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Hello Charlie (2021) summarised: Read before you watch the movie with No Spoiler



Hello Charlie

Were you thinking to cast your Amazon Prime on the television and enjoy 102 minutes of pure comedy in the movie Hello Charlie?

Then we think that you should ponder and read the spoiler-free blog and then let your intellect decide.

Heading straight to the point, Hello Charlie on Amazon Prime is everything that an avid fan of cinema and comedy would avoid. It is solely because of the flawed situational comedy plot inclined drama that juggles between comedy and preachment.

Hello, Charlie cast features some of the celebrities, having a stronghold and influence on social media. The 1 hour 40 minutes’ comedy-drama features Aadar Jain, playing Charlie’s titular and lead role, Chiraag Rastogi. The movie includes Jackie Shroff, Elnaaz Norouzi, and Shloka Pandit as the secondary leads in the human-animal drama.

Furthermore, the audience would get glimpses of actors like Rajpal Yadav, Darshan Jariwala, and Girish Kulkarni supporting the script. Also, there is a cameo by Siddhanth Kapoor towards the climax.

The plot revolves around Charlie’s (Chirag Rastogi) confusion-filled life and unexpected adventures.
The adventures include delivering a fraud businessman, who is disguised as a gorilla named Toto.
And the whole story starts and gets over with the adventures and encounters with real and fake animals.

The Hello Charlie Hindi movie’s teaser was released on 17th March 2021, which was followed by the trailer on 22nd March.

And the movie got released digitally on Amazon Prime, owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read this blog to know about the movie’s cast and the audience’s anticipation for the film.

Hello Charlie Cast and Characters in a Nutshell

Charlie (Chirag Rastogi), played by Aadar Jain

Getting on the movie screens second time, though digitally for this release, Hello Charlie is the first comedy genre movie of Aadar Jain. After a three-year halt from the movie industry, especially after an intense film like Qaidi Band, the comic role was challenging on his part.

Belonging to an affluent and known family of the Kapoors, Aadar plays the complete opposite in the comedy-drama. He portrays Charlie’s role, a cheerful young man struggling to find a job to repay his father’s debt of 15 lakhs.

The blurry life of Chirag takes a turn when he agrees to deliver a consignment of a Gorilla to a fest, supposed to get held in Diu.

Little did he know about the disguise of a shrewd and fraud businessman, M.D. Makwana as an animal.

The story then follows the rollercoaster ride of encounters and surprises, aimed to touch the funny bone of the viewers.

M.K. Makwana, played by Jackie Shroff

The Hello Charlie movie paints Jackie Shroff as a billionaire businessman, M.D. Makwana.
His on-screen character cheats the banks of thousands of crores and plans to get out of the country after the fraud. And ultimately gets arrested in the climax because of the protagonist, Charlie.
Also, he plays the role of TOTO, the disguised Gorilla.

Jackie Shroff’s character disguises as a gorilla in Charlie’s truck to reach the jetty at Diu and after that leaves with his love interest, Mona.

But on the flip side of the coin, his plans go haywire during the journey.

Owing to Jackie Shroff’s experience in a similar genre, an accurate display of the character was expected.

But the tables turned completely the opposite because of the wrong selection of situational comedy instead of improv in the script.

Mona played by Elnaaz Norouzi.

Having extensive experience in diverse languages and cinemas, Hello Charlie is the first comic genre work of Elnaaz.

Born in Iran and brought up in Germany, the actress climbed the ladder of fame majorly through her snippet in the web series Sacred Games.

Though Mona’s character fails to fetch enough screen time, she plays an integral role in the ending.
Her character is the only connecting link between Chirag and Makwana.

Similar to all the characters, her acting also gets diminished as the plot progresses.

 The Padma played by Shloka Pandit.

Shloka Pandit’s character as an acrobat and dancer at the Diamond Circus has been portrayed as the subtle love interest of the protagonist. Caught in the circus owner’s clutches, Priyesh Patel, because of the non-repayment of a loan, looks for escapism from the circus world.

In the second half of the movie, she meets Chirag, who frees her from the cruel owner.
That ultimately develops an unspoken bond between them.

Debuting in Bollywood through Hello Charlie, she tries to showcase her skills but fails to impact the plot’s timing because of the incoherency.

Apart from the characters explained above, the movie features Rajpal Yadav as the forest ranger, Darshan Jariwala as Chirag’s maternal uncle, and Girish Kulkarni’s circus owner.

Anticipation and Promotion

The movie Hello Charlie was among the early films that started shooting and editing back in July 2020 amid the rise of coronavirus cases.

Hello Charlie

Hello Charlie

Also, it’s the second movie of Aadar Jain, after his debut in Qaidi Band in 2017.
Therefore, the three-year break and bravado factor of shooting amid pandemic contributes to Hello Charlie’s anticipation.

Besides talking about the movie’s mindless comedy and script, the strategies used to promote the film and create hype were surprising.

Several famous celebs like Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Tara Sutaria promoted the film digitally with the central human-animal character, TOTO.

Apart from the Bollywood celebrities, many influencers similarly promoted the film, usually not seen for an OTT release.


Though Hello Charlie shatters all the anticipations and disappoints to the core, this blog does not support trolling of people related to the movie. We at Robust Story firmly believe that although the movie didn’t match the masses’ expectations, it certainly deserves applause for the experimentation.
We hope that the standards of comedy genre films would get uplifted from the stereotypes in the forthcoming future.

According to our analysis, Hello Charlie is a one-time watch and stress-buster in these coronavirus testing times. And especially the children would thoroughly find it interesting because of TOTO.

We suggest going through alternatives like Zookeeper and Dunston Check In to enjoy similar yet better cinematic work for our matured readers.

Henceforth, we say bye, Charlie!

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