balaji and a bus cleaner.

There were reports of five ground staff of Delhi & District Cricket Association also turning out to be positive.

However, an officer of DDCA clarified that the five affected staff had been quarantined. None of them interacted with any team in the past week.

IPL 2021

IPL 2021 –  Image source india.com

Besides the gradual increase in coronavirus cases among players after Axar Patel, Devdutt Padikkal & Nitish Rana, the hesitancy of players also seemed to increase.

The hesitancy became evident after Ravichandran Ashwin, Adam Zampa, Kane Richardson & Andrew Tye decided to discontinue the current season.

Also, several strict & punishable travel restrictions by the Australian Government could have led to the withdrawal of some Australian players from the tournament.

Apart from all internal matters, the conduction of IPL 2021 was also a part of a PIL filed in the Delhi High Court.

The PIL briefly aimed to urge concerned authorities to halt IPL matches in the national capital, Delhi.

Considering the factors briefed in the section mentioned earlier, the conduction of IPL 2021 amid the COVID-19 surge came under a scanner.

The involvement of the Delhi High Court and Australia’s restrictions despite 40-50 Australian players in the tournament also increased the uncertainty.

And adding fuel to the fire, news of Wriddhiman Saha of Sunrisers Hyderabad testing positive broke out on Tuesday.

To give a background, we must inform you that after the postponement of the KKR vs RCB match, franchises and the IPL administration opted to continue with league matches from Tuesday.

As per the schedule, Tuesday’s match was to be played between SRH & MI.

But after the wicket-keeper batsman tested positive, the match’s continuation was uncertain.

Ultimately, an emergency meeting was called upon by BCCI amid the increasing positive cases of the players.

That finally concluded with the suspension of IPL 2021.

However, to know more about the series of events that started yesterday and turned the tables against IPL 2021, read the section below.

KKR vs RCB match deferment

As discussed above, KKR Players Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier tested positive ahead of the KKR vs RCB Match.

That led to the postponement and ultimately rescheduling at an unknown date, as of now.

This whole fiasco of the two players testing positive turned the odds entirely against the tournament & administrative bodies.

It could be simply because of the dip in trust among the franchise players about the effectiveness of the bio-bubble.

It is so because, according to the clarifications issued by the team management, no incident of breaching of bio-bubble took place by the affected players.

Henceforth, raising challenging questions about the following of COVID-19 Protocols in IPL 2021.

According to the reports in the public domain, players of KKR & Delhi Capitals have been put under rigid quarantine.

The players of Delhi Capital were also put under isolation because they played with KKR played their last game with them.

Players Discontinuing IPL 2021

Apart from rescheduling the KKR vs RCB game, the decision of players to discontinue their IPL 2021 journey also impacted the continuation of this season.

Amid the second wave of coronavirus, Ravichandran Ashwin decided to take a break to support his COVID-19 affected family.

Besides Ashwin, Australian cricketers like Adam Zampa, Kane Richardson & Andrew Tye also decided to quit this season.

However, the cause of the quittance in both cases remains the same, the surge of coronavirus in India.

Therefore, it depended on the discretion of players and management to either continue with the tournament or leave it in the middle.

And owing to the present circumstances of COVID-19 cases, they decided to dissolve the season.

Also, the statement of Adam Zampa about his experience with the bio-bubble in India may alarm other players too.

Adam Zampa, who was expected to be a key player in KKR vs RCB, said, “We’ve been in a few (bubbles) now, and I feel like this is probably the most vulnerable. I just feel like because it’s India, we’re always being told about the hygiene over here and being extra careful… I just felt like it was the most vulnerable.”

Stringent Travel Restrictions imposed by Australian Government

The suspension of the IPL 2021 is bound to trouble the overseas players, especially Australians. Because of several travel restrictions.

Although the tournament includes overseas players in different franchises from many countries, only Australian cricketers decided to quit the tournament.

It is mainly because of the travel prohibitions imposed on Australian citizens, who are currently in India.

According to the official notice, the Australian Government has decided to imprison citizens found violating the travel restrictions, with a fine of up to $50,000

According to the statistics, approximately 40-50 Australian players & staff would be stranded if the restrictions are extended.

The situation is grimmer for Australians because the CEO of Cricket Australia has also denied the arrangement of chartered planes for the players.

Hence it would be difficult for overseas players to continue their stay amid the raging pandemic in India.

Will the current season get rescheduled?

As of the current scenario, the IPL 2021 has been indefinitely postponed by the concerned authorities. This step comes a day after the franchises & administration decided to go ahead with the tournament, despite the KKR vs RCB fiasco.

However, as per the above-discussed factors of safety of cricketers, BCCI has stated that they would ensure the safe passage of players to their respective places.

We at Robust Story would like to know your views regarding the suspension of IPL 2021. Don’t forget to comment on views on the same.

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